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The dream:
Henry is just out of high school and is looking for a job. Every one he applies for is taken by someone else. Finally he gets a job as an "office boy" in a build three or four stories tall. The bottom floor has a reception area and the accountant's office, who own the building. The next floor has an advertising firm and the floor above that is (mostly) vacant. The floor after that, well no one's sure if there is one.

Henry fits in well. He runs errands for both the accountants and the advertising firm, and the women in the typing pool all joke with him. The second floor is a little odd because it seems cramped but spacious at the same time. Then a new company comes in to rent the 3rd floor. They're an Importing/Exporting firm but Henry never sees anything delivered to them so it must just be the office, with a warehouse somewhere else.

One day Henry is asked to go upstairs and by mistake goes to the 4th floor, which is there today. The lift doors open and he's greeted Liz from the typing pool. She asks him what he's doing there and and he says he made a mistake. She gives him a name tag with "Henry" on it, and tells him to follow her. The 4th floor seems to go on forever and everything is immensely bright. He can't see any windows and there seems to be a whole farm there and then they get to the "ocean". Another woman from the typing pool is there and greets them. The ocean is like a great pool that he can't see the end of, and in the strong light seems light grey.

In the distance Henry sees a figure. It's back-lit and he can only see the outline but it looks like a thin man with snakes for legs, and is gliding on the water. He points to this and Liz says "That's Davobah, the lord of this domain. Francine and I love him." Henry says back "Oh, OK!" Then Liz takes him back to the lift and he gets to the 3rd floor. Today it looks a bit different and all the furniture is gone and tall weeds are there instead.

One of the businessmen comes in, wearing a name tag of "Fredericks", and asks what he's doing. Henry apologizes and says he went to the 4th floor by mistake. The man looks at him and at the name tag that Henry's still wearing with a menacing expression, saying "So now you know how we export/import. Very well". Henry's a bit lost by this remark and carries on with his work. Later in the day when he has to deliver a telex to them and is just about to knock on the door he overhears their conversation. A voice says" This Henry's seen too much, we have to eliminate him" and Fredericks replies "Leave that to me. I'll take him on a tour of the interchange tomorrow and feed him to Davobah. I'll set up the sacrifice based on his name tag tonight." Henry quietly walks away and goes back downstairs.

In the morning Henry comes in very early, telling the doorman that he has to do overtime to fix up a mistake he made the day before. He immediately goes to the 3rd floor. No one's about at all, and he discovers a cork board with a dozen name tags pinned on it. He finds the one for Fredericks and carefully peels the name sticker from his own and from Fredericks, and swaps them around. Finally he takes Frederick's name tag with him, though now it has his name on.

Later Henry is summoned up to the 3rd floor and Fredericks says that as he already knows about "the back yard" that he's going to give Henry a proper tour, so that he can run errands there. Henry nods and off they go to the 4th floor. Liz isn't around this time and they go to the ocean. Henry sees the figure again and asks what t is. Fredericks says that it's 'DAVOBAH, demon of the endless sea', and that he's harmless. Davobah comes closer and closer and Fredericks tells Henry not to worry. Then Fredericks has a look of horrified surprise ad Davobah attacks and eats him. The demon then turns to Henry and says "HE WAS WELL OVERDUE FOR THAT - THIS BASTARD HAS CAUSED ME AND MINE TO SUFFER. THANK YOU HENRY". Henry tells Davobah that he's welcome and makes his excuses, and then goes to a pub and gets drunk. The next morning Henry comes into work and the entire building is burnt down. No one seems to know if anyone survived.

Twenty years pass by and Henry is now working as a "repo man" for a firm that specializes in repossessing electronic appliances. He and a work mate are called out to the the state housing flats where they have to repossess a 100" flat screen TV. They arrive at the flats and walk up the driveway. Henry sees a woman outside the flat they have to call at and recognizes her as Liz from the typing pool. He sees her knock on the door and a tall man comes out.

