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Sep. 6th, 2014 08:28 am
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I got a surprise phone call from my brother Mark last night. The last time he phoned it was to tell me that mum had a heart attack. Anyway this time it was to say that mum had gone in for her hip replacement surgery, and that it was done and she was recovering OK.

Then I spoke to mum, who sounded a thousand times happier than when we last spoke. She been in terrible pain then, but now she sounded so much better.

I thought she was going into hospital next week. When last we talked there'd been some stuff up with the waiting list for the surgery, and my brother was going to see what he could do about it. She went private and got it done.

So relieved it's done.
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Yesterday was another unexpected outing with lots of running around for mixed result.

It started with me breaking my spectactles. Usually I put them in the same spot on the headboard when I go to sleep and I thought I had, but I couldn't find them when I woke up, until somehow broke them in half when I put my hand down on the bed to lift me up! A bit of a mad panic then  because I had one lens, but the other had fallen down a crack between the headboard and the bed base. I was able to retrieve it using a "claw"gadget I'd bought the other month at ALDI for $5 (it's a stick with a claw at the end that you can squeeze to grab things just out of reach).  But, as it was broken in the bridge, it was impossible to fix properly - any sort of tape was too large and didn't hold it for long.

I found my previous specs (always keep your old spectacles for just such occasions) but the presciption is 4-5 years old. I can see about 90-80% of "sharp" through them (depending on how strong the light is) but it's never exactly in focus - good for mid-range stuff but reading a computer screen is tiring and long distance stuff is blurry. So, I decded to go to OPSM at Glendale, where I bought the broken set via "Vision Care" rebate system where you bring in a statement of income and if you're "poor enough" they give you a refund on one or two pairs of spectacles. I walked the dogs, but only down flat bush paths. Wasn't keen to walk them on the streets if I can't see clearly where the traffic is - had breakfast and went out.

When I got to OPSM I discovered they didn't do the rebate system any more and gave me the name of somewhere in Charlestown Square that did. They also said that they couldn't fix the frame and couldn't give me a replacement frame either because they didn't stock that style any more. Hmmm - so now instead of only going to Glendale I'd have to go to Charlestown. Just near OPSM is EB Games so I popped in to browse the games they have on sale - I bought a couple of simulator ones (involving vehicles) for $4 each and got to chatting with the salesperson there. Last week when I bought a Beemo Mug from EB's at Maitland they'd been really pushy about my getting a loyalty card. Didn't want to get one then but I got one yesterday. Anyway I was saying about how I'd decided to get an old style Wii if I could find one second-hand (not a Wii U for $500+) and guess what, they had one for under $50. I bought that and the Fitness game thing which was under $30!

Why buy either? Because I'd tried using a Wii ages ago and enjoyed it, and the idea is that if I can exercise with the Wii, then it's still exercise and I'll be more likely to do it this way. So, I bought both "on spec" but that also meant I had to carry them around with me. I got a large bag at Bunnings for a $and they both fitted perfectly in that (much easier to carry). Then I caught the next bus to Cardiff and waited for a connecting to Charlestown. While I waited I saw a guy driving a servic van abused someone parking in front of them and took a photo of it.  The things you notice when things are not quite as expected!

Got to Charlestown, had a a light lunch and then found the shop. It transpire that they no longer did "Vision Care" and in fact the rebate scheme was run by a different group called Vision Australia and if I phoned a 1300 number I could find out where the local Optometrists were that offered the scheme. Tried that and was put thru to ...someone's voice mail asking for name and number,  A fat lot of good that was calling from a public phone!Gave up on that for the moment and decided to look them up on the net when I got home. I didn't want the trip to be total loss so I went to a printing shop where I'd bought my Canon printer to get a black cartridge. But when I got there I couldn't remember the model number and they no longerhad my purchase on record and couldn't tell.

