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Well, I went and saw Doctor Strange, and I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Not exactly the comic book version, but pretty close in many ways. I loved: the cloak of levitation (best character in the film); the astral traveling and fighting (always happening in the comics); references to The Living Tribunal and other characters and objects found in the comics; the mirror dimension (just glad I didn't see this in 3D); and wushu/magic in general. The only thing that really grated on me was Cumberbatch's fake American accent. They could have made him a British Doctor practicing in New York, and it wouldn't have changed the story much.


The mirror dimension, while visually inspired by Inception is clearly also inspired by Mirrors (2008). Either way it's a good idea and not only explains why no one sees all these magical battles take place, but has its roots (as does the Dark Dimension) in classic Steve Ditko artwork. Things were always in strange alignments with pathways -of-no-visible-support going every which way, like (spoiled for BIGNESS)...


No Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, yet, but the ending is clearly setting things up for two films.

I found the casting interesting. Benedict Cumberbatch of course gained fame by playing Sherlock homes and I have to wonder if the address of the New York sanctum - 177A Bleecker Street - is a sly reference to 221b Baker St? When his character makes a major mistake and admits to it, I felt like shouting "No Shit Sherlock?!" Tilda Swinton plays the Ancient One, which might seem a major departure from the comics, but she played a near immortal Orlando in the film of the same name, so I think it's good casting. Wong is actually played by an actor whose surname is Wong! I know Chiwetel Ejiofor mainly from the film Serenity where he plays the Operative of the central alliance, who is also an assassin, and who totally (at least until the end of the film) believed in the morality of his cause. His character in this film, Mordo was one of Strange's main antagonists in the early comics, and I can see lots of the Operative reflected in this version of Mordo.

A good film for me, and far better than Civil War.


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