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laura_ess ([personal profile] laura_seabrook) wrote2016-10-29 11:37 am
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Chest aches

Well, I just lost all my spoons for the rest of the day.

Yesterday I had a tooth filled. The dentist was cheerful and sang music hall ditties while he drilled and filled one of my teeth (two more next Friday). The the rest of the day i wasn't quite there, traveling on buses in a haphazard and looking out the bus window. I still managed to buy a loaf of bread and a 30m LAN cable, but bugger all else.

Anyway, this morning, after dreams of being suffocated, my chest heart like a steel band is around it, and I have no energy for anything. This is not much different from what I've been feeling after the seizure last month. Sigh. I worry that I'm not going to draw, or create, ever again, because I just won't be focused or energetic enough to do so.

Maybe I just need to slack off for a while.