OK, that was out, so I took the bus to Westfields at Kotara to a computer shop and bought a 4 GB stick of memory for my Media PC. I was going to by an 8 GB stick but DDR3 memory seems so expensive nowadays I went food shopping for stuff I had been able to buy on Sunday and went home. Sounds simpler than it was - had to catch a 334 to Glendale (via a very bumpy ride), it was full of noisy school children  going home. The previous date I'd gone to a luncheon at Morrisette and (expecting to be home all day today) had eaten some Cheese Cake. However  I knew (being lactose intolerant) there'd be consequences and they kicked in on the way home. :(  I was dead tired when I got back lugging the Wii and Fitness Pack and shopping with me.

Fed the pets, and went to bed with soup for dinner. Watched some QI and Adventure Time on the TV and then slept until 9pm, and then went back to sleep until now (after midnight). I can watch stuff on the TV that's simple animation or mostly "talkie" (like QI) but it hurts my eyes. Same with the computer screen . Before I had dinner I finally got through and it seems a shop in  Cardiff does the rebate system now and I have a Friday appointment for everything. Not sure what I can properly do at home before then though. We'll see.

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When I stuff up I really stuff up. I fasted this morning, drank a litre of water between 10 and 11am, and got to the Imaging Centre on time, only to discover that THE APPOINTMENTS WERE TOMORROW. How could I have got that wrong? However it was just as well I did turn up early. My GP had only faxed  one referral instead of two, so they phoned him and got him fax the second one.

But still, how could I have got this so wrong? I even had the things listed on the correct day on Google Calendar! I was not well this morning with a sinus headache, but still. Anyway, I decided to have a wander around down-town Maitland, bought a couople of Driving Simulators on Special at a games shop, had lunch, and(by a devious route of Kotara) went home.

I guess today was rehearsal for tomorrow. I know I can get there on time, and drink that litre of water now. Might have an early night tonight.
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I don't seem to have that pain in the chest that I had yesterday. I tried sleeping in a different position last night and this morning woke up without it.

I have had such pains before (both times it felt like someone was ramming a large cion into my skin), and been carted off to hospital twice in an Ambulance because it might have been a heart attack. But on both occasions I had tests and it wasn't.

After a trip to my G.P. he suggested that it was a combination of stress and bad posture. Continually slouching or cramped in a sitting posture and stretching the wrong way (while being worried about stuff) will do it.

In the mornings I've been checking on memberships of a Facebook group I help manage, and have been perched on a thick cushion on the floor using a keyboard sitting on an upturned box while looking at both TV and a monitor above a sensible eye-line. That being the case I might start checking on such things at the END of the day in an actual seat on one of the other computers.


Oct. 19th, 2012 05:18 pm
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Glad I stayed home today.

Spent most of the afternoon drawing comic pages in front of the TV. Something easily within my grasp, even when a bit ill. Have drawn 4 pages which I'll format tonight.

But I feel better and more relaxed. This might change when I go outside but unlike yesterday, it's not windy.
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It may have been a mistake to go shopping on the way home yesterday. I felt OK at the uni researching the lit review and writing my supporting document, but after I left on the bus I felt totally stuffed.

Started coughing badly at Glendale shopping centre, and I could barely get home. When I did I fed the pets, had a light dinner and fell asleep between 7pm and 2am. After some TV and more or my cough medicine I got back to sleep about 3am and woke at 6:30am. But I hadn't put the food shopping away until this morning, and feel very washed out and "chesty". Yesterday was windier than the last few days, and the shopping might have "reinfected me". Sigh.

Have decided not to go out today until after lunch. I might not get a lot of research done but it might be good for my health.



Oct. 15th, 2012 08:54 am
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  • see two counsellors (whose appointments annoyingly are often in the SAME WEEK);
  • see both my supervisors;
  • go to a 2 hour post-grad seminar;
  • put together a literature review;
  • complete the confirmation review documentation (due by the 22nd);
  • try not to collapse.
This morning I am feeling marginally better, but even so, right now...
  • am having trouble breathing
  • have a wheeze
  • feel like my chest is about to burst
Still not well. :( Last night I woke about 3am to cough up phlegm and almost through up. Mucus from my head drips down my through causing breathing issues.

