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I came across...  Livejournal's Russian owners announce new anti-LGBT policy, fandom stages mass I think I will be closing my LiveJournal account, finally.  I'm still at Dreamwidth at [personal profile] laura_seabrook , if anyone one wants to follow me here. Only post once in a while now, as most posts go to Google+.
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The Transgender Day of Remembrance is on the 20th November, as always. It's way too late here to do a call-out for the Webcomic Project, but I will say that I've moved the archive from ComicDish to ComicFury.

(the new logo for the ComicFury version)

The ComicDish version is still there, until February when ComicDish disappears forever. But all of it has been copied over to ComicFury, and I'm glad I made this move. The archives can now be searched!

If you are still interested in doing something for the project (which is advertising TDOR by use of webcomic/art/prose/video, go to the Contributing page. Just remember, " don't have to be a transgender person to participate, just appreciating or understanding the tragedy of the lives lost that are memorialized by the event is enough".

And if you spot a online comic / artwork / video / poetry or prose that's relevant to this, you can always post a link in a comment to this post.

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Well, I went and saw Doctor Strange, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not exactly the comic book version, but pretty close in many ways. I loved: the cloak of levitation (best character in the film); the astral traveling and fighting (always happening in the comics); references to The Living Tribunal and other characters and objects found in the comics; the mirror dimension (just glad I didn't see this in 3D); and wushu/magic in general. The only thing that really grated on me was Cumberbatch's fake American accent. They could have made him a British Doctor practicing in New York, and it wouldn't have changed the story much.


The mirror dimension, while visually inspired by Inception is clearly also inspired by Mirrors (2008). Either way it's a good idea and not only explains why no one sees all these magical battles take place, but has its roots (as does the Dark Dimension) in classic Steve Ditko artwork. Things were always in strange alignments with pathways -of-no-visible-support going every which way, like (spoiled for BIGNESS)...


No Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, yet, but the ending is clearly setting things up for two films.

I found the casting interesting. Benedict Cumberbatch of course gained fame by playing Sherlock homes and I have to wonder if the address of the New York sanctum - 177A Bleecker Street - is a sly reference to 221b Baker St? When his character makes a major mistake and admits to it, I felt like shouting "No Shit Sherlock?!" Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, which might seem a major departure from the comics, but she played a near immortal Orlando in the film of the same name, so I think it's good casting. Wong is actually played by an actor whose surname is Wong! I know Chiwetel Ejiofor mainly from the film Serenity where he plays the Operative of the central alliance, who is also an assassin, and who totally (at least until the end of the film) believed in the morality of his cause. His character in this film, Mordo was one of Strange's main antagonists in the early comics, and I can see lots of the Operative reflected in this version of Mordo.

A good film for me, and far better than Civil War.
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I've started drawing again, after my seizure last month. This is using some "SAI brushes" (from Miss Chroma) in Clip Studio Paint.

It's a start.
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Well, I just lost all my spoons for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I had a tooth filled. The dentist was cheerful and sang music hall ditties while he drilled and filled one of my teeth (two more next Friday). The the rest of the day i wasn't quite there, traveling on buses in a haphazard and looking out the bus window. I still managed to buy a loaf of bread and a 30m LAN cable, but bugger all else.

Anyway, this morning, after dreams of being suffocated, my chest heart like a steel band is around it, and I have no energy for anything. This is not much different from what I've been feeling after the seizure last month. Sigh. I worry that I'm not going to draw, or create, ever again, because I just won't be focused or energetic enough to do so.

Maybe I just need to slack off for a while.
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This may be meaningless to you if you have no idea who Jack T. Chick was. But with a Fortean and SubGenius interest in the weird and comics, it's hard to escape the bizarre tracts that Chick published. To Chick, God was this faceless giant, who sat like a statue of Abraham Lincoln on a throne, and delivered severe judgements on those who didn't the limited idea of Christianity that Chick had. That would get the offenders burnt in the fiery lake (or worse). The thing about Chick (apart from just how bad his tracts were) was the degree to which they were parodied.



Jack T. Chick (Wikipedia)

RIP Jack Chick, father of the Satanic Panic

Chick Cartoon Tracts (Official Page)

Track Dissections (Straight commentary o n the tracts)



Jack Chick tracts and their parodies

Welcome to the Jack Chick Parody Wing

Chick Tract Satire

The Slack Archives: Haw Haw Haw!


Oct. 4th, 2016 10:02 am
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Feeling a LOT better today.
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The dream:
Henry is just out of high school and is looking for a job. Every one he applies for is taken by someone else. Finally he gets a job as an "office boy" in a build three or four stories tall. The bottom floor has a reception area and the accountant's office, who own the building. The next floor has an advertising firm and the floor above that is (mostly) vacant. The floor after that, well no one's sure if there is one.

