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As I was going through my pet photos I found this one of Theo from 2013. It was a hot January and he'd just been groomed.

At least i was able to spend the day with him, comforting him as a I could, before he died. When Theo came here 5 years ago his relationship with Bobs was at first problematic, but he found his way into my heart very quickly. Lisa told me that she thought he was 8 years old back then, so that means he was 13 years this year.

He bullied Mystery the cat but really they were friends. He barked at everything that was there, and a lot that wasn't. Even today, panting on the outside front sofa, he still tried to bark at passing dogs! He enjoyed his walks when he was well.

This will be the first time that I'll be without a dog since November 1997. Theo is the fourth pet to have died in the last three years. I might one day get another dog, but think I need to wait and allow myself to grieve first. I am missing him terribly.

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Well that was an epic trip to the vets!!

Theo had a dag that had matted with the hair around his anus, and was causing problems with him passing stools. I took him in a carrier to go on the bus and was told point blank by the bus driver No dogs, cats or birds are allowed on the bus! So, no bus trip to the vets. I walked home with Theo and looked up the regulations (see this page) and provided they are in an appropriate bus, they ARE ALLOWED on the bus. So I mad an official complaint. I got the drivers bus number for that as well. I also phoned the depot and they checked the regulations and were surprised to see that I was correct.

Anyway, next doors gave Theo and I a lift to the vets (I DO have good neighbours, eh?) where I had a very stressful time holding Theo firm while the vet cut away the dags and hair, applied an antiseptic cream and expelled his anal glands for good measure. But Theo howled, cried, and growled all the way through that. I was able to catch a different bus home without incident and carried Theo home in the carrier (he refused to get out). and gave him most of a cocktail frank to make up for his trouble. All better now, but he's still a bit sore.

Dog Shock

Feb. 21st, 2014 10:05 am
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The dog-walk this morning brought up unexpected sights. We passed a white Labrador that seemed to be asleep up against the front fence (the dogs came up to sniff it but it didn't react) and later in another front lawn saw a goose talking (well gobbling) to a miniature pony while a goat looked on!
After we got back home and fed the dogs, I went back to the house where we'd seen the dog and asked after it. Sure enough it was DEAD and had most likely died during the night. The Lab had been 10 years old so it was "on the cards".

That dog had barked at Peggy and I originally, and later Bobby as well, but it had been friendly as well ad I'd met it in the back alley way several times. I was sure that before the gate had gone up that it's come down to my back fence and lft its mark.

Shall miss it. I was survived by another old dog, which shall probably miss it as well.

two things

Jun. 5th, 2013 10:09 am
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The results from yesterday at the dental clinic: I have bleeding gums and holes of various sizes in my left teeth. I have an appointment for the 19th and in the meantime need to softly brush and floss.

I walked the dogs down the bush tracks this morning. I REMEMBERED to take my walking stick, but FORGOT to put their collars on them!

We didn't encounter anyone or anything else, but whoops!
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Weather for Barnsley NSW

30°C | °F WedThuFriSat
RainMostly SunnyMostly SunnyPartly Sunny
Wind: W at 24 km/h  
Humidity: 29%29°19°26°20°36°23°43°23°

This should by rights be a cooler day. I walked the dogs at about 5am this morning. The sun wasn't up yet - it was coolish and no dogs barked. They're going off to be clipped, shorn and shampooed today. Have taken "Before photos" and will take "Afters" when they get back.
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Theo seems to have some problems pooing.

I noticed this morning that his stools weren't dropping to the ground, and they seem to have become dags instead. It's been getting progressively worse all day and even my efforts to examine this give yelps. Don't think it's a serious medical problem yet. I made sure they both had lots of water before i left but all the bowls inside were dry when I got back (there was water outside).



Dec. 31st, 2012 09:01 am
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But if it's not a bait, what's it doing there? Disturbed by this.

