May. 1st, 2016

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Mum was rushed to the hospital last week.I tried phoning mum at the hospital today. The first call was put through but rang for six times and then disconnected. The second time around involved the "shift manager" getting the phone for mum to answer. The conversation mum and I had was more than a bit worrying.

She seemed OK and then said that she's stayed over at my brother's Saturday night. When I asked where she's be she then gave me a long list of places she'd to, including flying over New Britain. Then she dropped something, put the phone down to pick it up and forgot that I was still on the phone. I spent 10 minutes saying loudly things like PICK UP THE PHONE but no one noticed. Then I could hear a "Oh look, you've forgotten to hang up the phone" and was disconnected.

It was a worry and I phoned my brother Mark to discuss it. Mum may be starting on dementia or she may not, but where she's at now doesn't help. My brother was saying that the medical staff there had already guessed a diagnosis of "a viral infection" and were more interested in sending her home to get a spare bed. If she does go home, he'll stay with her for a week to observe how she is, which a short visit to home or hospital won't do. There was talk about getting her into a retirement village or nursing home but those things all have long waiting list. and he's not keen to push her into one just yet if he comes better, even for a short period. My other brother it seems has been trying pressuring mum to go into a nursing home for a couple of years.

Not much I can do at this end. Mostly I've phoned mum once a week or fortnight (or she'd phone me) and we'd chat. And while at times I've heard her complain of the ailments and overwhelming pain she's had, she always seemed compos mentis on the phone. But I don't get a whole picture over here, not like my brothers have.

While Mark's staying with her for a week, he'll be organizing a G.P. to investigate the issues further. A dedicated GP has to be better than overworked and indifferent hospital staff, doesn't it?


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