Mar. 21st, 2016

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Xena now has an appetite (she meowed for food just now) and is moving about. more.  In fact I met her in the hallway last night looking when I was looking for Bobs. Her right eye still has some pus and is looking a bit glassy. She may have been in a fight a few nights back.

Bobby seems to be having some trouble with his rear right leg, as I've seen him gingerly lifting it off the floor. Last night when I went to sleep I left him asleep in the lounge on a cushion with a towel over him for warmth. But about 2am I woke up and could hear his cries. He was in the lino floored kitchen and was falling over on his right side. I uprighted him and he still fell over. Eventually moved him to the bedroom and propped him up on a couple of pillows.

He was OK then, and seemed to be asleep. This morning I heard him whimpering in the lounge and he was on his right side. Maybe Bobs has a bit of arthritis in that leg, and the cold snap brought it on. I uprighted him and then went to prepare food for the pets. When I came back he'd fallen backwards between a fan and a shopping trolley. However, he had an appetite and ate all his food from that position. Later he was able to upright himself. He's outside just now and I don't hear any whimpering so I think he's doing OK.  

But I still have a dilemma here. Should I take Xena to the vets this morning or should I take Bobby? Xena seems to be healing, but Bobby seems to be doing marginally better as well.
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Back from the vets with the pets and medicines.

Xena had a burst abscess (the same thing gabby had last year) and the vet cleaned it. She's getting antibiotics and soggy jelly meat for the next few days.  I just fed her, and if she's hungry that's a good sign. It seems Bobby's issue is with circulation and his heart problems. He's getting a stronger dose of medicine fore the next few days, which I shall probably have to syringe in via his mouth.

So, all good, as much as can be expected. Many thanks to Kylie, who drove us all there, waited, and drove us all home as well.


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