As it happened it was actually a pressie for Ebby the dog next door, who apparently jumped the fence into my backyard with it! Must have happened last week and I hadn't spotted it there. Brook next door told me about it. They'll be watching my pets while I'm away. :)-+


Dec. 30th, 2012 02:19 pm
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I found what might have been a bait in my backyard today.

It was the knee or a joint of some four legged animal. It was half rotten through and infested with maggots. And it was right next to the new fence near where it meets the existing (and shorter) fence. My next door neighbor has no front fence/gate to speak of and they are often out so it could have anyone who tossed it there - including my neighbor. I haven't tested anything, I just tossed it back over the fence.

But if it's not a bait, what's it doing there? Disturbed by this.

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Brook next door asked me if she could have the end of a runner on one of my trees.

The runner's for Ebby, who likes to escape in various ways. She used to did under my fence but they electrified it (from a battery)  and that stopped that. Then she started to dig underneath the fence on the other side. Two dogs in there and she likes to play with them, but really it's not the sort  of thing to encourage. So Brook bought a proper runner and wanted to know if it would be OK to screw one end into a tree on my property (the Gum tree near the fence). I didn't mind actually because I understand the problem - had to put Pegasus on a runner until he grew out of it. I offered to go next door and help and she took me up on the offer.

As it transpired, the cable was too short to go between their tree and the Gum. It's supposed to be at least 1.5m above the ground so that the lead (on a pulley won't get snagged.  Plan B was to dig a hole and plant a post  to attach it to. WE both started digging but it's tough soil to dig, and there were major roots from the Gum. I brought over my small mattock and "spud holer" and we got to a depth of maybe 40-50 cm. But it was more complicated than that. Ebby had to be put on a chain because she was all over us like a rash, wanting to play. The kids came up to have a look and help and Brook had to bring Zoe up in the pram as well. Then Bobbie started howling back in my yard. He'd been asleep when I went next door and wanted me back.

Instead I brought him next door, where he amused the kids and sniffed around and barked back at Ebby. Very hard to have a conversation when two dogs are barking and the kids want to say stuff and so on. As it was, we got the post in and packed the soil around it with stones. We were starting to lose the light so it was decided to leave the rest until tomorrow morning. Brook's husband Tim is working up in Darwin  and I was glad to help. Tomorrow we'll get a strap around the post and around the Gum, so it'll be pretty secure before we get the cable up.

Brook was telling me about a "Protein Diet". Might be worth a try sometime.

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Had a dream of Pegasus last night though he wasn't exactly in it. I dreampt that he had just died and I had to take a bus somewhere to pick up his wings. I woke up feeling very sad and cried. Got over this by finally watching the episode of Dirk gently from earlier this week.

Almost been 4 years, and I still miss him.

The funny thing is, I phoned my mother earlier this week. She'd just got back from a holiday in Tasmania with my brother Mark, and she had a dream about Snoopy, the old family dog, where he'd been kicked by a horse and killed. She was very sad as well. I wonder if these are connected?


Feb. 12th, 2012 11:45 am
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I sorta crashed emotionally yesterday. I think there were two main "causes' of this:
  • Earlier in the week I applied for a new dog with a rescue pet group. I know that someone else did (a family) and the big issue when Jerry came out was fighting fleas in the house, and making the fences dog proof (Bobby mostly doesn't bother). But I know that I'll hear nothing for a while. Why another dog? Bobby won't last forever and a younger dog would be good company for him. Also, when all said an done I am lonely here, and having pets on the whole alleviates that.

    But the waiting's been getting to me.

  • I have been so frustrated with the lack of progress on the graphic novel. I've chosen to do the story framework via Second Life and it feels right to do so. But Everything on the sets needs to be "right" before I shoot anything. And I spent some time tracking down the right bits of furniture and emphemera and props for that. But I bought a whole slew in bulk via the SL Market place, and only afterwards logged in to have them delivered. Out of the 80 items I bought (using Linden dollars, the in-world currency) about 12 turned up. I'm missing the rest even though I've paid about $L 460 for them (about $US 1.86 in the real world). The cost isn't the point. The annoying thing is that to remedy this I have to contact the vendors for each of those items and request a re-delivery!
  • That means I can't effectively do the shoots until that's all done, which mostly means I'm getting further and further behind with it all.

