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I felt totally fucked yesterday when I got home with Bobby, and spent most of the rest of the night in bed with a very sore right leg and chest pains. Probably just stress and bad posture (the pains that is, not the sore leg) but - I also felt very angry at myself. The artwork I made, entitled "Our Differences make us the same" was only created because I was asked by someone I felt I couldn't say NO to.

Don't get me wrong, I think the work's good (photos later) BUT, I was asked for something at very short notice, and it's taken up almost a whole week. That's time I should be spending on preparing for my confirmation. True, I already had a week with Cathy while she was over here where I got nothing done. And the week after I was just exhausted and distracted, so that's two weeks where I made no progress (though in no way do I begrudge Cathy's visit - it was great to see her again). But this was another week where I haven't created more pages for the graphic novels, haven't written scripts.


Today my chest is still hurting and my leg still aches, and I have to go out anyway because I'm running out of food and I have to sort out a new debit card (yesterday I discovered that my old one had expired). Arggggh!!!

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Have been driven to distraction today trying to sort out a problem with the support software that came with my new phone, called New PC Studio. When it runs it leaves its Splash screen up, and this acts as a block to everything underneath! Very frustrating.

update: fixed it after uninstalling, updating SHOCKWAVE, and reinstalling. Works much better now!
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I finished housework by about 2pm. Have been fiddling about with Illustrator. The image shown here is part of the result. And just what took all that time for this?

I had to figure out:

  • How to save tapered brush strokes for later use (use a style);
  • The most efficient colouring for the stroked image (paint with the blob brush underneath and bunch EVERYTHING into layers, sub-layers and groups;
  • The best way of setting up traces and panels, which might change.

And all this takes time. I set up a whole series of strokes that I wanted to use for this comic, and saved the lot as a custom set of styles. I draw the strokes in a plain ol' 1pt basic stroke, and set the style to it later.  Lots and lots of work for the moment, but important in the long-run (I hope).

I will finish this a lot quicker later tonight, but the pets (and I) need to be fed, I have a sinus headache, and I think I need to draw some Tales inbetween now and then.

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Did have plans to go out and see a film and do some shopping, but it's too late in the day to go to my preferred venue (the Reading Cinama in Charlestown) and get back at a decent time in the afternoon. I could see the film - Sucker Punch - at Glendale cinemas, but am much less enthusiastic about that. I'm already imagining a horde of school kids there (for the Justin Bieber film if not this one).

However, I might go do some food shopping and browse for new cameras. Or maybe not. I think I'm annoyed at myself ovber weight issues, bus timetables and maybe some cabin fever as well.

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Something is seriously wrong with the keyboard or mouse on my study PC. Decided to login to the net after a day of housework (I half suspected voting was today, but it's NEXT SATURDAY), only to discover the web browser pages scrolling in an unpredictable manner. Chief suspect is a stuck key or button somewhere. But I'm just finding it frustrating, so I might just have a bath instead, and maybe come back to it later.

Not happy

Jan. 20th, 2011 04:38 pm
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Made an agreement last night with Kevin whereby they could have my red curtains (which I placed up originally to hide a partition to add privacy) AFTER Kevin repaired the bathroom door (that his pup mauled after they locked her in there) and after they did a round of dishes. They did the dishes and took the curtains anyway. I phone Kevin and got "There was no timeframe on the deal." WHAT?! Then he said he was trying to set up a house and could do without the attitude.

DAMNED FUCKING CUNTFACE PRICK. Another example of how I can't trust him. I was so angry though. And somehow I found myself hurting their pups, that is, until I realised that the person I wanted to hurt wasn't here after all. Not proud of that. The pups have hid under the sofa for now. I think (for their satety) I will put them back on the leads out the back tonight.

In the mean time I also think that if I go out I will start locking all the doors and windows (once the dogs are outside).  Let's see how they go if I'm not home and they can't get at their stuff.  I think Saturday might be a good day to see a film.


Sigh - and all that after I successfully managed to connect and install the Telstra modem and the switcher. I felt so good about that, but ashamed at hurting the dogs.

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Everything is getting to me just now. Thought I could go out and cool off by watching a film, but everything on locally is just totally uninteresting. Humidity is is a constant irritant, and I am STILL angry at the pups and K & M for not training them more. If I go out I will be hot and sweaty and tired and cranky. If I stay home I will probably be the same.

I miss Jenny. She was someone I could visit and just be with, without excuses or questions and mostly I could just chill out.

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I abandoned my morning pages yesterday after two pages, because the pups escaped and had to be rounded up.

NOT HAPPY this morning - have been so frustrated with escaping pups FIRST THING in the morning, and having to spend 20 minutes repairing a fence line BEFORE doing anything else (including my morning pages, which then became full of "F*CK YOU!" scribblings).