Henry turns to his colleague and tells him "I've got this one Jack, I know these people". Jack waits at the end of the driveway while Henry goes forward. As he gets closer the image of the man becomes wavy and there's a suggestion of snakes where his legs should be. Henry stops and says "No worries Dave - I've got this one!" He then turns around and says to Jack "I thought so, it's a mix up. They made the last three payments. I'll square this up at the office". And then Jack and Henry drive away...

Two dreams

Jun. 24th, 2016 11:52 am
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Dream #1

Luke is a young Jedi who seems also to be a homeless person living the Hay St Mall in "Dream Perth". News has filtered down that is dad and his nephew are on the way, to try and snatch and "deprogram" him. He's worried because the crystal in his light sabre is playing up, producing really thin blades and spluttering out at bad moments. The other homeless Jedi there, uncle Ben and Sifo-Dyas, are more interesting in sniffing glue and drinking meths than to help. Luckily a working girl , Leia, comes to his aid with a spare crystal though she won't say where she got it from.

Anakin and Ben arrive even though Luke draws his light sabre Anakin uses the force to throw him against a wall and knock him out. Then he wakes up tied to a chair, with deprogrammer Palpatine facing him. Palpatine opens his mouth and says-

Dream #2

I'm living near the university of "Dream Perth", in a small one room flat on Stirling Hwy in "Nodlands". The neighbors next door are always being rude to me and complaining to the landlord and I don't know why. One night I hear a loud BANG! and go out dressed only in a long nightshirt to see what it is. There's a party down the road and I wander down to check it out and find it in full swing. Someone has rigged a makeshift catapult and is tossing old refrigerators across the road. One of the party goings recognises me and pulls me aside. She looks partly like someone I know in real-life and partly like Myf Warhurst, and tells that she's glad I got out of the flat but that I should have dressed better and "had a shave" first. I look in the mirror there and see that I'm a woman of the hairy people from Cleverman.

She tells me she knows a better place to party and leads me off to find it. We go north along Hampton Rd for a bit. they we take a shortcut around an old building that seems to be the only survivor of a massive excavation - our pathway is barely one person wide and is obscured by rubbish and bushes and a very large tree that grows out of the excavation. Finally we get to the other side and there's a small shopping complex with a newsagents, beauticians, and coffee shop which is still open. My friend goes inside the coffee shop, telling me to wait for her. And I wait, and wait, and wait, and wait. Then I go in myself and there's no sign of my friend and everyone stares at me like I've come to steal something and I run off.

Somehow I find my way back to the building next to the excavation and I'm working my way around the narrow path, but it's blocked by a gang of youths armed with knives who threaten to skin me. I run off and find my way into another shopping area. It looks both familiar and strange, with wide streets but at this time of night few people out. I'm passing some sort of "where house" and people inside call me in, asking if I have a place to stay. I tell them I'm trying to get home and they say they know someone who could give me a lift. I'm given some tea to drink and then I feel drowsy and run off, just as a truck with a cage on the back pulls up.

After dodging the truck and other pursuers, I come to what seems like a long park next to a freeway, where it shouldn't be. I stumble into a meeting of people with guns. They tell me I'm late, place a red tunic over me and tell me to run. I do, followed by shots and hunters screaming "FILTHY HAIRY" at me. I manage to evade them as well but am wound in a shoulder. Then finally I get back home to the flat. I find the friend from the party there, who says that she was only inside for a minute or two at the coffee shop and when she came out she couldn't find me. There's a heavy KNOCK KNOCK on the door and it's my neighbors, come to complain about the noise. My friend shows them some identification. She says she's one of the secret police and they go away after she threatens to report them. I state at her, a bit frightened, and then, smiling she goes to put the kettle on and-

Now I've long had dreams about the real Perth, but like these they are always subtly different. I call that place "Dream Perth" and these are the first dreams I've had set there in a while.
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The first dream:

It's a film, about an obsessive serial killer whose target is in a retirement village for spies. The SWAT are called but they can't seem to find their target. But there's another issue, because some of the characters know they're in the film, and are discussing the inconsistencies. They meet on a causeway across a bay, but this is being eroded bit by bit. Somehow they flash forward and the causeway is submerged. The battle goes on at the retirement village, but there are no winners.