All came to a head yesterday. I feel the loneliness and sadness extremely, and  was very very angry with myself. Today, I've already got the housework done for the day and plan on working through that list of undelivered stuff. I'll automate it as much as possible and probably only use a text browser (rather than a fully fledged viewer). And then it will be done. And tomorrow, regardless, I might just put some "place marker" pages up on the website and replace them when I get all that done, and in the meantime draw the first chapter.

As I so often say, we'll see.

Is it time?

Feb. 6th, 2012 11:15 pm
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Something odd tonight. I was watching the end of Smallville and it felt like Pegasus was there in the hallway, wanting me to go out the back. After the show was over I did, and as I got to his memorial bush I was overcome by this wonderful feeling of love and contentedness. and it felt like Peggy was there with me. A nice feeling, and then I got a message.

And the message was, that if I want to get a companion dog for Bobby, it's OK to do so. Been thinking about that for a while. Bobby seems in good health (though we're battling fleas just now) but he's 14 to 17 years old, which is a good age for a Jack Russell. I've been thinking it might be a good time to get a second dog, maybe one about the same size. Well, there was a post on facebook I saw earlier today about pet rescuse and while I'm interested with no car it's hard to know how to organise things. Had a look at their web site and found Freddy

I think he'd be a good match for the little woof, but I'm still umming and ahhing. I can afford the $200, and it may be that they'll drive him out to me. Shall have to think about tis.

Guess who?

Oct. 13th, 2011 09:33 am
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Tucker was on my bed again this morning.

I put him gently back in next door's yard (over the fence) before walking Bobby. He was still there when we got back but people were up and about there. It seems he got into my place between 5am and 6:14aqm, because that's when they got up and showered, getting ready for a funeral today. I've plugged up a couple of gaps I found, so that might hold for a bit.

The bigger issue is that I won't have a side fence for about three days after Daryl and I dismantle it, in preparation for the new colorbond fence to be installed next Thursday. I'm going to block off the rear of my house, and use the side gate that Kevin and I constructed to keep the pups in (it failed, but they were big dogs). That should keep Bobby in, but if Tucker gets in to the rest of my yard he may decide to go for a wander instead.


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Handed Tucker back this morning. Seems that Brook had a sleepless night managing the kids anyway so I could have taken him back, but I'm glad I didn't. Once I went to sleep he settled down and when I woke up he was still on the pillow I'd put him on earlier.

This is a bigger issue for the people next door. They don't really want their dogs getting into next door's backyards by themselves. I don't mind either of the dogs, but Ebby (young staffy) get's into their other neighbour's yard. She's OK for now because the dogs there don't seem to worry about bitches but there'd be trouble if Tucker got in. Also, what if they have a disagreement?

Will all be sorted out eventually I'm sure.

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After almost a week of not turning up, Tucker (the dog from next door) just did. I was busy compiling a DVD for a friend in the study when I looked up and there was his face peering through the connecting window to my bedroom! It's after 11pm, and it raining. I can only guess that they've all gone to bed and left him outside, rather than in the shed which is where they usually put him (and he seems to like) when it rains heavily or there's a storm.

11-09-28 Tucker

Have considered putting on a dressing gown, getting an umbrella and carting him back, but really I'll take a chance and let him stay until morning. Bobby's keeping an eye on him, but mostly he shouldn't be much trouble. Might not see the cats for a bit though.


Aug. 12th, 2011 03:27 pm
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I don't think I've cried so much, or been so pleased with a film like this for a long long time.

RED DOG is the story about a real dog that was given the same name. He was adopted by the Dampier community and became famous locally when he travellied the North West of the State. As this excert from the wikipedia shows...

