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I came across...  Livejournal's Russian owners announce new anti-LGBT policy, fandom stages mass I think I will be closing my LiveJournal account, finally.  I'm still at Dreamwidth at [personal profile] laura_seabrook , if anyone one wants to follow me here. Only post once in a while now, as most posts go to Google+.
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I have discovered that by reverting my Live Journal posts to public, that I can make three posts in one go: to Dreamwidth, LiveJournal and Facebook. You see, (with the exception of Writer's Block) I mostly post nowadays to Dreamwidth, and have it set to cross-post to LiveJournal.But I also have LiveJournal set to cross-post public entries (can't do it with private) to Facebook., or:

Dreamwidth »» LiveJournal »» Facebook.

Neat eh? It means I can keep the friends on each up to date on stuff I do want to write about, which mostly is personal stuff happening in my life. But not having to go into Facebook to do that means less distraction and less bullshit, which has been a major issue for me for sometime. The pages I created there are now run by "Avatar accounts" (ones I created for my SecondLife avatars) but they have a small list of friends mainly so I can still play word games there.

I know it sounds odd, but it's working for me. :)   Here's my new cover image for Facebook:

Timeline - Laura Seabrook


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