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I'm semi-retiring Elsie (again) and most of my other alts in SL. Apart from attending support groups and posing for webcomics/graphic novels they won't be in-world much at all. I'm not abandoning Second Life (tried that before, doesn't work) but every thing's in a state of flux right now and I need to sort that out. Also, SL is a lot emptier with certain friends who used to be there not being lately. If I'm not exploring or making a webcomic or building something, I'm getting bored in there.

When I injured my leg earlier this week I went online in the hopes of finding a little support, but it wasn't there. If I'm thinking in such terms, it's time to get off for a bit, otherwise I'll end up like I did with Facebook. I'm actually enjoying that now in a much reduced role. Maybe this'll be the same.

As I write this I wonder if this is the case with a lot of things in my life. I mean, I used to support the notion of both a trans and queer community, but I'm thinking that that is more an illusion than reality. Beginning to think that the "Queer/LGBT* community" is really the LG community extended, with hangers-on from other interest groups who mix because it's the most viable game in town. Another reason I'm not going to the annual queer student conference this year (other reasons being health, and the fact I said I wouldn't go if I couldn't get there under my own financing).

But this is not a matter of burning any bridges, it's more about being realistic about what I get back socially and emotionally, compared to any hopes I have. In that respect I suspect a law of diminished returns is starting to apply. When it comes to such things. Most events assume that you have your own transport, have no disabilities, money, and a sex drive. Guess what I don't have.

Ill again?

May. 9th, 2012 07:37 am
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I don't feel very well just at the moment. Nothing new, though for the last two weeks I've had pains and aches on the right side of my chest, and a sharp pain on the right side of my back. Have tried to have a look in the mirror. Can see a mole there, but can't see it clearly. Also I've been having trouble coping with the cold this year - lack of energy and joints are starting to ache a lot. Am also coughing more.

Anyway, so today, after I see my counsellor at uni (and this might be the first time I've bitched about my other counsellor) I going to see my G.P. in the afternoon. It's probably nothing, but I have lots of moles on my back, so better to look like an alarmist than have some sort of cancer thing which I've ignored.
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I felt totally fucked yesterday when I got home with Bobby, and spent most of the rest of the night in bed with a very sore right leg and chest pains. Probably just stress and bad posture (the pains that is, not the sore leg) but - I also felt very angry at myself. The artwork I made, entitled "Our Differences make us the same" was only created because I was asked by someone I felt I couldn't say NO to.

Don't get me wrong, I think the work's good (photos later) BUT, I was asked for something at very short notice, and it's taken up almost a whole week. That's time I should be spending on preparing for my confirmation. True, I already had a week with Cathy while she was over here where I got nothing done. And the week after I was just exhausted and distracted, so that's two weeks where I made no progress (though in no way do I begrudge Cathy's visit - it was great to see her again). But this was another week where I haven't created more pages for the graphic novels, haven't written scripts.


Today my chest is still hurting and my leg still aches, and I have to go out anyway because I'm running out of food and I have to sort out a new debit card (yesterday I discovered that my old one had expired). Arggggh!!!

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because I always like to OVERDO things, I've decided to hunt down free recipe/menu/shopping software, so that I can compile shopping lists for a better diet. Ideally, I select roughly what I think I'll eat for a week, and the program will generate a shopping list for me. I think it's vital that I change my shopping habits, or I'll be forced to use what I have on hand. Stuff I'm looking at:

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Saw my GP. Seems I am "morbidly obese" and this is activating my right foot and knee. Not only that but I may have decay in my upper teeth and gum disease.

Had X-rays on knee and foot. Bought bottle of savcol and will make appointment with dental clinic in morning (x-rays later in the day no doubt).