Henry fits in well. He runs errands for both the accountants and the advertising firm, and the women in the typing pool all joke with him. The second floor is a little odd because it seems cramped but spacious at the same time. Then a new company comes in to rent the 3rd floor. They're an Importing/Exporting firm but Henry never sees anything delivered to them so it must just be the office, with a warehouse somewhere else.

One day Henry is asked to go upstairs and by mistake goes to the 4th floor, which is there today. The lift doors open and he's greeted Liz from the typing pool. She asks him what he's doing there and and he says he made a mistake. She gives him a name tag with "Henry" on it, and tells him to follow her. The 4th floor seems to go on forever and everything is immensely bright. He can't see any windows and there seems to be a whole farm there and then they get to the "ocean". Another woman from the typing pool is there and greets them. The ocean is like a great pool that he can't see the end of, and in the strong light seems light grey.

In the distance Henry sees a figure. It's back-lit and he can only see the outline but it looks like a thin man with snakes for legs, and is gliding on the water. He points to this and Liz says "That's Davobah, the lord of this domain. Francine and I love him." Henry says back "Oh, OK!" Then Liz takes him back to the lift and he gets to the 3rd floor. Today it looks a bit different and all the furniture is gone and tall weeds are there instead.

One of the businessmen comes in, wearing a name tag of "Fredericks", and asks what he's doing. Henry apologizes and says he went to the 4th floor by mistake. The man looks at him and at the name tag that Henry's still wearing with a menacing expression, saying "So now you know how we export/import. Very well". Henry's a bit lost by this remark and carries on with his work. Later in the day when he has to deliver a telex to them and is just about to knock on the door he overhears their conversation. A voice says" This Henry's seen too much, we have to eliminate him" and Fredericks replies "Leave that to me. I'll take him on a tour of the interchange tomorrow and feed him to Davobah. I'll set up the sacrifice based on his name tag tonight." Henry quietly walks away and goes back downstairs.

In the morning Henry comes in very early, telling the doorman that he has to do overtime to fix up a mistake he made the day before. He immediately goes to the 3rd floor. No one's about at all, and he discovers a cork board with a dozen name tags pinned on it. He finds the one for Fredericks and carefully peels the name sticker from his own and from Fredericks, and swaps them around. Finally he takes Frederick's name tag with him, though now it has his name on.

Later Henry is summoned up to the 3rd floor and Fredericks says that as he already knows about "the back yard" that he's going to give Henry a proper tour, so that he can run errands there. Henry nods and off they go to the 4th floor. Liz isn't around this time and they go to the ocean. Henry sees the figure again and asks what t is. Fredericks says that it's 'DAVOBAH, demon of the endless sea', and that he's harmless. Davobah comes closer and closer and Fredericks tells Henry not to worry. Then Fredericks has a look of horrified surprise ad Davobah attacks and eats him. The demon then turns to Henry and says "HE WAS WELL OVERDUE FOR THAT - THIS BASTARD HAS CAUSED ME AND MINE TO SUFFER. THANK YOU HENRY". Henry tells Davobah that he's welcome and makes his excuses, and then goes to a pub and gets drunk. The next morning Henry comes into work and the entire building is burnt down. No one seems to know if anyone survived.

Twenty years pass by and Henry is now working as a "repo man" for a firm that specializes in repossessing electronic appliances. He and a work mate are called out to the the state housing flats where they have to repossess a 100" flat screen TV. They arrive at the flats and walk up the driveway. Henry sees a woman outside the flat they have to call at and recognizes her as Liz from the typing pool. He sees her knock on the door and a tall man comes out.

Henry turns to his colleague and tells him "I've got this one Jack, I know these people". Jack waits at the end of the driveway while Henry goes forward. As he gets closer the image of the man becomes wavy and there's a suggestion of snakes where his legs should be. Henry stops and says "No worries Dave - I've got this one!" He then turns around and says to Jack "I thought so, it's a mix up. They made the last three payments. I'll square this up at the office". And then Jack and Henry drive away...
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For the last two hours I've been struggling with the story manager of Clip Studio Paint. Have been feeling dizzy and tired, but what the fuck..

Two dreams

Oct. 1st, 2016 08:20 am
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Dream #1:

The students of two universities have a friendly rivalry where they play pranks on each other. One supports Star Trek and the other Supports Star Wars.. A biology student of the one that supports Star Wars has developed a multi-platform-luminescent virus. They secretly pass it into the food at the other university, and soon many of the students there are starting to look translucent and have a faint green glow around them, like a "Force Ghost".

Then the scene changes and that student - who's been expelled - is wandering down a bush fire break. They are wearing clothes like old Ben Kenobi and throwing blobs or something from a tube. Every plant the globs hits starts glowing an intense green! AS ranger is sent to investigate but it seems that the ex student is invisible to them.

