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I've just finished and uploaded the last three pages in the Tales of the Galli story LITTLE BEE (to be published later this week). There's an epilogue to go, but that's mostly a "what happened after", the story, after almost 600 pages and almost 7 years (I started it over at ComicGenesis), is done. I've started a mirror over at Comic Fury, but TALES was always my main ComicDish Strip.

Funny, thing, but every time I thought there'd be "x" number of pages left, it always turned out to be "x+1" pages, and this is no exception.
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This was the anniversary of the founding of the Temple. People were entitled to chariot races in the Circus Maximus, where a statue of Cybele stood beside the central obelisk. It was on this day that the Galli were allowed to collect money.

This image has a background based on an old map of Rome and a relief showing Cybele in a chariot meeting Attis on the road. The highlighted spot to the upper left of the lions shows the location of the Magna Mater aedes - the Temple of Cybele, or Metro'on. To the upper left of Cybele we see a version of a relief showing a procession to that temple. The main figure and lions are based on a famous statue of the Great mother in Madrid.

This image was drawn using Paint Tool SAi with some help from Photoshop.

5 pages

Apr. 1st, 2013 01:00 am
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Five more pages of TALES done. This really is the last time we'll see the compound, but I've finished the scene (including festival pages). Two more scenes and (apart from an epilogue) that's it (for this story)!

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It may not look like much (and the background is one already used in the webcomic) but I spent 5 hours making this webcomic page. The difference was getting the composition and poses correct, and drawing and colouring each figure individually (rather than as a whole).

Itr was also almost all done in Paint Tool SAI. I must say I enjoyed using this more than Photoshop.

Four More

Jan. 28th, 2013 06:26 pm
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Got four more pages of TALES done. And this time because everything is so damp (been raining for 3 days) I decided to draw it entirely on computer. I think this was a good choice. I rather like the following page, due to be published in six days time

Under a cut in case you were following the strip and don't want spoilers.  )
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On Thursday, I actually made some progress in researching stuff for a script I need to write for one of my graphic novels. Friday (yesterday) that was different. The temperature outside was 47℃, and inside it varied from 42 to 37 degrees. The worst of it was that there was NO BREEZE outside so it wasn't cooler than it might be. Everything was hot to the touch - everything.Very little reesearch done yesterday. I got maybe a page information before my focus got lost. Using Facebook and Live Journal is easy, even in overwhelming heat. Researching topics (in this case Identity, core identity, and gender identity) is much harder, if you want to "get it right".

I spent the day progressively moving down the house, starting in the Studio, then the lounge, and finally the RecRoom (from North to South). The temperatures were marginally cooler as I progressed, but not enough to do what I wanted.

Much later in the day, just after I'd fed the pets, I had a cold bath. I needed it, and the bathroom was probably the coolest room in the house. Even so the dogs were panting with their mouths wide open. Then there was a massive thunderstorm and rain. At the time this didn't make a great deal of difference. In fact it was worse when I tried to go to sleep because everything was so muggy. This morning though it's cooler. I think the expected temperature is only in the 30s. That makes a difference. Even so I think today I'll draw some more TALES pages and that will be it.


Oct. 19th, 2012 05:18 pm
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Glad I stayed home today.

Spent most of the afternoon drawing comic pages in front of the TV. Something easily within my grasp, even when a bit ill. Have drawn 4 pages which I'll format tonight.

But I feel better and more relaxed. This might change when I go outside but unlike yesterday, it's not windy.


Oct. 8th, 2012 09:53 am
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Was not well over the weekend and got no comic pages done, so I did a filler for TALES this morning before starting on the Masters again.


Aug. 5th, 2012 04:24 pm
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This shows the initial drawing for a webcomic page of Tales of the Galli (shown at 50% size, the original is 1417x1000px). Up until now I've always drawn the originals on paper, inked that and scanned it into computer. Sometimes I've converted that to Illustrator and coloured it in that, but I prefer to do that in Photoshop.Anyway, this shows the result of using Paint Tool SAI to draw the originals instead. I created a range of layers and drew using the pen the layouts and roughs for the figures. Those layers were set to 50% opacity, and when I was satisfied with the roughs I created a top layer at 100% and drew the finished line work on that. Since I now have a Wacom Bamboo, I've been finding this very easy to do in SAI - more so than Photoshop. Very easy to draw quickly and fluidly in SAI and it's easy to correct mistakes and redraw. Once that's done I can export that as a Photoshop file, so no scanning needed. :)

No doubt everyone else figured this out ages ago, but for me it's a breakthru. have been scared to use graphics tablets up until now and the results were mixed. This however is encouraging.


