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I think, as tends to happen either side of TDOR, but more so now because of my work on the research paper (first draft sent off this morning) , I get very sensitive about Trans issues. Normally I don't post a lot about those on social media  like Live Journal or Facebook, but around TDOR it's hard not to. Hence I got upset over…/ the other day because it just highlights something I no longer have in my life. This video too has some very valid points, though I know it will annoy at least one friend. But for me it's looking into the past. But, it's also very relevant, since REAL LIFE TRIPS is about "telling my story", about "becoming known".

But, does that make me "real"?

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Yesterday HACK interviewed Laura Jane Grace from Against Me! about her gender transition. I didn't get around listening to the hack podcast until today, and also listened to the extended interview podcast as well. The Facebook entry for this was all full of mixed reactions and degenerated into an "US vs THE TROLL" scenario. But I found the interview to be quite good, and Laura seems to have a sensible approach to gender transition.
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My counsellor suggested I watch this. I think it typifies to me just what's wrong with "Transgender". Despite inherently representing a diverse group of people, what we tend to get in the media is A SINGLE STORY. I think too it's been bothering me for a long time when people think that's the only story in me.
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Though there is a part of me that thinks an award for being public is pretty self-serving, since it creates more publicity. If Lana hadn't been a film maker before the transition, would we have heard anything about her? Perhaps there's a bit of envy here. Assuming my graphic novels get finished and published, then I may not be that un-public much myself.
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abc29:30pm Friday, October 12 2012
My Transsexual Summer

My Transexual Summer, Episode 01

Series Synopsis

One summer, one house, many gender identities. Seven people share their transgender experiences on the path to becoming the men and women they've always wanted to be.

Episode Synopsis

Episode 01
Seven people live under one roof to share the experience of changing their gender identities to become the men and women they have always wanted to be.

Max, 25, hopes to become Britain's first transgender rabbi.

Former policeman Karen, 52, is preparing for full gender-affirmation surgery.

Drew, 22, is stuck living at home, desperate to escape the world where people constantly ask, 'Is that a boy or a girl?'

Lewis, 22, is raising money for a double mastectomy and is investigating a phalloplasty (penis construction) - surgeries that he feels will make him fully male.

Fox, 30, has been transitioning for six months and he struggles to overcome his feminine looks.

Donna, 25, is content living between genders but finds it difficult to navigate relationships.

And Sarah, 28, has recently begun to live full-time as a woman and is building up the courage to tell her parents.

Although some housemates derive enormous strength from family and friends, others are cut off and many struggle to find work. The members of this group develop friendships and support each other to overcome some of the challenges of being transgender.

Can't be worse than big-brother, or Something about Miriam.

Venus Envy

Jul. 16th, 2012 12:27 pm
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Posted before about Venus Envy, but I thought it was worth repeating. I always liked what the creator did with the webcomic, which focussed on a teenaged trans girl in transition, coping with school and lots of other stuff. But in 2008 it just sort of... ...stopped. Well it was eventually continued, at least the last story was. Here's the links:
Maybe one day it will get continued. Mind you, it is the nature of webcomics that most don't.

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I'm semi-retiring Elsie (again) and most of my other alts in SL. Apart from attending support groups and posing for webcomics/graphic novels they won't be in-world much at all. I'm not abandoning Second Life (tried that before, doesn't work) but every thing's in a state of flux right now and I need to sort that out. Also, SL is a lot emptier with certain friends who used to be there not being lately. If I'm not exploring or making a webcomic or building something, I'm getting bored in there.

When I injured my leg earlier this week I went online in the hopes of finding a little support, but it wasn't there. If I'm thinking in such terms, it's time to get off for a bit, otherwise I'll end up like I did with Facebook. I'm actually enjoying that now in a much reduced role. Maybe this'll be the same.

As I write this I wonder if this is the case with a lot of things in my life. I mean, I used to support the notion of both a trans and queer community, but I'm thinking that that is more an illusion than reality. Beginning to think that the "Queer/LGBT* community" is really the LG community extended, with hangers-on from other interest groups who mix because it's the most viable game in town. Another reason I'm not going to the annual queer student conference this year (other reasons being health, and the fact I said I wouldn't go if I couldn't get there under my own financing).

But this is not a matter of burning any bridges, it's more about being realistic about what I get back socially and emotionally, compared to any hopes I have. In that respect I suspect a law of diminished returns is starting to apply. When it comes to such things. Most events assume that you have your own transport, have no disabilities, money, and a sex drive. Guess what I don't have.


Apr. 16th, 2012 08:28 am
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Not a bad discussion, though I feel too ill to care.
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Just did something I don't do too often - read through the entire archive of a webcomic in one sitting. The webcomic was Trans Girl Diaries. Seems like it's only just ended, too. It's here that I found the Venus Envy conclusion. The same creator also does Kitty and Chicken

And while we're on the topic of trans comics (which I heartily approve of), you might also want to check out Rain.

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In the aim of strengthening their cause, gay rights activism often
compromises the identity and struggle of transgender people by
lumping the two communities' issues together,
writes Audrey Mbugua.

See the Whole article at

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The previous person running this event and archive has retired, and I've taken this on. I've finished formatting and coding this site.

All the existing contributions have been added, and I have written a number of information pages explaining what it's all about and how to contribute. Are you an artist and want to contribute to this year's event (on and around 20th November)?

For this years theme, see this page.


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