Looks like I might have to go back to a dietician again.
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The last 3-4 days I've slept an average of 9 hours each night. That sounds good until I explain that I've been waking up between 5-6am, which means I fell asleep (on average) before 9pm. I have been out and about, but I can't help thinking this has to do with my lack of health right now, and exhaustion related to being overweight. 
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I put the chair together last night. It cost $69 on special with a one year warrenty, and I paid an extra $14 for an extra two year warranty, so if it breaks within three years I can get it fixed for free. It has a capacity of 150kg which should be more than enough for my 136kg.  So far so good, but then it took about a week before the previous chair started collapsing. Before then two of the legs on it broke near the castors! I "fixed it" by combining the top of my chair with the bottom of one that Kevin left behind. But then it started collapsing again. I'm reassured by the fact that the new chair has metal legs. I guess the weight capacity is related to how strong the base is, and the strength of the gas lift component. It is really comfortable as well.

I would have taken a photo of it but my camera stopped working. It may only be dead batteries but i suspect the cover on the battery compartment is broken, as it just won't turn on. A time for things breaking I guess. We'll see what happens.

The real issue here is my weight. It would be nice to be about 100kg again. Had that weight once, and I've also lost weight when I put my determination to the test. I seem to have put on an extra 10 kg in the last 3 months. I was about 128 for a while. Too little exercise and too many calories per day. I have been eating a lot more Fish & Chips for dinner, and up until Hallie and the Pups went, they were getting about half of it. But every time I'd get Fish & Chips I'd also get a 1.2 or 2kg bottle of coke, and at least 1/2 of that would be drunk at once. That can't be good either. 

Earlier in the week I had $2.50 of chips and that seemed OK, but I'm starting to think that in the long run it isn't. Too much fat. For breakfast I have a cup of coffee/chocolate mix, a bowl of cereal (either Weetbix+sugar or Cheerios normally) and two slices of bread with margarine (can't have butter) and topping (normally one with jam, the other a fish spread). The other meals vary but breakfast is mostly the same. Might be time to change that, but whatever I change it to, has to be something I can be satisfied with.

I really do need to exercise more. If I weighed less my knee might not bother me as much. Sitting in front of the computer all day doesn't cut it as far as exercise goes, so it needs to be something physical. I walk my dog in the morning before anything else, and that's about 30-60 minutes, but it's hardly a power walk. the most exercise I do is carrying shopping home, mowing the lawn, and assorted bits of gardening. Need to prioritise and allocate time for exercise, and eat less fat and surplus calories.

Yesterday I had a sausage roll and a potato and vegie pastie for lunch, but a "Works Burger" at the chip shop for dinner. This morning when I woke up (after a 9 hour sleep) I had the runs and was stuck on the toilet for 10-15 minutes. I think the works burger was slathered in butter and other products using milk solids, so that's them ruled out as well. So it goes.

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I was feeling crook yesterday, today, not so much. I was feelling miserable yesterday, today I had fun. It was a better day.

The one thing I needed to do was go and get a blood and urine test. I could have gone to a number of places but I decided to go to the collection office in Kotara because I'd never been there before.

As it happened, I got off to a silly start. I Caught or tried to catch the 9:05 bus out, but just before it came (late) two over-width vehicles were towed through Northville Drive, at low speeds. That meant that I couldn't meet the connecting 363 bus and because of that the also connecting 224 bus later. We got into Glendale 20 minutes late, and I settled getting a 334 to Kotara instead. Only this one does a very tortuous circuit around thre or for suburbs before it even gets to Kotara. I felt bus sick by the time I got off. Nonetheless, I decides to walk to the collection office but also got off one stop later than I expected. It was a brisk walk and I discover a path around a Catholic School near the railway (and the school hospital called "House Hospital", though I don't think he practices there ) .

Anyway, got to the collection office, gave blood and urine, and was on my way. First stop was at Office Works, looking for labels I could stick around LAN cables for troubleshooting, and metal rings for Bobby's collar (easier to put the clip of the lead through) but found neither. However, I started feeling in a flamboyant mood and bough two giant wing clips (perfect for clipping sheets of paper to drawing boards), a bookmark, a small notebook, a document holder and a big hessian shopping bag to put it (and later loot) in - some of the money on the bag goes to a charity of some sort. Then I made my way around to Westfields.

