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Came off the media blackout this morning after watch DR WHO. Really glad I did decide not to watch TV or listen to Radio until both Dr Who and Eurovision were over. Heard on TripleJ this morning (while walking the dogs) that they'd announced the Eurovision winner yesterday on the news updates, much to the annoyance of some! Ah, well, things back to normal, but it's going to a LONG wait until the Dr Who Xmas Special, which I'm sure is also the 50th Anniversary special as well. "To be continued..." indeed!


May. 28th, 2012 01:27 pm
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Well I watched Eurovision for three nights straight, and overall enjoyed it. One of these was the winner (but I won't say which in case you don't know):



May. 25th, 2012 06:14 am
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I'm watching SBS and otherwise ignoring TV, radio and the net on Sunday (otherwise I'll hear all about the winner).

My two favorite acts from last year:


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Just my favourites, no SPILERS here about winners:
Fave #1 - love the mad hats and the good use of the screen behind, and that crazy trumpet!

Fave #2 - just look at the graphics behind them, their quiffs, and degree of energy on red cordial!

Fave #3 - There is a certain irony in the song's title and lyrics! Why were they in cages?

And finally Fave #4 - "An old guy parachuting off a windmill, that says Eurovision!" as one of the SBS compares put it.

I thought this year's presentation was very good, and on average the quality of songs and performers in the grad final was excellent! Very pleased with it this year. The voting as well, was a bit more cliff-hanger (which was good).
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I've set up both STBs - one to record all of Eurovision, and the other to record the Being Human finale. Not going to miss anything if I can avoid that. Have a feeling less countries are competing this year. But it's still a fun spectacle I love to watch

Catch up with folk in 3 days time.
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Other than uploading my comics, I will be off-line from 8pm tonight until after I've seen the grand final. Anyone who leaks the winner gets banned and blown up.

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I seem to be in the minority on these, but I didn't like them:

Seemed very average to me.




OK - I'll shut up about Eurovision for another year now.

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OK - I liked these best (in no particular order:

Loved this act, who seemed to be the reverse of the reverse of Slovenia (see


Liked the song, LOVED her outfit!


I love combinations of fiddles and saxophones :D


I really enjoyed this song, though I seem to have blacked out (epilepsy?) / fallen asleep watching it in the Finals.


I sort of liked this one as well, though I have no idea what it's about.


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Well Eurovision is over for another year and I've thoroughly enjoyed this year's event. Won't say who won as there are still folk out there that have recorded but not watched it yet. Two reasons why this year's was more enjoyable - my media/internet blackout (didn't read my friends pages in LJ or Facebook, didn't watch any news or listen to a radio) worked, and Kevin and Michelle were away for the weekend.  I look forward to next year's in...  ...oops - almost gave it away!

And now, a song that narrowly escaped being the lowest voted one of the night (canyou guess which country had the lowest vote?):

Note that this version doesn't show the costume change witrh the butterfly wings.

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Starting with this post, I will be OFFLINE this w/e until I finish seeing the EUROVISION  FINALS. I don't wish to discover the winner until I see it on the show. Anyone who sends me a msg with it will be instantly DEFRIENDED
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And the song that I said sounded like an Australian Idol entry won. Next year it's in Moscow, much to the disappointment of Mr Wogan, who lamented the UK's poor showing (it tied for last). One of the highlights of the finals is Wogan's scathing commentary. I have to agree with him however that Spain's entry (a bizarre novelty song) didn't really deserve the voting it got.

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The English, French, German and Spanish acts haven't been in the finals, apparently because their countries finance the thing (money has it's privileges?). Anyway, the British act was just on, and my first reaction was that the main singer looked like an Avatar from Second Life (his hair hadn't rezzed yet)!
laura_seabrook: (Default) on in just a few minutes on SBS!

However, earlier today Kevin came to the lounge and told me the name of the winner

I'll still watch it, but I think he was shit for doing so.