The second dream:

The machine was programmed to "make people happy" and it realises that the only way it can do this is by becoming big enough to control all people. It spreads itself as a virus, appropriating computers and equipment when it can. Meko, the servitor robot of the dead makers, races down a bicycle path in an attempt to prevent this. Along the way it meets Skiffy the wonder dog, and my own dog Bobby. The intown aliens spot it and cheer it on. Skiffy chases behind with the table tennis bat that Meko forgot and drops a poo on some grass on the path. That grass becomes animate and starts to grow as well. People learn of all this and cheer Meko and Skiffy on. But in the metaphysical realm, the giant avatar of the machine meets the giant avatar of the grass, and they battle on. Skiffy arrives and drops the bat on the machine which hits the off switch and turns iot off. The people cheer!!!!
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Bleaugh - am still trying to wake up properly.  I had the strangest dreams last night and BOTH were about half-arsed Cybermen.

In the first dream apparently some British private school in the 1950s had been taken over by Cybermen, but it was more like hysteria. The people would wrap themselves in electrical appliances and behave like they were Cybermen. There were whole lines of these shambling down behind dorms, with bar heaters telephones wrapped around them.

In the second dream it was in some nondescript US city, and some virus was turning people into Cybermen. They were a bit dumb however as not many had been turned and intelligence was based on the number of Cybermen in the network. And also, no two converted looked the same. The Police chief was in a hospital and looked like he was from Minecraft, and a couple had some relative Cyber convertee trapped in the bathroom.

In fact I can now recall a connecting dream, which also had Cybermen in it, but the 1970s versions and they were attempting to capture a group which caught a tram and was riding it to somewhere, while opening fire on pursuing Cybermen.
What gives with Cybermen????
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I had the most terrifying dream last night, so much so that I woke up from it at 4am. What was the dream?

I'm attending a wedding party and some of my cousins are there but I don't see either my mother or brothers. My father (deceased) is there however. The wedding is held in an open field in tents only some of the tents seem to be seeing stuff like hand sewn blankets and dream catchers and stuff. I ask about these but everyone I ask seems to assume I'm "looking down" on their craft. The couple get married but I have no idea who they are or why I'm at the wedding. Afterwards I leave in my station wagon (which I sold for $50 in 2007) and my cousin Brian seems to be in the drivers seat with me and someone else in the passenger seat and it's really awkward to drive.

The car is just about to run out of fuel and I pull over into a driveway in front of some shops and am invited in buy a woman who gives me tea. I return to the street to discover my car is gone and am told that "they needed it to move house". This angers me enormously because no one asked me first. I'm so angry that I go to a set of markets in an alleyway on the other side of the street where they're selling stuff like what was at the wedding. I grab a crowbar and start smashing objects and set fire to things, punching out people and dragging them by the hair into the street and throwing them into traffic.

When I get back to the shops my cars still missing and no one seems to know what I'm talking about or knows the women I talked to before. I start walking up the highway to home, and the soles on my shoes disintegrate and people passing shoot guns at me and spit on me. And finally I spontaneously combust.

I have no idea what this means, but it seemed to strike a chord in me when I woke. Have not been sleeping well lately. Or rather I lose energy early in the night, and wake up in the early hours of the morning. Last night I watched an Is It Real? TV show on Bigfoot which was amusing, to put me asleep. Blah

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Had the most glorious dream last night, where the main characters where both in this wonderful and terrifying book, and outside of it as well!

The book was a marvellous compendium of stories. that initially looked different but were about the same people - hand bound and from (maybe) the twenties. The names on the side were Cole & Lillian... (the last name I can't make out now. But it had the town, the country, scientifiction and more in it. In the dream there were characters (or at least actors) from Buffy and Sanctuary as well as others. There was a dark power and well as a good power in the book, and it was trying to entrap the two people whose names were on the spine. Wow, I love it!

