Mar. 3rd, 2016

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When I got my PC back from the shop (to have a new power supply installed, so I could run graphics card and therefore play Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers) I found I couldn't access either disk drive. The light would run on one, but neither could be read. Today opened up the desk top, and found...

...that whomever had done the job had connected one power point to the op drive, and a data cable to be bottom drive! s there were enough data and power cables to connect both, I thought this was odd, so I phoned the shop. At first they were alarmed. They have different techs coming in during the week and on the weekend. As I'd dropped it off Friday and picked up Tuesday it must have been the w/e tech. They suggested I bring it in right away and they'd fix it immediately.

However, as it's 29℃ inside today, and 33℃, and that would involve two bus trips out and back (OK, air-conditioned buses, but still), and the fact that I could do it myself, I declined their kindly offer. Mind you, they were glad to get the feed back. I plugged in a correct arrangement of cables, and both drives are working fine now.

However, i suspect some high school gamer hired on for w/e tech support is going to be in trouble (and rightly so).


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