Mar. 20th, 2016

Pet issues

Mar. 20th, 2016 10:30 am
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Two pet scares.

Last night Bobby kept falling down, on his side, and on his back legs. He does this occasionally anyway, but last night it happened a LOT. In particular, he fell back into his own poo, and later in the kitchen, he fell back on his bum due to lack of traction. This morning he had a bit of this but has mostly been able to ramble about. He's been outside and back in (via the front steps) several times. But, I dread the time coming when he can't get back up again.

The second scare was with Xena. She's been in the Studio for the last few weeks, but has been eating less and less, for the last two days. This morning I had a good look at her. The fur on her right side of her head below the the mouth seems matted and pressed down, and the eye on that side has pus. Also, she's barely opening her mouth, other than to eat a little bit and drink water.

Both pets are about 16 years old. Bobby seems in better condition than Xena so she's off to the Vets tomorrow first thing in the morning.


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