Then I did something I've never done before - I went into centre management and suggested they move the "please use the ramp" signs from where they are to better locations. There's a driveway for cars up into the car park at the front, and when I wait for the bus nearby I always see people walk across the busy driveway rather than up and down the pedestrian ramp that's right next to it. The signage contributes to that, because on one side the sign is on the fencing mid-way up the ramp (so you don't see it unless you're already on the ramp) and on the other side (which i saw on the way out it's at a baby's eye height where few people noticed it.  Next time I'm there I'll see if my suggestion was taken up (which was to put the signs at eye level on posts nearby).

I went to K-Mart looking for rings and labels and came out with a "Fairyland" metal pencil case - just right for uni days - and two 160 gsm acid free A3 sketch pads (much better than the cartridge paper I normally use). Then, wandering down to the food hall I paused to browse in Borders, and came out with a book on Adobe Flash for less than $40 (I intend to learn flash and animate with it)! Had the usual Indian Curry I like there (only this time with a really HOT Beef Vindaloo which cleared my sinuses)and after a short walk through Woolworths (where I bought 3 x hard to find 750ml containers and a small party mix) I caught the bus to Charlestown.

At Charlestown I was just in time to see a session of Rango. At first I found it alternatively frightening and creepy (see another post) but it was a really fun film as well, and walked out  feeling contented and relaxed. Did a bit of spot shopping, buying rubber bands, another acid free sketch pad, low energy lights, sticky labels, and posting tags from a couple of shops. I ended up with all this:


Then it was two connecting buses straight home, where I am now. All through today I read another volume of the Sandman series, and finished reading it on the sofa out the back. And you know what? I think I just had an Artist's Date! I feel much better now and refreshed. My right knee still aches a bit and I've been moderately queasy all day (the Vindaloo actually helped settle that) but I feel GOOD.

It was a better day today.

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I made a conscious decision not to go to the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras again this year.  Yes, it can be a great event, but I just didn't think it would be anything but the reverse of that for me. There are several reasons for this: I didn't have the money ($12-30 until Wednesday); I actually didn't feel healthy enough to march (my fee would have hurt a lot); and I just couldn't get into it at all this year. Friends at Spectrum, Still Fierce and other groups did march, and I'm pleased for them, but I just couldn't be bothered.

I guess I have other things going on in my life at the moment, and the idea of standing around for hours on end and/or marching for 45 minutes; and later walking back from Cardiff Station to Barnsley (12km) in the early hours of the morning just didn't appeal to me. Funny that.


Feb. 15th, 2011 10:02 pm
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Here's a picture of my lower right leg about a month ago:

Result of an injury when mowing the lawn, and a piece of wire got stuck in my leg.

And here's what it looks like today:

Described as ulcerous by my GP.

It's not getting better is it? I'm on antibiotics (again) for this and need to clean it every day!

Two bars

Nov. 26th, 2010 08:01 pm
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One of the things about Lactose Intolerance is figuring out what you can and can't eat. Or rather, what will in most likelihood give you the runs, and what won't. The following two bars are supposed to be dair (lactose) free:
raw cane sugar (refined; cocoa butter (21%); soy flour (20%); cocoa mass (11%); inulin; emulsifiers (soya lecithin E476); natural vanilla flavour.
Cocoa mass; sugar; cocoa butter; Emulsifier: soy lecithin; flavouring; natural vanilla; dark chocolate. contains Cocoa Solids 55% minimum.
Now the first one is fine, no ill effects. But the second one will give me the runs 8-12 hours after I eat it. I can't figure out why, unless the cocoa solids are as bad as milk solids.


Sep. 14th, 2010 07:55 pm
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Had the EEG, took the bus all the way home. feel tired and drained. Been feeling "funny" all day, like I was about to have a paniuc attack at any moment. Staying home tomorrow (maybe).

Results to my GP in 5 days.

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Finally got to phone my G.P. Most of the tests were fine, except for the oximeter. Apparently I may have OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNOEA and may need to undergo further tests.

So it goes.


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