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After a systems failure on my Studio PC (getting a new tower maybe today) I've been stuck with my graphic novel. In the mean time I've been building for Return to Second Life, but rushing that is very very draining. I've also been a bit sick (flu / UTI) and staying up until 3am working on stuff has exacerbated things. So - I've decided in the short term the Masters has to come first, which means fixing the PC and doing some pages for that first. However I still need to work on Seconds as well, just at a slower pace, so I've put that on hiatus and the following will appear in a couple of days on its page:


Wish I wasn't so bloody sick. I have discovered that building architecture in SL is not only fun, but I seem to have a knack for it - provided I take my time.


Aug. 24th, 2013 08:10 pm
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Have got Octobriana ready for a bit of action in SECONDS.
In comparison to some comic versions,
she's a bit overdressed!

And one the characters she might meet:

...from the alterverse of MUSICALIA. I also have one of
the Buggles making an appearance.


Nov. 13th, 2011 12:51 am
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did five webcomic pages including one for TDOR. Also, earlier in the week I restarted "Return to Second Life" as well with part 9. Long way to go though.

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Have been working on creating the formats for the Webcomic version of Real Life Trips. Take a week, but I'm happy with what I've got. I get to show it to my supervisor tomorrow.

I still need top format the website for Gender Transition for Innocents as well, but one step at a time.

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You wouldn't think that the comic page below would be so much trouble, but it was!

I was attempting to continue on with Return to Second Life, a fumetti webcomic using snapshots from Second Life. Spent a lot of yesterday setting up the PCs and laptop so that I could have them all running multiple copies of SL viewers so I could get the team ( Elsie + four alts) together for the snapshots. After the study and media PCs got converted to Win 7 I'd only had viewers installed on my study pc, I only had Almost got there when Kevin and Michelle turned up.

Fair enough, they said they were going to, but they actually did (not used to that) and it threw my focus and concentration. Not a good state for webcomic production. This morning I thought I'd do just one page. But of course I can't find the Firefox stylesheet and there were missing fonts, as some like Elephant came with XP but not Win 7! Urk. A lot of messing around but I got one page done.

Now I just have to do more.

one more

Dec. 21st, 2010 11:50 am
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did another webcomic page. now I can get ready to visit Jayne in Sydney.

Makes a difference not just doing only one. Will keep doing more when I get back.

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These morning pages can rock! I drew the following plans a few days ago, for my Tales of the Galli, while I was doing them:

I've already made this into a 3D plan in Sweet Home 3D, generated backgrounds from it and made webcomics pages using those (see my explanation on Stuff Happens).  Artist's Way really seems to work. Very Happy
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Did a few more comic pages and was very happy with the result.

Vaguely naught comic CUT for those at work )

I've discovered that ALT, CTRL and SHIFT combinations with the left and right buttons on the mouse make colouring very easy to do. I spent last night copying over some palettes (there ought to be a proper editor for swatches). And in the image above, the showing was done using layer styles, and Tavern Title via Fireworks. It's still a good combo for me (oh, and if you're wondering, the little figurine outside the door is Priapus).

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Yesterday I helped construct a secure "outside room" for the pups and it damn well took up all day. This morning I did another web comic page and it felt really good to do so, as I'd done it entirely in Photoshop (well, apart from the text and balloons which i added via Fireworks, as I always have done). 

You know, the most important things about this was that it wasn't that hard at all to swap over, and I started having fun using Photoshop (which in general has not been the case in the past). If I keep this up, I'll be properly familiar with it by the time I start drawing my graphic novels.

The rest of today, well time for rest.

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After 139 days of NOT doing a new Tales of the Galli page, I finally did one! Not the greatest art possible, but it works as part of the story.

More to come.

laura_seabrook: (Default) can't know you've made the right decision, until you've made it.  Haven't made much progress on the research question, but I will tomorrow, I know it! Anyway, I drew another webcomic page for Tales of the Galli tonight. Also, I think I forgot to mention that I finished Thoughts about Life and Death. Yes, it was a terribly overwritten thing, but I needed to write and draw it to "get back on track" with stuff. Not easy doing that, is it?

The current strip in Stuff Happens - Return to Second Life - is fun to plot and keeps me entertained (and hopefully its readers if there are any) as both a photocomic and a Second Life Comic. Both of these web comics are important. Above all else, they are play for me, and that's very valuable. This is why its reasonable for me to do a web comic page when I'm stuck, but not spend endless hours on Facebook.

