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Watched this for lunch. I liked it, and I was WRONG (for which I'm grateful). I predict two things: after watching this episode many people will be UPSET, and local TV stations will have inappropriate voice-overs during the credits.

Speaking of which, make sure you WATCH ALL THE CREDITS.

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I saw the DARK WATERS episode od Dr Who for lunch today (taped the broadcast after RAGE last night). I must say that I enjoyed it thoroughly, but that I think certain things might be apparent only in next weeks concluding episode.

I just love the hysteria over this in certain quarters - the like of which I haven't seen since the impending release of MATRIX: REVOLUTIONS. Stay tuned!

Apart from lunch, it's been productive today, partly because of the cool weather. Much better than the horrible humid mess of the last two days!

Tomorrow is housework/shopping/pickup Mystry day.


Aug. 6th, 2014 06:52 pm
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...because I'll be able to see, I've booked and paid for a seat at a session of the new DR WHO episode "Deep Breath" at the Glendale Cinema on the 24th. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the 50th "Time of the Doctor" there last year, and look forward to this as well.
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I made this Dr Who fan video yesterday. Hope you like it.


Dec. 26th, 2013 09:02 pm
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Just saw the Time of the Doctor.


It was enjoyable, tied up some loose ends, and was an OK bookend to the 11th. Shall be interested in seeing where they take the next season. There's no way I'm going to tell you anything about the plot - SPOILERS!

However, am annoyed at the ABC for compressing the credits to the bottom half of the screen with an image and voice-over advert for NEW YEARS. - booooo (iView will have no such annoyance)!

Saw it

Nov. 24th, 2013 04:03 pm
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Back from DOCTOR WHO in 3D -

glad I waited
glad I avoided spoilers
glad i saw it in a cinema full with FANS

Been watching Dr Who for 50 years, and this was a good anniversary special. There are a couple of short segments that you won't see if you only watch it on the TV. Won't say what they were, but they were VERY EFFECTIVE in the session I attended.
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Came off the media blackout this morning after watch DR WHO. Really glad I did decide not to watch TV or listen to Radio until both Dr Who and Eurovision were over. Heard on TripleJ this morning (while walking the dogs) that they'd announced the Eurovision winner yesterday on the news updates, much to the annoyance of some! Ah, well, things back to normal, but it's going to a LONG wait until the Dr Who Xmas Special, which I'm sure is also the 50th Anniversary special as well. "To be continued..." indeed!
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Doctor Who

Sunday 7.30pm

Get ready for the Doctor to kick off his adventures in the 50th anniversary year of the series with his new companion Clara – an impossible girl he’s already lost twice. Together they find themselves battling monsters on distant alien planets, trapped in a Russian submarine with a deadly passenger and so much more. The epic new series is coming, so get your TARDIS ready.
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Without giving away any spoilers - I was a bit disturbed by the DR WHO episode aired last night on the ABC. Over the end credits came a voice that said "That is the final episode of Dr Who. If you'd like to see more you can pre-order at...".

Um - FINAL Episode?!

Considering the content, it could plausibly be so. I suspect though what he meant was "...for now". At least I hope so!
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I know it's proper because it was shown on local TV last night:

I prefer to wait until it airs locally. Downloading pirate or other versions of the episodes just seems like cheating myself of some fun, though trailers that are being shown by the ABC mean that it's imminent! Of course here the ABC have been repeating DR WHO seasons (new series) 1-6 one episode a weekday (and this is the 2nd repeat). Yesterday was "A Christmas Carol" so by my reckoning there's 14 more episodes to go before they might show the new season (13 for season 6 + the Xmas special)

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...what the TARDIS looks like "unpacked"




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As from The Guardian:

The actor Caroline John, who has died aged 71, was best known for defending Earth from alien invasion alongside Jon Pertwee's Doctor in the first colour series of Doctor Who, broadcast in 1970. As Dr Elizabeth Shaw, she provided brains, cool-headed intelligence and maturity where once the Doctor's female companions had screamed and asked questions.
(more on link)

Not that widely remembered as as Liz Sladen or Katy Manning as a Doctor's companion, but I always liked her character.

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Love this:

I figured out that this was probably made just before I saw the Proclaimers when they were Touring Australia with the B-52s and the Mentals.

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The following was in my daily email from TVFix (a local TV website where you can track favourite shows et cetera):

Well yes, that is the episode to be shown tonight. Only aren't those cast members from CSI, or judges from X-Factor? Maybe there's been some drastic casting changes since the mid season break!


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