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As I was going through my pet photos I found this one of Theo from 2013. It was a hot January and he'd just been groomed.

At least i was able to spend the day with him, comforting him as a I could, before he died. When Theo came here 5 years ago his relationship with Bobs was at first problematic, but he found his way into my heart very quickly. Lisa told me that she thought he was 8 years old back then, so that means he was 13 years this year.

He bullied Mystery the cat but really they were friends. He barked at everything that was there, and a lot that wasn't. Even today, panting on the outside front sofa, he still tried to bark at passing dogs! He enjoyed his walks when he was well.

This will be the first time that I'll be without a dog since November 1997. Theo is the fourth pet to have died in the last three years. I might one day get another dog, but think I need to wait and allow myself to grieve first. I am missing him terribly.

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My lovely little boy dog passed on last Sunday. I shall miss him terribly. He had a series of heart attacks starting late Saturday night. Sunday morning he hadn't improved. Almost everything was shut and I had no way of getting him to a vets even if it was open. Then a friend of Facebook arranged to have her sister give me a lift to a vets in Mt Hutton, which was open. The lift I got to go to Mt. Hutton was too late, so we went to the Vet Hospital in West Wallsend instead (which my next door neighbor, who only just got home, told me about).

But we were too late anyway - Theo died in my arms on the way to the vet. This photo was taken earlier Sunday in the backyard. I shall miss my little bundle of joy greatly.

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Well that was an epic trip to the vets!!

Theo had a dag that had matted with the hair around his anus, and was causing problems with him passing stools. I took him in a carrier to go on the bus and was told point blank by the bus driver No dogs, cats or birds are allowed on the bus! So, no bus trip to the vets. I walked home with Theo and looked up the regulations (see this page) and provided they are in an appropriate bus, they ARE ALLOWED on the bus. So I mad an official complaint. I got the drivers bus number for that as well. I also phoned the depot and they checked the regulations and were surprised to see that I was correct.

Anyway, next doors gave Theo and I a lift to the vets (I DO have good neighbours, eh?) where I had a very stressful time holding Theo firm while the vet cut away the dags and hair, applied an antiseptic cream and expelled his anal glands for good measure. But Theo howled, cried, and growled all the way through that. I was able to catch a different bus home without incident and carried Theo home in the carrier (he refused to get out). and gave him most of a cocktail frank to make up for his trouble. All better now, but he's still a bit sore.
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Theo was a bit disturbed last night. I was half asleep at the time, and I checked him this morning, and he seemed tender around the neck and chest. But just now, while I was preparing to flea bomb the place, I had another good look at him and found this!I suspect either a cat got him, or the grooming he had earlier this week was a bit rough.

NOT SURE WHAT TO DO - the Vets is closed for the weekend. I applied some antiseptic. He seems in discomfit more than danger.


Oct. 12th, 2015 10:44 am
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ust took Theo to the vets. He's been coughing a lot, resisting exercise and has a bit of bad breath. Sure enough he has tartar buildup (rotten teeth) and fluid on the lungs due to heart disease (which I already knew). Another round of medication. This time I'm trying a daily dose of chewies for him. He also got an injection.

But what was really nice is that a friend down the road gave me a lift there and back 45 minutes later. Theo made a commotion - doesn't like traveling in a carrier on a car or bus - but it was quick. He's getting groomed tomorrow, which should make things more comfy as well.


Sep. 5th, 2014 10:57 am
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The dogs are back from the groomer's. I wasn't expecting them so soon, and the first I knew of it was when Theo came running into the house looking very happy.

Pet Stuff

Sep. 1st, 2014 04:25 pm
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ook Gabby to the vet. He cut off the dead skin and gave her an antibiotic shot. I also have pills which I cut up into quarters and crush into her food (enough for six days). Because I was already there, I got heart tablets and fuid tablets for both Bobby and Theo - Theo's been coughing a lot lately and so has Bobs.

I also came home for lunch and then then went back out to Edgeworth where I bought necessary supplies, like cat litter. Gabs needs to be kept in at night for a while, so I'm setting up another litter in the studio.


Nov. 26th, 2013 01:06 pm
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Well I took Theo to the vets. He freaked out in the carrier on the bus, so I took hime to the next stopped and walked him back to calm him down. The vert was late to open, but that was OK as Theo was the only patient there.

Prognosis is much the same as Bobby - bad teeth and a heart murmur! The remedy was much the same as well, though different dosage: antibiotics, heart tablets, and another set of tablets to drain his lungs. There was the option to hav his teeth cleaned but his gums need to heal first.

I will have to stop giving the dogs bits of Oreos and bits of on my breakfast in future, because the sugar in each helps rot their teeth. Oh, and Theo IS aleric to fleas but I need to wait until all this is sorted before doing anything with that.

We just missed the bus back so I walked him the 3km home. It's a cloudy windy day so it was not too much struggle, though he was huffing and puffing for most of the walk. He missed the morning walk today, so that makes up for that!
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I found four clumps of poos in the RecRoom just now. They may or may not be Theo's but if they are maybe he was constipated last night? I was feeding them a "Chicken, vegies & pasta" thing and neither seemed to like it much. Maybe he found something else to eat, but excessively.

He still hasn't barked ONCE this morning, so I know he's not well.

I'll be taking Theo on the 9:05 bus, but the vets doesn't open until 9:30 (it's a 7-10 minute trip) so I might go to the Library up the road first and return stuff down the chute. It would also be handy to buy some dog food at Coles across the road, but I suspect that would be fraught with problems, even if Theo was in the carrier (as he will be on the bus).

