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Was not happy when I woke up today. In fact, I was extremely angry, which continued for most of the morning. Initially this was over what I'm betting will be a rip-off deal with Kevin. The agreement was that they would get the red curtains that I bought to hid a partition provided that a) they did some washing up in the dish washer and b) Kevin fixed the bathroom door. The upset was that they took the curtains only after the first. Kevin has yet to do the second. What's the problem with the door? This:

They put Bella the pup in the bathroom for some reason and the above is the dame she did trying to get out. Kevin has agreed to replace the backing and repair the door. But - once they've moved out, how likely is that? Hence I was upset that they'd already taken the curtains. But wait - things developed! I tried going on the net to check film sessions, but no net connection. How come? This is why:

The above is the end of the new LAN cable I added a couple of days ago.  That, and both the ingoing ADSL phone cable (and a regular phone cable going to the back rooms) were severed! At first I thought Kevin had cut them - the phone cables looked neat enough, but looking at the above you can see that it's been chewed, most likely by a rat. Pretty strange that it happened today. I was going out anyway because the stress was getting to me, but now in addition to seeing a film I had another reason - getting a replacement phone cable.

There were other complications as well. A couple of days ago I'd swapped a LAN cable cutter for Kevin's cables which we'd been using until now. The cutter cuts the ends of LAN cables clean, and helps put a plug on. This means that unless I get such a tool (again) and do that, the above cable ($20 for  20m) is useless. Cheaper just to be a new cable. Anyway, I got away to Glendale Supercentre.

I was going to run myself ragged looking for those but decided to see a film first. I caught YOGI BEAR (in 2D) and loved it. Yogi and Booboo  (voiced by Dan Ackroyd and Justin Timberlake) were favourite sof mine as a kid, and they've captured the flavour of the cartoons quite well for a live/3D action film. Had a bit of lunch (probably ate the wrong thing (a works burger from KFC), because I later had the runs, and then shopped around. It transpired that Bunnings had the cheapest stuff - $10.50 for a 10m phone cable, and (had I bought it) $17 for a 15m LAN cable. I also bought some PVC pipe for $3.  Came out of Bunnings and my bus home arrived in under 5 minutes. I had though of visiting a friend, but to me that was a sign saying GO HOME.

I did. They'd loaded up almost everything with the help from Michelle's family when I got there, including my trolley, which was taken off and left behind after I mentioned that. I had thought the dogs would be with me until tomorrow but they took them as well. Just as well, considering that I'd pounded on them a few times in the last week. There is still a lot of stuff to clean up and crap to remove, which will be a long process. My immediate problem was reconnecting to the net. I removed the damaged cables and enlarged the holl in the wall where they'd been chewed until I could fit the PVC pipe through. Sawed off a short bit of that and inserted it through the wall (the idea is that rats will have to get through that before getting to the cables). After a lot of fiddling I got everything connected again. What a bother!

Went to the chip shop  while walking Bobby, and got a real works burger for dinner. Watched a bit of TV and read a bit on the sofa in the backyard, had a bath, and here I am writing this. Been a long long day, but the bulk of this is over.

I do not, as yet, have a forwarding address. Kevin has not fixed the bathroom door yet (no $$$ for materials) and over the last week Kevin and Michelle took their toilet paper to the new house, and used 15 out of the 18 toilet rolls I'd bought! Sounds trivial, but indicative of the esteem in which they hold me.

BUT THEY"RE GONE. Just me, Bobby the Dog, Ebony, Xena and Gabby (all cats) now. Who knows, Xena might even come into my back yard again.

Dog Phoos

Jan. 15th, 2011 09:12 am
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I thought that I'd take photos of the all the dogs before most of them move out with Kevin and Michelle. Stripe and Bella have caused me a bit of grief and stress over the last 9 months, but it's hard not to have any affection for them. All dogs can be cute when they're inactive. Even so, I will be relieved when they go, even though I will miss Hallie. 

Hallie is Kevin's dog. He originally got her from people on the other side of barnsley who were moving out, back in 2007. She was a good companion for Pegasus, my old dog, and is mother to Stripe and Bella. There were six other pups as wel in that litter. She was de-sexed only last December.

This is Hallie's "Anchor" . Hallie was quite capable of jumping any fence without it, but with it attached to her collar she was prevented from doing so. It consists of two dog leads knotted together - one end is attached to a pot plant base, and the other to a spring clip. The clip would attach it to the collar, and the base would act as an obstruction. The original version had a steering wheel cover over the rim of the base to prevent damage to furniture and feet. Other versions had a swivel joint at the base, so that the leads wouldn't twist around.