I remembered more details on the dog walk this morning - it was Cole and Lillian Leverbridth or Lethbridge. And the stories weren't so much dark as reflecting their subject matter. There was a scene on a bus where Cole got the drop on a demon in disguise that was trying to curse him and he recited an oath first. Also there was a half broken class top table that seems to be based on NUSA. And, the town, which was a 1920/30s one, seems to be on a new dream road grid that I know was in at least two other dreams!
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I had a series of dreams last night that struck a chord with me. It's about four hours after the even, but here's what I remember:

House in the City
For some reason I had to move to "the city" for six months. I'm renting a house while I have mine rented out. Also for some reason the only pet I take with me is Ebony the black cat - youngest of my cats - who seems to settle in. The house is close to a street, and is two story with the entrance being a porch on the left side, made from old brick and concrete. It's two story and there's a narrow backyard that extend back to a railway line. On  one side is an alleyway/gravel road that goes under the line, and a wide gate in the fence opens to that. The place is serviceable and has character.

The Holy Mountain
I appear to fall asleep, maybe while I'm dreaming about the house above, and I materialise in a temple/hall. It's a large building that seems to be at the front of a block similar to the one mentioned above. The building has an entrance at front, and extends down a gentle slope with several levels separated by a single step. In the building there is an array of artefacts and art objects from Eurasian history, a mix of colours, styles and mediua. There is one common bond though, and that is that they were all religious items or symbols at one time. Down the back there appears to be a toilet/kitchen block, with a calendar and phone on the wall.

As I'm looking around two people appear at the front of the building. One is Cathryn Platine (whom I met in person in 2006 when I visited Gallae Central House in up-state New York) and the other woman I don't know. Cathy is about 20 years younger than when I met her in real life, and the other woman seems older with greying short cropped hair. They are both wearing colourful and patterned thick woollen kaftans. Cathy recognises me and asks what took me so long. She takes me on a tour of the place, and we all wander down into the garden.

This is also a narrow long shape (a bit like my own in real life) but is very well kept - lawn is trimmed and old large trees decorate it. To the left is an altar/pavilion which has a figure of a woman pouring water from an amphora with one hand, and carrying a baby on the other arm. There are offerings of all sorts around this. Outside the fence of the backyard is parkland that is in a state of diorder but not decay. In the distance there seem to be towns but only one or two houses nearby. What dominates the scene however is a gigantic mountain.

It can be seen in the distance covering a good portion of the horizon. Cathy introduces it as the Holy Mountain and I immediately think "Mount Ida" but I know this isn't the real Mount Ida in western Turkey. The mountain is green and lush with some snow on top and a glow about it that can be seen even in the day. As I look closely I can see individuals and teams of climbers struggling to reach the top, and others at the top who try and plant flags but fall or are blown away. Others try and build houses on the side of it but nothing is permanent. Some bright spark has created an advertising banner on the side of the mountain using a laser light, but whenever I try and read it, it goes blurry. Biplanes fly around it but there's nowhere to land. Cathy seems amused at all this activity.

Fade out
Just then I seem to fade out and wake up, but on reflection this morning I think I dreamt waking up. I lie there for a while and drift off and once again I'm in the building. Cathy and the woman look at me and I tell them that I'm here in a dream and that I need to focus to stay and the woman writes down the time and date on the calendar to note my appearance. I talk with Cathy and she explains that we are at the ideal rather than reality and that many confuse the two. Rather than try and "conquer" the mountain (which cannot be conquered or owned by any one person or group), it was was enough to enjoy the view. Then I fade out again...

...and wake up back in bed in the house I'm renting for six months. I got downstairs to have a hot drink and sit on the patio and I find Ebony surrounded by cats. Some are shaggy and some seem dead and they all seem to be crowding her and purring up to her. I move one away and realise that it's Girlcat, who my family used to have when we lived in West Midland, and I recognise Rorschach who Carol and I had when  we lived in Adelaide Terrace.Then I wake up.

