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These were done for a thread over at Comic Fury.



"Artemis fixing on a Bleeding Heart"

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Check out these pages:

Cool Stuff - I'm always amazed with what people can do with just 16 colours and the ANSI character set!

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Not a lynch mob - just my artwork "Our Differences make us the same" on display.
"Our Differences make us the same"
The artwork on display.

Sitting Comfortably
Artist with artwork

Taken aback
This woman had been waiting for hours for her grandchild to be delivered, and looked taken aback by the walking tour that inspected the artwork. She didn't realise she was sitting under any!
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It seems that Jean Giraud (a.k.a Moebius) died on the 10th after a long illness. And who was Meobius you ask? He drew this, among other things:


For most of the 80s I read Heavy Metal magazine and it featured his work - initially The air tight garage of Jerry Cornelius. Cool stuff.

He will be missed.

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As mentioned at

Exhibition and Book Launch
Exhibition dates 19 October - 5 November 2011
Book launch Wednesday 19 October 5pm

Bringing together stories from Australia and around the world, 100 Women celebrates the achievements and challenges of one hundred remarkable women. Women profiled include the late artist Margaret Olley, actress Susie Porter and country singer Catherine Britt, as well as women who inspire through their daily achievements.

In their stories, women reflect on the changes they have seen in their own lifetimes, and tell of their hopes for the future. From eminent scientists and award-winning poets to single mothers and refugees from war-torn regions, the women in this collection inspire by sharing their personal stories.

With stunning black-and-white photography accompnaying each story, 100 Women provides a compelling insight into the lives of contemporary women.

Please join us at the book launch where speakers will include two of the 100 Women, Renny Chivunga and Patricia Forsythe. There will be entertainment by women from the Chamber Choir and copies of the book can be purchased for $29.50.

I'm in this, and will be attending the launch.
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The general crowd at the opening. My entry, "Cutting Edge" can just be seen through the door at the top left.

My entry in the "Locker Room".

Your's truly next to my entry.

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The final version of "Cutting Edge" which was printed and delivered to the exhibition. This differed from the previous version with some minor touch-ups, and replacing the fonts used (with ones that were available at the printer).


11-08-20-Cutting-Edge-(printed version)
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You need to follow the link to Flicker to see it in "full size":



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The almost finished image for "Cutting Edge". Underlying artwork and colouring has been done. I still need to add speech balloons and quotes.

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Finished the other panel, as shown below:

and this is how it should look joined together.:

Both need to be scanned in, cropped and coloured. There are a few other things that need to be added (in particular a couple of images on the easel), but I'll save that for a picture of the final result.
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The first part of my artwork "Cutting Edge". Based on a photo collage (incidentally none of the objects or figures actually appear together in the sources). This is still to be scanned and coloured on computer. The next part will appear at the right.

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* ART + offending, and/or
* ART + thinking, and/or
* ART + censorship

If you have a quote, pls comment, but tell me who it's attributed to
(so I can check that out)

This if for an artwork I'm doing, for the CLASSIFY ME exhibition:​ent.php?eid=14672752207010​5

Location: Watt Space
Time: Wednesday, 13 July 2011 12:00

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I handed in my application and $10 for an entry in CLASSIFY ME - an exhibition to take place at the Watt Space gallery in Newcastle CBD. The exhibition is a protest. To quote the info page:

Earlier this year Tasmanian Senator Guy Barnett launched a senate inquiry into the classification of the visuals arts. If Senator Barnett’s recommendations to the inquiry are accepted artists may be forced to have all their work classified before public display; all art works and art books containing nudity would be classified; all artworks would be restricted to certain age groups and the ‘artistic merit’ of an artwork would no longer be seen as justification for the work’s content.

Of course, now I have to make it! But here's the thing, I had a VISION of what it should look like, and when I get one of those not creating and entering the work would be pissing such an opportunity away. Keep you posted.

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It was one of those run-around days today. I...

  1. Went to Toronto and had my teeth checked (I have a referral for fillings next Tuesday);
  2. Caught the train from Fassifern to Newcastle;
  3. Found out that my artist's book is touring with the Happily Ever After exhibition!;
  4. Went to the Art Gallery and the Library;
  5. caught a bus to Charlestown, just missing the bus back home;
  6. Did a small amount of food shopping, and
  7. went home.

Really really glad I got to the Newcastle Regional Art Gallery. It's been a while since I took time out to just do that. This might just count as an "Artist's Date" as well. Really liked the CITIZEN COLLECTORS exhibition there, and especially GODSPEED VERTICALS, a 50 minute looping video showing two people break-dancing in what looked liked Bondi Junction Underground stations. The ambient music of this pervaded the entire gallery and was mesmerising.


Videography: Gotaro Uematsu
Editing: Julie-Ann de Ruvo
Support: Angelica Mesiti, David Griggs, Nigel Begg, Scott Gladwell.
Stills Photography: Joshua Raymond
Production: Mark Lorenzetto
Location support: Artsapce.

Performers for Escalator Sequence: Melanie Hitchcoock and Morganics


And though I was pretty tired by the time I got home, today it didn't matter.


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Select for larger version

Whoo hoo!  That's my artist's book we're holding. I made a funny comment saying that whenever my family took photos of me that they'd ALWAYS include my feet and chop a bit of my head. I guess professional photographers aren't much different.More pics in the Flickr set.

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Delivered this to the exhibition yesterday. Here's what it looks like:

You've find samples of the whole work at my Set in Flickr. While I was at John Paynter Gallery, I was photographed for The Newcastle Herald with one of the curators, reading it! I'm off to the official opening later today.

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Photos later. I'll just say that the list of materials includes: Cardboard; paper; stickers; twine; thread; key ring; card; iron on patches; adhesive frames; digital prints; pencil and pen; and blood.


Oct. 25th, 2010 12:24 pm
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Title: Gallery Opening

Elsie went to the opening of the GimpGirl gallery just now. Well she would, as she had artworks in it as did Mallory Cerise & Nihlaeth Melody. The affair was attended by a good crowd.

Later, Elsie talked about her work, and even had some champagne (what art exhibition opening would be complete without some?).


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