Jun. 19th, 2016


Jun. 19th, 2016 10:58 am
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I had another phone call from Ronnice, (my mum). Mark had taken her home for the day so she was in her unit. At first she almost sounded like her old self, but the more we talked the more she tended to "stray", misremembering things as yesterday when they happened years ago, and getting details wrong (like flying to New South Wales in order to visit my niece Sophie). But this time around it was a lot better. She knew that her family and friends is supporting her, even if she can't remember some of their names at times. She seemed far more willing to go into the nursing home than she was before and Mark was there helping her pack.

She also said that she missed her mum. Grandma's been dead since 80s. She told me how she remembered walking down a hill after visiting her parents (probably walking down Second Ave in Claremont) and her mother saying "Take care of yourself". She also remembers her mother dying the next day. Ronnice told me that she doesn't think she'll be around much longer, and I believe her.

So anyway I talked to Mark later and Ronnice is moving into the nursing home soon. I've committed to traveling to Perth to see her and the rest of my family in six weeks time. Any later than that and It might be that she wont be there for me to see. It'll be an intense 2 weeks while I'm there, I know.


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