Not good - K&M have been away for over a week while a) their pups were recovering from PARVO and b) their mother Hallie was ON HEAT. I've been left holding the bag without a choice in the matter.

F*CK THIS FOR A JOKE - I couldn't even get to my affirmations! Evil or Very Mad
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Sigh - I like Linux, I really do, but sometimes it does more harm than good.

I recently bought a terabyte SATA drive and added it to my study PC. So far so good. I set up a windows swap partition at the start of it, with the intention of in stalling Ubuntu further along the drive and after that a new work area for graphic files. The current install no longer works, so I thought downloading Ubuntu 10.1 and burning it to a CD should be fine. That was, but the next steps got dodgy.

I was able to run GPARTED from the live CD and went about reorganising my partitions I'd done this in the past and no problems. The idea was that it shouldn't matter if I deleted the existing linux partitions because I was creating new ones with the new install. To make that work I needed to move a big partition of 500 Gb (done it before without problem) and I did that over night. Only there was a power surge or something because when I woke up in the morning the power was OFF and the move was incomplete, and, as I found out MUCH LATER, the partition while there isn't recognised by windows as being formatted!

It gets worse - when I tried booting up it would still go straight to GRUB that gave an error 17 message and would hang. Fair enough, since I must have deleted the partition it was looking for. So I went to the lounge PC and did a search on the web for fixes and it said to boot the WIN CD and repair the boot sector by using FIXBOOT and FIXMBR, which I did, but which didn't make any difference at all. OK, I then tried to install Ubuntu again but this time it just went to a blank screen instead of a Live install. So I try booting again and this time it gets to a message "Checking DMI..." and then immediately reboots thereafter in an endless loop! I check the BIOS and can't see anything that can be changed. I try booting from a CD but it happens so fast that nothing works, until the umpteenth time with me pressing ESC and spacebar when it finally boots to a Live Ubuntu 9.10 disk.

I try installing that and it all seems to go smoothly but when I boot I get a "BAD DISK READ, Press ALT+CTRL+DEL to continue message"! By this stage I'm getting very frustrated. I finally manage to boot to windows by using something called a "Hiren's Rescue Disk" which allows me to manually selct the Windows install to use. But I have to use that all the time, and I'm still attempting to recover date of the damaged partition and...

...and it's been a bloody long day.smiley

Suggestions please.I've clearly stuffed up my Master Boot Record and don't know how to get it back. Recovering files of the now "unformatted" data partition'd be good as well, since it has all my documents on it. I would have backed up first, but couldn't get the external drive that K rigged up for me to work.

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I had K put together a 1 terabyte external Samsung SATA/USB drive for my Windows (XP) PC. SATA is a format different from IDE, which is what the motherboard defaults to.  Anyway he built it into an external case, installed the plug into the back of the PC, and the first time it booted it connected fine. But when attempted to set up partitions and so on using Manage Computer things froze. When I rebooted the drive had become invisible to the PC (and no, it doesn't run under DOS)!

But it gets weirder. When I boot Ubuntu it can see the drive fine and I can even run GParted on it. And after I installed an Windows update XP started to see the drive some of the time, with a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g boot time. Strange. When I go into manage devices and rescan it mostly finds the external drive, but the details never seem to stick.

Very frustrating. I had this set up so that when I have a a whole bunch of 300 dpi print files for the graphic novels, I can just take the drive with me and get the thing printed. And in theory the thing should be a good form of backup as well. But something is obviously wrong here.


Feb. 22nd, 2010 09:56 am
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Read a friend's journal how they are sick of being consider a "public other" because of their trans status. There was a a lot more - including about the difficulty of dating, sex and relationships - and it pushed a lot of buttons in me.

Today is the start of O-Week at university and I am not ready, and have not been able to do anything in the last two months to prepare for my confirmation. I went out yesterday to buy flea bombs and worming stuff and missed the bus, coming back 90 minutes later than I wanted. I felt hot and bothered, had diarrhoea and slept most of the time. 

Today we might flea bomb the house, maybe. Tomorrow I see my counsellor, and because she's located not far from where jenny's husband is, I thought I might take Bobby with me and visit him first. maybe.

Otherwise, I just feel sick, tired, lonely, sad and confused.


Jan. 11th, 2010 11:58 am
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DownBugger, everything I do (in trying to fix the media PC), just doesn't work.. I tried creating a bootable USB drive when the CD-ROM didn't work. I've tried swapping in IDE drives but they're not recognised properly. I have a bad headache. I've phoned Kevin (finally) and really, without him here it doesn't help. I'm living it until they get back (whenever).,

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It was a comedy of errors this morning on the buses.