Red spent a lot of time travelling on his own, although he was taken in by many members of the community and a veterinarian who treated him.[6] Red was made a member of the Dampier Salts Sport and Social Club and the Transport Union. He was also given a bank account with the Wales Bank, which is said to have used him as a mascot and sales tool with the slogan "If Red banks at the Wales, then you can too."

...he was much loved as well.

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It was cold this morning and I stayed in bed an extra 50 minutes watching dopey news shows just to stay warm.

 When Bobby and I got away for a walk it was much later than usual. This morning I discovered that someone had ripped the middle barrier out from the footbridge across the creek in Barnsley It had three baffles that extended out from the railings on alternate sides so that you couldn't easily ride a bike across it. Ripping out the middle one meant that there was a gap on one side.

The other thing that happened was that just before Bobby and I got back home a dog came racing out from #42 (which had a gate left open) and started to attack Bobby. he got out of his collar and raced home before there was any damage, and I chased the dog back in it's yard. I expect that they just forgot to close the gates when they went out (big double ones for teh car) but Bobby was bitten by a roaming dog a couple of years ago in this street, and he did not forget!

Shortly afterwards I phoned the local council about both of these. We'll see what happens.

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BobbyI got off the bus with my shopping, and there was BOBBY sniffing around the back of the chip shop! He was only 500m down the street and over the over side of the roundabout!

We got home OK though, if fact he loved it, the little ra tbag. I had to carry him half the distance because without a lead he was quite happy to bark up close at dogs behind fences and run off under cars. Not the first time he's been out like that either - last week I got home just as it came on to rain, and no Bobby! He later turned up howling at the front gate to be let in.

Must make sure he can't get under the gate in future.

Dog Phoos

Jan. 15th, 2011 09:12 am
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I thought that I'd take photos of the all the dogs before most of them move out with Kevin and Michelle. Stripe and Bella have caused me a bit of grief and stress over the last 9 months, but it's hard not to have any affection for them. All dogs can be cute when they're inactive. Even so, I will be relieved when they go, even though I will miss Hallie. 

Hallie is Kevin's dog. He originally got her from people on the other side of barnsley who were moving out, back in 2007. She was a good companion for Pegasus, my old dog, and is mother to Stripe and Bella. There were six other pups as wel in that litter. She was de-sexed only last December.

This is Hallie's "Anchor" . Hallie was quite capable of jumping any fence without it, but with it attached to her collar she was prevented from doing so. It consists of two dog leads knotted together - one end is attached to a pot plant base, and the other to a spring clip. The clip would attach it to the collar, and the base would act as an obstruction. The original version had a steering wheel cover over the rim of the base to prevent damage to furniture and feet. Other versions had a swivel joint at the base, so that the leads wouldn't twist around.

Bella is Hallies daughter. She tends to be the quieter of the two offspring , and the smaller of the two. She was de-sexed last December.

Stripe takes after his father George, who is a big Boxer. Stripe gets into mischeif a bit, and at the time this photo was taken is still not de-sexed.

Hallie and Stripe mugging it up for the camera. In the background you can see Bobby trying to decide if he should join in.

Bobbie was originally Jenny's dog, and I took him on when she went into a nursing home in early 2008. Accounts vary but Bobby is somewhere between 14 to 17 years old. He's a feisty little fellah.

In general I've walked Bobby and Hallie most mornings, and he may very well miss Hallie when she goes later this week.

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Got home after being out for about 9 hours, to discover Bella still on the steel cable lead that Kevin had constructed for her (Stripe was also still on his) but next door - attached to an overturned round table, and entagled in a branch, so that she had about 10 cm leeway. What the hell? I can only guess that Bella got caught up and Leonie moved her into her place and thought that attaching Bella's lead to the leg of the table would do it.

Kevin and Michelle have gone to Michelle's parents for the new year (and a fridge) ao I won't see them until Sunday. Guess the dogs will be sleeping with me again tonight (grumble).

Anyway it was 32 C today in some places, and I'm off to have a bath to settle down.


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