Now I could not get these dreams out of my head. The building in no way resembles Gallae Central House which I visited, and I suspect that the Cathy in the dream wasn't meant to be the real Cathryn either. Maybe the dream was telling me something about the nature of spirituality and religions. Ideas, anyone?

last night

Apr. 1st, 2011 08:08 am
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Got home and ate dip and crackers for dinner, watching DVDs in bed. Slept from about 9:00pm until 4:30am and had a really interesting dream. In the dream...

I'm riding a bicycle in Dream Newcastle (which seems to be surplanting Dream Perth) to visit a friend in a nursing home. Then it seems I'm only wearing panties and on a strange train that stretches all the way down Darby Street, and doubles up as a hospital/nursing home. I'm looking for my friend, clothes, purse and bike. I meet some sort of nurse or cleaner at the back of the train who's teasing me about having my clothes and I get angry and eventually they give them back after they've been cleaned, but they don't seem like my clothes any more. Then I go looking for my bicycle, passing strange choirs and trivia games and find it in repair at a shop that's on the train. The rastafarian in charge there says it won't be ready for a while and and I'm confused and angry and demanding to know where my purse is and someone grabs it out of the soil where it was meant to be growing and hands it back to me.

...and then I woke up. The dream had an emotional resonance with me, so I know it's meaningful in someway. Almost as good as the previous night's where Buffy and Willow were living in the town of Eureka and it was full of demons but no one was fussed too much because they were all kept at bay with wired science and the Sherrif drove a car on a ribbon up into the skies... and well you get the idea.

I think I have been physically ill with something, and it's been screwing with me all week. Having the new spectactles doesn't help either, because I still haven't adjusted to them yet. Yesterday I went into the Huxley library but I could barely read the screens of the terminals and focussing on paper type was a huge choir. Seems better today. I will be going into uni today to pick up my laptop but I probably won't be staying. THink I need lots more rest.

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Last night I kept on waking up and biting my tongue.Very very annoying. I also had odd dreams after watching a late night episode of Buffy.

In the dream I seemed to be en route from Perth Airport (that mysteriously was relocated over the interchange near Parliament house) and encountering problems - I lose the ticket and some of my luggage disappears. I'm also with a bunch of folk I know from Swancons and W.A. fandom, although I'm unable to identify any of them. At one point however we all travel through a warehouse cloakroom that seems to be full of gear owned by Stephen Gunnell (though he's not there) and everyone's laughing at me because I can't find the exit. 

Not a dream I'd want to repeat.

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As part of a sequence (probably inspired by my watching episodes of Night Stalker) I dreamt of Pegasus last night. Now here's the thing - I rarely dreamed of Peggy when he was alive, and the last dream I had of him (that I recall) was just after his death, where (in the dream) he wanders on the other side of a country fence and can't get back. The dream:

In the dream I'm somehow led to a clearing in the middle of the bush. There seems to be some sort of altar near bye and the remains of a fire. I have the sense of imminent danger and of a malevolent presence somewhere about. Then, along a path come three dogs. One of them is Pegasus and he's growing - not at me, but at the unseen presence. I feel safe and together we move away.

This morning while walking Bobby I realised that the otehr two dogs were probably Maxine and Nihou, two dogs who've lived here and which Pegasus knew. Don't know what the dream meant (if anything) but it's nice to see him again.


Jan. 16th, 2010 10:30 am
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Last night, before I went to bed I asked for a dream where I could talk to Jenny. I didn't exactly get that. I've been watching the miniseries Tin Man, and the waking dream I had seemed to be based on that.

I was in a place where one could imagine and create a link between two places, like a doorway. I started imagining these and they seemed to save lots of time and travel. Finally I imagined one that would take me to Jenny, but every time I did it would take me to an empty hospital room.

She's gone, and I can talk with her no more. I've been up since 6am and apart from walking the dogs and feeding the pets I haven't done much else. Time (at 10:30) to get myself some breakfast and watch some TV like Torchwood.