Sick Theo

Nov. 26th, 2013 07:17 am
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Theo was sick last night. He was shaking and not himself. He was quiet and not even growled at the cats. He was OK before dinner, and I first niticed this while watching a DR WHO repeat when he came up and lay on top of me!

This morning he didn't want to go for a walk but did have an appetite when Bobby and I got back. I think I need to take him to the vet. I was going to anyway in a fortnight for a checkup, so he can go early.

- -

I think he just tried to growl, but it came out wrong. I tried checking him for ticks last night but didn't find any. Off to the vets!
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Theo seems mostly back to his old self. When I woke up this morning he licked me on the face. He seemed to enjoy the morning walk and had a good appetite - always a good sign. Have only heard him yap once so far though.


Nov. 3rd, 2013 02:49 pm
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I was standing at the washing machine pouring powder into several damp-rids, and when I went to put them back in place I heard a yelp - Theo had been right next to me without my knowing.

It seems I may have ACCIDENTALLY KICKED THEO IN THE JAW. I don't think anything is broken, but it must be sore.

Bobby just YELPED in pain as well. The 30℃ weather doesn't help.
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Dog Groom seems like "dry cleaning for pets". Theo gets driven away, and comes back much cleaner and neater! I do try and keep him neat, but the guy I use does it so much better.
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Theo looking out the Studio window into the backyard. If he's not barking at birds he's checking out what's happening - lazy dog! ;)

Mystery Cat has become a lot friendlier - to Theo. It's still a bit scared of me, but has got to the point where it doesn't run off if Theo's around. Even a bit of barking doesn't scare Mystery off.

Still don't know if Mystery's a male or female, but this cat gets fed to the left of the steps in the above photo. On Sunday I cleared out the weeds there and replaced a dying sofa with a better on. Much more convenient for both of us.

Sick Dogs

Jul. 26th, 2013 03:15 pm
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A couple of days ago Theo was , well, not well. Wasn't sure what was wrong but he wasn't hungry and constantly needed patting and a hug. That night he slept right next to me.  In the morning I found he'd pooed on a mat which is unusual for him. I though maybe he had constipation from me feeding him cheese (not too much). Then this morning after the the walk Bobby had no appitite and was shivering and shaking. I hadn't seen him do a poo either, on the walk (though he tried).

I had him rugged up and on my lap for a couple of hours. I was going to catch the 9:05am  bus to the Uni and attend the 3 minute Thesis presentation that was one this morning. Missed that. I read a graphic novel with two dogs cuddled up to me. Then when I went into the other room for something, I found Bobby asleep on a pet bed in the sun. He wasn't shaking so I took a gamble.

I had to go out for food shopping so left Bobby sunning himself on the front sofa. All the time I was shopping I was worried I'd get home and find him dead. I got home and he was asleep on a pet bed in the studio. Seemed much better and had an appetite. Then I took the dogs for a walk but they were both huffing and puffing by the middle of it. Had to carry Theo for a bit - it's a "warm day" for Winter and he has a thick coat. They drank a lot when we got home, after navigating through a back alleyway with a few sheep.

Gah, I worry so much about my pets.

Purry Puss

Jul. 10th, 2013 07:55 am
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OK, I'd just got out the front door with the dogs an we were all standing on the front step. Mystery cat comes out from under the house and starts purring up to Theo. It then sees me and retreats - partially - back under the house, looking at me. Couldn't feed it then but I did when I got back.

Theo's gone out the front several times and just looked at pussy under the house, so I guess the little puss has got used to him. I think Mystery really likes Theo!

Wet Dogs

Jun. 27th, 2013 08:23 am
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Tried to take the dogs for a bush walk. Cunning Theo wouldn't come out the back because it was wet and looked out the window of the studio to see what we were doing. I went back and collected him, and we eventually got going, and Xena followed us up a track for a bit..

And then it poured down with rain. We all went home and I think I saw Bobby and Theo playing together for the first time, prancing along in the wet grass and overlapping each other (in that "happy dog run" style). We got back in and I blow dried Theo dry. It was actually fun!
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Mystery Puss just turned up again.

Theo was looking at something behind the sofa next to the front gate, right next to the front door. I got a torch, and sure enough - orange eyes and orange fur, looking back at me. I've put a small container of kitten food out for her.
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If I had doubts about having the dogs groomed, I no longer do.

An unexpected outcome is that both dogs have really noticed each other now!

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I both both doggos booked in for Wednesday. Some friends have suggested that I could just do all this myself, but after last night's experience of trying to bathe Theo, maybe not. I sat him down in a warm bath (with low level) at one end and me at another. After a while the dags sort of went liquidy and he was clean, but I found LOTS of fleas over him, which I couldn't see at all when he was dry. I went out and bought new flea collars for all the pets today, but having both dogs shampooed and toenails clipped professionally would be a good thing. Also have Theo's hair clipped down to a manageable level would make things easier for him in summer and easier for me to maintain.

I was on the bus to Edgeworth and bumped into someone who 's had their own dog groomed by this guy in Holmesville and apparently he's been doing this for over 20 years. Yes, (like that "Home at the Kumars" cliche) I could do this all myself, but I suspect that I'll be saving myself a lot of grief and the dogs will be getting the best cut.

Won't be a common thing though - I just need to brush both of them more after that.


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