Feb. 17th, 2016

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Well that was an epic trip to the vets!!

Theo had a dag that had matted with the hair around his anus, and was causing problems with him passing stools. I took him in a carrier to go on the bus and was told point blank by the bus driver No dogs, cats or birds are allowed on the bus! So, no bus trip to the vets. I walked home with Theo and looked up the regulations (see this page) and provided they are in an appropriate bus, they ARE ALLOWED on the bus. So I mad an official complaint. I got the drivers bus number for that as well. I also phoned the depot and they checked the regulations and were surprised to see that I was correct.

Anyway, next doors gave Theo and I a lift to the vets (I DO have good neighbours, eh?) where I had a very stressful time holding Theo firm while the vet cut away the dags and hair, applied an antiseptic cream and expelled his anal glands for good measure. But Theo howled, cried, and growled all the way through that. I was able to catch a different bus home without incident and carried Theo home in the carrier (he refused to get out). and gave him most of a cocktail frank to make up for his trouble. All better now, but he's still a bit sore.


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