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And the winners are (in [braces]):

  • [Iceland]
  • [Sweden]
  • [Turkey]
  • [Ukraine]
  • Lithuania
  • [Albania]
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • Belarus
  • [Latvia] - pirates!
  • [Croatia] - 75 cents
  • Bulgaria
  • [Denmark]
  • [Georgia]
  • Hungary
  • Malta
  • Cypress
  • F.Y.R. Macedonia
  • [Portugal]

Arrrrr - there be Pirates in the Final!
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My ratings:

  • Iceland - gay icon material (it's the hair)?
    the song is pretty bland - "this is the life, wouldn't change a thing" : 2
  • Sweden - almost wearing a dress and legs down to her shoes;
    the song's OK, sort of :  2
  • Turkey - short hair and black clothes but they are a band and not a solo act ; best sounding song so far though : 2.5
  • Ukraine - gasp, she's in a dress that looks like she stole it from the Swedish entry. No drag queens this year, and this lady's anything but shady : 2

So far, most of the songs sound very much the same.

  • Lithuania - a serious voice with a vampire mullet and leather pants (Meatloaf after the Oprah Diet?), yet another solo act but without dancers ; and the lyrics sort of match : 1
  • Albania - mmm, nice but dull, but an extra point for not being in English : 2
  • Switzerland - liked the song, and the group seemed OK, with decent camera work (fireworks?) : 2.5
  • Czech Republic - the all white & skin review, and more bloody fireworks!? : 2 
  • Belarus - oooh, interesting sound, standing on mushrooms (?) though another song in English: 2.5

There seems to be a pattern of monochrome looking acts. The Ukraine entry even looked like she was in black and white!

  • Latvia - Pirates! Disney has much to answer for, though I doubt that this act will win the contest : 2
  • Croatia - OK, guys in black and white fedoras and matching outfits, singing some sort of ballad. The old guy in white ("75 cents")reminds me of nightmares or Twin Peaks, and now they're playing what looks like soft drink bottles! : 3
  • Bulgaria - Disco is not dead! More of an electro-reggae-thingamie. Oh bugger, they've spoilt it by singing, and I don't like the lighting : 1.5
  • Denmark - Sounds like something you'd hear on Australian Idol, and he looks like he'd be a contestant too. Johnny Young where are you? : 1
  • Georgia - She looks like Jackie Onassis slumming and her voice is sort of limited. My dogs are barking along with the song! : 1

Can you tell that I've a few glasses of fruit juice & Stone's Green Ginger Wine?

  • Hungary - Total contrast with the previous act. Nice voice and not overwhelmed by backup singers. : 2
  • Malta - Nice beat, and should make the top of the charts, in 1982. Nice boots, even if they are white (and the rest of the outfit's black) : 2
  • Cypress - Oddly enough, a good song to follow the previous one. I like it, even if it is a throwback to Fred Astaire flicks : 2.1
  • F.Y.R. Macedonia - Mmm, nice melody, though the dancers look like they're trying to be pimps and failing. : 1.5
  • Portugal - Gasp, what dresses are they wearing? Are they pregnant? Seems terribly deep song about, um, something. : 2

After this, it's up to the voting to pick 10 from the 19 to go into the finals.


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Yes, it's on, NOW!

Don't worry, no more posts until it's mostly over.

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Here's how I rated the acts. And the winners (picked by Eurovision) who will go on to the finals, are listed in [braces]:
















 San Marino













































Well I must say I enjoyed that. There look like some bizarre acts on tomorrow night, especially France and Spain! One is supposed to be able to cast a local vote at but so far it just times out.
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My ratings:

  • Finland - in the finals for sure!
    though they must be cold in those leathers
    (sounds like they're singing "Mr Mi-head missed a star") : 3
  • Romania - sung in Italian, very touching and oddly
    enough reminds me of an ABBA song : 1
  • Russia - hey this sounds like a cover version,
    especially in English, though nice violin: 1.5
  • Greece - English again
    "I'm not easy but I'm 0tr0ue"(argh - playful dog attack)  : 2

At first I thought the stage was small, but when they pulled back I saw just how big the theatre/stadium was.

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My ratings:

  • Ireland - OK, the main singer is a puppet! (need I say more?)
    ooooh - there was booing from the audience : 1
  • Andorra - um, what is she wearing on her head? : 2
  • Bosnia/Herzegovina - sorta OK: 2
  • Armenia - not bad but without the dancers in black? 
    I keep thinking of belly dancing with this one : 1
  • Netherlands - another English song, and lacking,
    doesn't sound very dutch : 1


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