Bella is Hallies daughter. She tends to be the quieter of the two offspring , and the smaller of the two. She was de-sexed last December.

Stripe takes after his father George, who is a big Boxer. Stripe gets into mischeif a bit, and at the time this photo was taken is still not de-sexed.

Hallie and Stripe mugging it up for the camera. In the background you can see Bobby trying to decide if he should join in.

Bobbie was originally Jenny's dog, and I took him on when she went into a nursing home in early 2008. Accounts vary but Bobby is somewhere between 14 to 17 years old. He's a feisty little fellah.

In general I've walked Bobby and Hallie most mornings, and he may very well miss Hallie when she goes later this week.

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I got to sleep eventually.

This morning I walked Bobby, came around the back, fed my cats and then passed the dogs on the way back to my end. Strip and Hallie are tied up. Bella might be as well but I can't see the lead. In any case they were excited to see me. Only they are not my dogs, and there was no way I was going to let them off. Not when they are right next to K&M's bedroom.

I just fed Bobby and had breakfast, and the dogs were whining, but there's no way I can let them off.  They have food and water, and shade, so they should be OK. Besides, in the new place, I won't be there to rescue them, so whatever K&M (or their pups) need to learn here, they need to do it themselves.

All fun and games in Charlton St!
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I abandoned my morning pages yesterday after two pages, because the pups escaped and had to be rounded up.

NOT HAPPY this morning - have been so frustrated with escaping pups FIRST THING in the morning, and having to spend 20 minutes repairing a fence line BEFORE doing anything else (including my morning pages, which then became full of "F*CK YOU!" scribblings).

Not good - K&M have been away for over a week while a) their pups were recovering from PARVO and b) their mother Hallie was ON HEAT. I've been left holding the bag without a choice in the matter.

F*CK THIS FOR A JOKE - I couldn't even get to my affirmations! Evil or Very Mad
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They're about 7 weeks old now:

General melee

Some affection please

Hey, I want some of that!

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Now that was something to see. All five remaining pups out for a play, bailing up their mum Hallie on top of a SULO bin! I just wish I'd had my camera on hand.
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Went out and did a bit of shopping and when I came back put some washing out on the line and let the pups out to play (as instructed). Got them back into the pen and then noticed that Hallie was missing. I spent almost an hour looking for her and was about to give up and phone K when in she comes through the front door looking very sheepish.


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Shot earlier today:

Long Sleep

Apr. 10th, 2010 10:07 am
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Felt exhausted by 7:30pm last night. Slept (with one toilet trip) until about 5:40am this morning. I then discovered that Hallie was lying next to me on the bed, and that she'd a) managed to push through the cardboard repairs made on the connecting door to the kitchen (one of its glass panes was broken), and b) a big poo in my study!

Despite this, this morning's been relatively good. K & M are still not back from their camping trip with her parents (I was expecting them back last Monday) but I'm sure they'll be back before uni restarts. I will have some video footage of the pups later today (forgot I had video on my camera) .

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There are eight puppies, and the father seems to be George from up the road, a big goofy boxer. So relieves it isn't the grey cattle dog from across the road.

10-03-25 Hallie with Pups 2

They're mine!

10-03-25 Hallie with Pups 3

After mum had a walk and a pee.

Puppy Pic

Mar. 25th, 2010 08:56 am
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This is the best I can do at the moment. She's sheltering the new borns in the whelping box:


10-03-25 Hallie with Pups
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Golly!Just woke up and went to the toilet. Right next to this (in the whelping box) is Hallie with  5-6 pups!

Photos soon.

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Hallie's water broke! She's in the whelping box cleaning herself!


Mar. 24th, 2010 08:04 am
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Let Hallie out to do a wee this morning, and it looked like she was looking for somewhere to nest. Can't be long now.
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Still hasn't given birth. Can't be long now.
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Kevin finally got this built.

10-03-8 Whelping Box
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K & M got some boxes yesterday to make a whelping box from. I'm cleaning out the area (between the laundry and the toilet, underneath a window) for them to set thing up. I think Hallie will drop in less than a week.
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this should normally "cheer me up" but in this instance it's moving the linen closet out so a whelping box can replace it.
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Hallie is pregnant - we're about 90% sure of that. Her teats have enlarged and her vulva has stayed the same size as when she was on heat. Also, she lost weight and has now dramatically put on weight. It probably happened sometime just after the new year, though I can't see when (she was indoor most times, though she got out at lest twice).

Neither Kevin or I really know what to do for and with a 8-9 week pregnant American Staffie. Suggestions anyone?


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