Feb. 24th, 2016

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I was running around today.

Yesterday I was swapped over to the National Broadband Network (NBN) and of course after installing the new modem something went wrong and I ended up with NO Internet and NO voice phone. Lots of frustration. Tried all sorts of stuff and nothing would work. So today I went to the university info commons and got net access and researched why. Not much result. I also researched something else.

On a detour I bought a GeForce GTX 750Ti for my Recroom PC so I could play Medieval Engineers and Space Engineers (and lots of other stuff) without problems. An investment not only for game play, but Manga Studio might run a bit better as well. Anyway I went a Telstra shop and THEY phoned the NBN people who suggested that I poke a pin in a reset hole at the back of the modem and then phone them. Bit I had another stop on the way home at Cardiff to pick up some library items (volumes of The Unwritten) and some much need food shopping (all my bread had gone moldy in the terrible humidity here).

So, I get home and replaced the telephone cable with one I'd bought from the Telstra shop, and poked a pin down that hole. Then I went next door to borrow their cordless phone. Transpires that they'd swapped over to the NBN a couple of weeks ago and had the same problem. Fixed after two days. So I borrowed the phone and called the number and wait ages on different queues and got help and we were working through the issues and suddenly it was working, FOR NO GOOD REASON! I had net, email, and voice phone. Windows was telling me that I had a connection issue and I was connected!

Think I'll wait until tomorrow to install the Graphics card. Will that that safe and slow.


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