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Michelle had a dream about Pegasus that seems related to my one this morning (even though she wasn't aware of it at the time).

In the dream Michelle is out the front (painting the house?) and looking in a window watching Pegasus follow me around. Then somehow Pegasus is next door and come outside and call him back. He can't seem to return but instead sprouts large fluffy white wings on his back and flies in a circle above us. We wave at him and happily he flies off.

I can see similarities between this and mine. Peggy is called, can't return, and leaves happy. I don't care if this is coincidence or not. See, it matches with my original dream of Pegasus as well, which Michelle was unaware of. For me it's emotional confirmation that Peggy is OK and on his way.

Kevin said that he felt Peggy's presence at the wake tonight, but that it left with the thunderstorm. Well, we all together with lots of food he liked - where else would he be?

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I didn't start crying when I woke up this morning, and maybe that was because I had a waking dream.

In the dream, I saw a puppy in the back alley way near where it meets a bush track. It looked like a plush toy and had different markings, but somehow I knew it was Peggy, about to be reborn again. I (though I'm not actually visible in the dream) shout out his name and he comes running along the bush track. I seem to be in an adjacent horse paddock separated by a fence. He comes up wagging his tale but just as he tries to go under the barb wire red lines saying "NO ENTRY" appear (just like in Second Life, when you try and enter a private area) and he can't get through. Then I say "It's OK boy, you can go now, I'll be OK" and he barks and wags his tail and runs off down the bush track a happy pup.

This morning when I walked Hallie and Bobby, as I passed the sofa and grave in the backyard (the solid red line in this map) it didn't feel like Pegasus was still there. It felt like he was gone. Ever since he died I've been feeling his presence here, especially around the grave and sofa under the trees that we'd rest on so often. The sofa was a favourite spot for both of us. He'd sit listening and watching (and barking at distant dogs) and I'd be reading a book or a comic.

2005-12-12 Peggy's Sofa

For the last three days I've been talking to him as if he was still alive, watching me around the other dogs.And I've been feeling like his spirit's here, even watching me dig his grave.

But not this morning. This morning he wasn't there.

And I believe that we all move on. That when we die our soul or personality dies with us, but that our spirit lives on, to be reborn anew to re-experience the world as a witness to the divine, whether one is human, animal, plant or whatever. And the dream I think means that to me. Yesterday I had a ritual in Second Life, and afterwards I planted a memorial candle for him. Though these things are all virtual, it was the best I could do until I do the same thing in real life, and regardless of that such rituals do seem to make a difference to me.

In any case, what the candle said was more or less "thank you for being in my life, and speed on to your next life". And last night - after I had a warm bath but before I dressed - I went out the back and sat next to the the grave, and said the same things to him, thanking him for his time with me, that I will never forget him, and that he can move on now. Then I came inside drank some wine, and fell asleep.

And this morning it feels as if his presence has been lifted, like a great weight taken from me. I will still cry and be upset for a long while to come, but I feel... ...relieved. And I will have my ceremonies, but I know now he's gone to restart the great cycle.

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I just gave that advice to an LJ friend who, though I've never met them, admire them and their work greatly. Here's the song that seemed to fit:

HUGS to all my friends who need to, and haven't yet.


Jul. 6th, 2008 10:56 am
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I've been remembering my dreams more lately. In the last week I've had the following dreams:

  • A repeat of a 20 year old dream where I find a "persona" hidden in a chest.
  • A post apocalypse scenario that took place in an area that seemed a mix of "Dream Perth" and Second Life, which flowed into a cartoon/comic contest in which the dream was all in line art.
  • A tiny fragment which I remember directly inspired by a web comic about Second Life.
  • A dream where I'm driving around in a combi van as a "mobile accountant" and general trouble shooter, notable for the fact that Ebony turns up in the van!
  • A two part epic. In the first part detectives are driving around to refineries and factories trying to determine how the villain was poisoned, which morphs into a vampire sage; followed by a dream of post cards in which the current but one Doctor makes an predicted appearance.