Later the student reaches the end of the fire break, and it becomes a gravel track on a large estate. At the other end of the gravel track is a mansion, where the big boss is throwing a party. He looks out and sees buses on either side of the track shining green and is puzzled. He can see briefly, flashes of the student on the gravel track.

Dream #2

The town seems more like a slum, with buildings constructed with sheets of old metal, ruined vehicles, mud brick and branches from the local foliage. And yet it's colourful and vibrant. people are trading and celebrating and performing rituals, and any number of species are there from other planets. The miners from the local radium mines come into town to get drunk. Despite that, there is a sense of being trapped. No one leaves the village because they are also in debt to Mguhlla, who owns the mine and the land the town is built on.

The town is in a valley surrounded by low hills and that is surrounded by a dry arid wasteland that extends for more than a week's travel in every direction. Truck come into the village with supplies but they are automated and owned by Mguhlla. Sometime someone tries to escape, but Mguhlla calls in troops from the First Order who capture the escapee and make an example of them. Mguhlla sends to output of the mine to a First order base on a nearby planet, so they are keen that he succeeds.

Po wasn't born there, and she resents living there, but her parents disappeared when she was young, and old Gdonga the Kellimte looks after her. She scavenges in town and around the mine and everyone knows her. And she wants to escape. The need rises in her every day. She sees CamiCah who lives in the pod house when things get too bad and per talks her down from her plans.

Today she found Quilnee drunk in a gutter who tells her that his brother died in the mines. She takes him to CamiCah who gives him mud coffee to sober up and listens to his sorrow. As Quilnee becomes more and more sober his faces seem to light up. And when CamiCah asks him about that Quilnee tells per that CamiCah that per's house is actually on old hover coach!

Quilnee goes outside and looks all around the pod house and pulls some old metal away. Underneath is a name, "Aleante". He comes racing back in and says "It's a desert coach, of the last models ever made!" Po and CamiCah look confused and astounded. Quilnee asks Po to bring his brother's wife and their child and hurry! She does and as she returns with Holnoo and the baby Holna (it's tenticles waving in the sunlight) she sees that the pod house has grown in size and is HOVERING above the ground!

Holnoo and the baby Holna go inside and Po goes around to the other side. There is a strange flowing silvery harness growing out the side of the house, and Quilnee is sitting in a dip in the middle of the harness. "Want to ride lookout?" he asks Po and he quickly agrees, the excitement rising in her. She jumps on behind him and stands up, braced by strands of silver that envelope her legs.

The Aleante moves backwards and crashes into a shanty house, then forwards to a dead-end alley. Po see Quilnee concentrating, his extra long ears standing up at attention rather than their usual droopy position. Then he looks at her and says "I used to to drive one o' these, but it's been a while!" with a big grin. From her position Po sees Mguhlla making his way through the village towards them, with First Order troops in toe. "QUICK!" she says, "We have to go!" He looks up at her, cracks a grin and the Aleante moves off, slow at first and then picking up speed. Po can hear a couple of screams into the pod, and also a giggle from Holna. There are sounds of shots behind them but the troops miss their mark, and Aleante and its passengers speed off into the wasteland....
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This week's THE STAR horoscope for me read

Memories are invoked by the places you find yourself in  during Thursday Morning, as well as by the companionship you keep. Strong feelings are aroused.

OK, tomorrow morning (Thursday)  I'm going with Joanne to the Great Hall at  the University of Newcastle for my Graduation ceremony. Strong feelings indeed!

Two films

Sep. 23rd, 2016 06:33 pm
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I saw two magical films set in mythical Japan in two days.

The first I saw yesterday (on a library DVD) was The Princess Kaguya directed by Isao Takahata (Studio Ghibli) Just under two hours long, it's the tale of a beautiful girl hatched from a bamboo shoot, and what she finds as she grows up in Japan. There's a number of hijinks that take place in the film, like impossible quests, but mostly this is a film about simple truths and beauty.


I saw Kubo and the Two Strings today. There was only one session at 10am, and I thought that if i didn't catch this today I'd miss it at the cinema entirely. I'm glad I went. I think this is the BEST ANIMATED FEATURE I've seen this year. And I was the ONLY person in the cinema!


It resembles (slightly) the film above, but I can't tell you exactly how, without spoiling things for you. However, do look out for a cameo by George Takai in this, in a very identifiable way! Also, I loved this version of this song as it played over the credits.

passing on

Sep. 22nd, 2016 12:00 am
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It was aunty Margaret's funeral today. There was no way (as it was in Perth) that I could go. Mark sent me an email with some details. Looks like it was a good service.
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Well, I just got a shock. Got an email from my brother Mark,. Auntie Margaret passed away Monday night after a year's battle with cancer. Dee, my sister in -law heard in the morning that her mother had died, and in the evening that her natural father had passed away as well!

I think I might give her a call and offer condolences.


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