Day 2 tomorrow - need to sort that question out.


Mar. 2nd, 2010 10:01 pm
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I just did two web comic pages. They're shit, but I did them. Movement at last.

Something dark and horrible, which descends on me from time to time, might be about to lift.

More tomorrow.

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I've decided to stay home today. I need to pick up some progynova at a chemist, go to a library and go to uni, but I can do that tomorrow. I feel staying home today will be a more productive thing for me to do.

Yesterday I did some gardening in the afternoon. This was mostly pulling climber vines and weeds out near the front door, excavating the drainage ditch at the rear of the house, and scraping away the grass from the edging of the concrete path, so you can actually see it. Been a while since I've done any of this (maybe 3 years). It was hard sweaty work, and I loved it! Clearing out the weeds near the front door seemed sensible since Hallie killed the black snake there. I also did a web comic page. Could have done more but it felt like the gardening needed to come first.  Otherwise, I've been staying off my left heel - something I couldn't do easily if I go out. Plus I'm now taking antibiotics for the UTI. That might be a bit late, but I have noticed an improvement. I've given up the idea of going to uni this week to work on my confirmation. I think I'm not up to it just now.

So I'm staying home and doing web comics. That is making me feel happier and more capable - something I haven't been lately. Tomorrow I see a counsellor at uni, but that's another matter.

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Am feeling more productive with the cooler weather here.
21°C | °F
Current: Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 16 km/h
Humidity: 73%
Partly Cloudy
23°C | 20°C
Partly Cloudy
23°C | 21°C
Partly Cloudy
23°C | 21°C
Partly Cloudy
24°C | 20°C

The winds yesterday knocked the effects of humidity down a lot. Plus the fact that after next door's being mowed the day before, the number of mozzies around here has dropped to a low.

Comics Yesterday I started antibiotics for my UTI, which I may have had at low level for over a month! I also produced three web comic pages, as I did the day before. None of that's helping my research for my confirmation, but it's making me feel a lot better in myself. I need to stay off my left foot for a bit, which is proving difficult to do at best.
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Well I got one Tales of the Galli web comic done this morning. I was going to do a second but the heat just makes me sweat into everything. Also, I might do something different on Stuff Happens for a bit.

37°C | °F
Wind: NE at 14 km/h
Humidity: 29%
35°C | 26°C
36°C | 21°C
Chance of Rain
26°C | 23°C
Partly Sunny
31°C | 23°C


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I'm going out to sort out that banking today. However, It was wet this morning, and I really didn't fancy slogging through that. Also, I was going to do a web comic page yesterday and failed to do so, and I decided to do one before I went out. I did (also a "wet morning", coincidentally).

Weathers cleared up a bit so I will be catching the next bus out. My itinerary will be going to the library, seeing Jenny, and then going to the bank.
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Yay - page two!

My one regret is that I didn't use Manga Studio to produce this. I have a trial copy installed, but tripped at the starting gate due to dense documentation (only in PDF format) and couldn't find out how to change the background colour of a page (or indeed change the colour of tools at all)!. I will be going back to this though. The thing I have to remind myself of is, that the application is designed to produce a file that will print a paper page of comics. That's why I'm interested, as that would be ideal for my graphic novels.
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I've (mostly) shut down Facebook involvement, and after 4 hours, I have a web comic page! Speaks for itself.

TAKE TWO - Try the link now.
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I really think I need to start again on Tales of the Galli. I finished part 3 (a little prematurely) and then went straight into Day of Remembrance comics. Since then I've actually felt exhausted, and have done two (non-comic) pages since then.

Of course I have been able to do plenty of Stuff Happens comics, because the current story is a Second Life comic so mostly it's all posing characters at locations or posing characters in front of plain backdrops so they can be cut and pasted into locations. I was able to do 20 pages in 2 weeks (though I've posted them a bit more spread out).

But I really have felt exhausted when it comes to drawing. Might be the weather (my fingers feel "puffy"), and few other things. Normally what happens when I reach this point is that I seem to "burst out" with drawing and do a batch of pages, and then every thing's fine for a while.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. I think I need to draw a whole  bunch of Christians being executed (which normally would appeal to me, but right now I feel tired..



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