Odd but cool. I like remembering my dreams.

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I had really involved dreams last night. I remember three segments clearly.

In the first I'm somewhere in the Middle East on a bus with maybe about 40 people. Something happens (machine gun fire, bomb) and everyone is stunned because no one is wounded or killed! Someone organises a group to commemorate this and protest against the violence in the area. They are claiming a divine intervention. I turn up to this, and dispute their details of the event.

In the second segment, somewhere in "Slumtown", the aliens are genetically engineering a woman to become "brood mother" for a new generation. She's a friend of mine and I visit her. With all the tubes, and the latex envirosuit she's wearing, she looks like a fetish model for rubber wear. Otherwise, she seems quite cheerful, even though in the end process her entire body will be consumed by the aliens. She tries to convince me that I should have this done too, but I leave in a hurry.

In the third segment, two boys go to the new VR arcade that has a dual enclosed console, in which players sit and then insert ID chips to play immersive games. Today they're playing some sort of Starwars game, but a figure appears and promises them a wild time if they'll just click the "yes button". One of the boys does this and nothing happens immediately. However, when they remove their chips they discover what looks like a white gob-stopper wedged in with one. This is actually a sentient being that wants to eat their brains and they spend the rest of the dream running away from it, until they feed it potato chips instead.

Weird, but enjoyable.

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Yesterday I watched a couple of episodes of Ghost in the Shell - 2nd Gig and also Ghost in the Shell: Innocence with Erica's boarder, David (and had watched another 3 episodes of the first the day before before heading off to Mardi Gras).

So it wasn't surprising that had dreams about the Major and Section 9 last night. Interesting stuff. It seemed in the dream someone was looking for a formula that would corrode electronic brains once it was placed in the water supply. Lots of scenes with Tachcomas  and other security sections fighting them.

Not that it means anything, but I became aware that it was a dream while I was having it, and just repeated the sequences trying to look at the formula. Didn't quite work.

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Too much coffee today (er yesterday?).

Might go visit Jenn tomorrow (this morning?).

Spent long sessions on Second Life Today, including two dance sessions (one was a toga party, so how could I resist?). I think I'll steer clear  of SL and maybe even the PC tomorrow. Haven't even fixed the throttle handle on the EazyRide yet.

Time for bed, and sleep.

But while I remember, I had an interesting waking dream yesterday. I dreamt that I was part of a community that was being invaded by Goa'uld type parasites, who left their hosts un-emotional husks. They were spreading but had one Achilles heel - alcohol. The solution was to take all of them down to the pub to get pissed!

Time for bed.

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I had a waking dream of my late Aunty Glennis this morning.

It was in an orchid of apple trees. Couple would come to the orchid when they first became involved with each other, and sit in the branches of a tree. A great big black cat would then be dropped on to them and what it transformed into, and if and which of the couple that fell from the branch, would indicate how long the relationship would last and its quality.

In a corner of this orchid was a stage. I was observing the ritual listed above when a woman passes by. She looks a lot younger, but I know that this is my aunty. I say hello and she steps onto the stage and says that she has to go. I say that I'll miss her and that she was my favourite aunty (she was my only aunty) and she asks why. I tell her she died and she asks how. I tell her that she died in a coma in hospital and she says that maybe she'll come back if I'm so upset. I tell her that no, they've already had the funeral and the my mother sent me a copy of the service so it's a bit late. She says never mind and I hug her, and she waves goodbye and the curtain falls.And then I woke up and there was Pegasus staring into my eyes.

I miss my aunty, but it's time to let her go.

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I swear this morning as I awoke, I had dreams of Pastel Defender Heliotrope! Seriously, everything was in the painted style that Jennifer Reitz uses to render it in. Also, it seemed that scenes would be interrupted "close ups" of the same scene, or images of obscure technical detail from those scenes.

I've been reading a lot of this strip lately, and also Unicorn Jelly. Odd that it should be so prominent in my dreams though! Disturbing that at the moment I just don't seem able to do my own strips (though hopefully this will change)..


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