Aug. 4th, 2012 11:12 am
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Mucking around with Paint Tool SAI and my WACOM Bamboo. If I can finally get into using it more, it should cut down on the time it takes for me to draw comics.

Just a funny face.

Test Face by LauraEss, on Flickr

Two characters from one of my webcomics

Beth and Niobe by LauraEss, on Flickr

Happier with this one.
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Did another four pages of Tales of the Galli today. Enjoyed it too (not that I don't normally). I think I'm improving in the finish of the comic. Took some tips and started using the lassooo tool with a gradient instead of painting the colours on this time. Seemed simply and faster with a the pen instead of the mouse. Also using the pen in combination with key shortcuts is cool!

At the moment I'm 12 days ahead. What a difference after Tuesday.


Jul. 4th, 2012 08:41 pm
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The last page I did for Tales of the Galli was on 1st June, and I finally did another page (3 more coming this week)!

Has been a difficult month.

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Now that the Confirmation Round 1 (I have a follow-up in October) is over I'm going to restart work on TALES OF THE GALLI and RETURN TO SECOND LIFE. Need to "keep my hand in" while I write scripts for Gender Transition for Innocents (about the only thing I can do).  In fact, both have about one more chapter/part (and epilogues) to go!
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Today I intend to sew up a few loose ends, have a date in Second Life, and get stuck into doing stuff for the Confirmation. This time next week I'll re-start work on Tales of the Galli. It's become obvious to me that I'm actually more productive with the masters stuff, when I do something creative unrelated to it on the weekends. Rather than hinder me, creating my webcomics on Saturday actually helps!

Not sure why this would be, but it's like the difference between me sitting by myself drawing, to my drawing stuff in front of the TV with something I've already seen on in the background (e.g. Daria, Next Generation). I'm happier and more productive doing the latter.

Besides, I have one chapter left in the current story (plus epilogue) and I want to see it through.


Apr. 8th, 2012 03:52 pm
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Did two more pages for Tales, but the host is temporarily unavailable so I can't upload them yet.
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after an awful lot of work to get the PC going again, I just didn't have the energy to draw anything.

won't consider this a defeat, rather progress (there's always tomorrow).


Nov. 13th, 2011 12:51 am
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did five webcomic pages including one for TDOR. Also, earlier in the week I restarted "Return to Second Life" as well with part 9. Long way to go though.

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I uploaded (with 30 seconds to spare) 7 webcomic pages yesterday - 3 info pages and four story ones. Surprised it's gone so well, especially after nursing next door's dog last night when it came rushing in during a thunderstorm! Took my time today, and it worked.
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This time around, it seems that history was "invented" in the Middle Ages:

Marvel at the creepy narration (obviously computer generated) which (among much else) claims that the "real Jerusalem was really Constantinople (a.k.a. "New Troy")! High Weirdness, certainly.

All because I was trying to find this quote for TALES:

“You are the bishops in spiritual matters, in the sacra interna of the Church. I’m the emperor, rendered by God as the person in charge of secular matters.” by Constantine the Great.

My art has unexpected dividends in entertainment.

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After a rediculous debarkle last night I'm cutting back on my time in Second Life. For me, the thing that's kept me going back was the PLAY element in it all, of creating stuff like clothes, buildings and things, and of making a web comic using it (which I do thouoroughly enjoy doing). However, of late it's becomejust as confusing and stressful as real life (yes, probably another reason I frequent the virtual) and frankly, I need to walk =away from it.

Also, I need to spend more time focussed on my Masters. It's still pretty much stalled at the moment. I do need to a web comic at the same time - something that isn't the Masters - but doing three is a bit much. That means I will finish the current chapter of Return to Second Life and not update Stuff Happens (of which it's a part) much until the Xmas Break (we'll see then). Likewise, I will finish the current sequence in Trope World and put up a notice that it's on hiatus until further notice (though I've also been toying with the idea of moving it as part of Stuff Happens). Tales of teh galli will be kept going, because I already know most of the rest of the story, and want to see it finished. 

Yes, the Masters has to come first.


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