I was desperate need of food shopping, both for myself and the pets. I had everything planned (I put my "super trolley" back together) and even checked my bank balance online. Then, just as I was about to leave for the bus a deliveryman arrived and I signed for the delivery for Kevin. No problem until I got to Glendale and discovered that my ATM card was sitting in front of the monitor at home!

I asked the bus driver when the next bus was due to go to Barnsley and when he said in an hour's time, and it was his bus, I decided to get on because it was warmer on the the bus than off. But then, just as we passed the crossroads, he says to me: "I made a mistake - I just saw a bus to West Wallsend go into the Supercentre". I got off and ran back with the trolley and barely got the bus back to Barnsley. I had 30 minutes until it returned so I left my trolley at the chip shop, walked home, got the card and a hat, walked back, picked up the trolley and caught the bus back to Glendale.

The rest of the shopping trip went fine, but I wasted about 60 minutes running around like that. Tempted to stay home tomorrow.

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OK, I got both SUSE and Ubuntu installed. But - here's the rub - it seems that it's difficult to have a multiple boot system.

I installed SUSE first and then Ubuntu, after which the SUSE Grub got replaced by the Ubuntu one. OK as far as it goes, but it kept on giving a "file not found" error. I found that the reason was that SUSE had updated the files it boots with and changed the numbers on them accordingly, so the Ubuntu Grub was looking for the old file. Eventually I edited the entry manually and change the file names but only after I'd downloaded and installed something called KGRUBEDITOR. I rebooted and SUSE loaded fine. Then I discovered that the SUSE Grub took over when you rebooted from SUSE, and that gave "file not found" errors for Ubuntu!

Seems to be a comedy of errors. I've actually created a Grub partition just for the thing, but I need to get one of them working properly first! Ubuntu mysteriously won't read/write to my USB stick (formatted as FAT32) otherwise I'd make a copy of menu.lst and see what was wrong. Sigh - it's awfully confusing only half knowing what I'm doing. Kevin is some help but assumes that I know that which I don't know.

computerNo wonder Linux hasn't driven Windows into the ground, when configuring it is a maze of archaic commands and little known facts! At least I can still boot to Windows.

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Don'tcha just love it - I installed SUSE 11.0 and it booted OK, once (the idea was to Install SUSE, followed by UBUNTU and have a dual boot option, so that I could run different packages).

Thereafter I kept getting a text message that GRUB was loading and then an "error 22" and everything would freeze. Well I came to university today and found the SUPER GRUB page. I'll burn the Super Grub CD using the media PC and boot it on my study PC, which has the problem. Good job I have two PCs.

There's something odd about SUSE 11.0. SUSE 10.3 was fine and never gave much trouble, but 11.0 has been annoying from the start. Hopefully UBUNTU won't be.

New Plans

Mar. 7th, 2009 06:56 pm
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I didn't want to go home, so I thought thhe March was the only alternative.
But I just found out that Ascension's on, and at least one friend is going there.
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The copy of SUSE 11.0 I had has problems, with checksum errors, so I can't immediately install it. While at Glendale today I came across not one but two magazines with Ubuntu 8.2 distros on them, so I bought one and will try it (I'll leave space for SUSE for later).

We'll see how far I get.
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Bugger. My favourite pen is a Bic Grip Roller (looks like the image right). It has the optimum grip and pressure for my drawing web comics. But - I've had great difficulty in finding these lately - only blue seems to turn up in Woollies and Coles. The Bic Website is no help. I could get them at The Pen Guy online, but minimum order's 300 and even at 58ยข each that'd be $174! The Paperchase has them too, but I need a credit card to use that.

Have you seen this pen in a shop in Australia? Tell me if you know where I can buy some.

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I spent the last half of yesterday doing a fresh reinstall of Windows XP on the Media PC. I installed the necessary applications, codecs and updates to run GB-PVR. I was able to tune in most of the local channels on the tuner.

And the damn thing wouldn't show any TV, and kept crashing. There were error messages all the time. When Kevin finally looked at it he changed some BIOS settings, discovered that a memory chip wasn't plugged in correctly and then... went blank. He got it working on the spare monitor but not the TV.

Sigh. I gave up last night. I'm not even going to look at the thing today. It's been (mostly, since I was able to watch video on the net on it) a source of frustration ever since Kevin put it together before the Xmas break. And I've been ill, during and after that process, and really not up to this crap.

At least I have a "spare" in my bedroom. I can watch videos, DVDs and digital TV in there. But not in the lounge.

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can't cope with more fucking shit

seeing my counsellor tomorrow

got a lot to talk about


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