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I made anotrher music video in the series.
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I made this Dr Who fan video yesterday. Hope you like it.


Jan. 27th, 2013 11:39 am
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Lately when at home the only words I say are to my pets.
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Saw this today (The Hobbit for Boxing Day now). YES!!!!!!!!!   I loved it.
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Though there is a part of me that thinks an award for being public is pretty self-serving, since it creates more publicity. If Lana hadn't been a film maker before the transition, would we have heard anything about her? Perhaps there's a bit of envy here. Assuming my graphic novels get finished and published, then I may not be that un-public much myself.
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From The Huffington Post:

RIO DE JANEIRO -- "Tall and tan and young and lovely..." You've heard of her. The Girl From Ipanema.

You might have come across the bossa nova classic while on hold on the phone, during a long elevator ride, or in a cafe in Beirut or Bangkok – but you've heard it. It's been recorded by everyone from Frank Sinatra to Amy Winehouse, and survived bad lounge singers and Muzak incarnations to become, according to Performing Songwriter magazine, the second most recorded song in the world.

The quintessential bossa nova tune, inspired by a young woman who passed the songwriters in a beachside bar on her way to the sea, introduced Rio de Janeiro to the world. Now, it's turning 50, and to its legions of fans, the decades have only heightened its allure, adding a wash of nostalgia to this hymn to passing youth and beauty....

This is the song:



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When I do it right, this is what Art makes me feel like.


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