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Yesterday I was totally spooked - I've been letting social media get to me again and I was on the verge of a panic attack. However I'm off Google+ for a while and Facebook as well. It does make a difference when I do this, because when I get to this point I know that I'm becoming excessive in my use of of s6tuff like that and it disrupts my focus and concentration. Is this weird? Am I stupid for not coping with stuff like Google+ and facebook? This is why I don't have twitter account - it'd drive me crazy.

I think in this case it makes the difference in coping with the abrasive reviews I got on the Masters and not coping with them. There were a lot of good suggestions, but a number that claimed more or less that I just did a "cut & paste" job on the thing. The truth is, I RAN OUT OF TIME and it was an unfinished and confused draft - partly because I was using MS Word's revision function and neither I nor the person proofing it knew how to use it properly - they NEVER approved cancelled changes I made, so I had a huge mess at the end which was extremely difficult to follow. .But anyway, Social media sends me off on tangents and gets me worked up over shit. and that can't be a good thing with an anxiety disorder.

The good news for yesterday was that I experimented with importing Word documents into Scrivener, and copied 12.1 Gb of images for the revisions I need to make on my art component of my Masters. That 12.1 Gb included images for over 200 pages in bitmap and Illustrator format. It's still going.


Got it done!

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While I was out I read some of HOW TO READ DONALD DUCK (which is even online in PDF format), a critique on how strange the comic adventures are, including: no mother or father, but only uncles/aunts and nephews/nieces; and everyone outside America are either infantile natives, or decadent survivors of a long dead culture.


I can't help but notice a certain heteronormative chauvinism creep into the socialist critique (for example, all the males in Donald Duck are described as "eunuchs" because we never see them marry or have children of their own), but it may just be the translation . Also, it seems odd to refer to "Disney" as the creator of the strip when really Disney was the Publisher rather than writer or artist.

A thought occurred to me on the bus, that the World of Donald/Mickey/Goofy et al, was actually a CLONE WORLD, perhaps created after some devastating pandemic. Donald's nephews for example are really his CLONES, and he in turn is a clone of SCROOGE McDUCK. The nephew/niece status is just a convenient term to disguise that. This also explains the general lack of women when adventures happen overseas - the USA had more money to make clones so it cloned a more even balance of sexes (not genders as there are probably no queer characters in the world).

Don't know if I should argue that in the exegesis though - so glad I mostly read Harvey and Dell and Gold Key when young, instead of Disney. ;)


Jun. 4th, 2015 02:09 pm
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The Department of Grad Studies got back to me - I've been "hanging out" for this for the last five months!

They'll give me the masters provided I make major changes  to the exegesis. Not worried about this, because I was expecting to have to make changes regardless. Tomorrow I will print the review PDF and read it thoroughly.


Feb. 4th, 2015 07:47 pm
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I dropped off copies of my graphic novel to Graduate Studies. This means I've done my research paper (exegesis) and my boy of work. I am so pleased about this!!!

Good News

Jan. 8th, 2015 06:14 pm
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I finished my Research Paper yesterday and it's been dropped off at Grad Services.

Now I need to get my graphic novel printed properly for review.
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Well, I was about to trek off to the university, trolley full of library books to complete the current draft of the Research Paper (like I did yesterday). But, I turned on the modem to connect two of my PCs and - the NET was BACK ON!

No dial tone however. I guess that's another issue. But far better if I can stay home in this wet and stormy day (was just raining straight from 2am and thunder until an hour ago) . than take two hours to go to and get back from the university. It means I can work well into the nigh, and borrow digital editions easily.

So, staying home today, and working on the paper.
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Somedays even if you don't get done exactly what you needed to do, it pays to know why. I was going to drop off pdf files of the graphic novel to my supervisor for proofing. But nothing's as simple as that!

This morning I was going through each chapter and checking format stripping out unneeded files and making sure external ones were linked. Also I needed to sort out Artboards as if you have overlapping artboards in Illustrator they export to PDF as duplicate pages! Lots to do.

Then I thought maybe I'd be too late so why not send the things by email? First one worked but every chapter after that had a file size too large for GMail. I was going to chop up the chapters and send smaller files but that's increasing the chance or errors. Was going to rush over to the uni but my Supervisor phoned back and he's not even going to be able to look at it until Monday.

So, no rush. I'll copy the things on a memory stick, drop it off tomorrow with the Tech Officer (after I print tthe pages for my own checking) and see the Office of Grad Studies about finding bindings for the printed Graphic Novel. I'll get more done, AND I don't have to go out on a Thursday (today). Most times I go out on a "Late Night Trading Day" there are delays and I miss connections and get REALLY frustrated.

Tomorrow it'll be an ordered procession between the things that need doing - I hope! :)
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I worked on my research paper today using the Pomodoro Technique, and a bit of software called pomodairo. Essentially uou work for something for 25 minutes, then have a 5 minute break, then come back for another 25 minutes, et cetera. The software was an Adobe AIR app that is a reminder and records your periods.

It seems to have worked, as I achieved my objective (to finish the Sequential Art history section).
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I may not have been obvious but I "took October off" from the Masters. That's why I was doing so much stuff in Second Life. I did this for two reasons: I felt exhausted and stale after completing part two of Real Life Trips; and it was a form of birthday present to me. I DO enjoy Second Life, both exploring and participating socially in it. I also like the creative efforts I see there and this was a way of exploring what I might do myself.

In any case I thouroughly flaming enjoyed the break./activity. I fee refreshed and rejuvenated but now it's time to work on part 3 of RLT.  This part's a bit different than the others because it's mostly illustrated journal entries (with a comic story in the middle). You'll see soon enough.

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You know, ILLUSTRATOR is a powerful program, but when they change the behaviour of it slightly between versions there can be a STEEP learning curve afterwards.

I kept getting "cant group objects on merged layers" when I was grouping the linework in each panel after a trace and expand. Why? Because it was creating a hidden compound shape at the bottom of the expanded group that mirrored the trace but had no fill of line colour! Once I was able to delete that, the problem was fixed!

But, FINDING THAT takes time!


I also discovered a method of making an editable mask for the panels on the page, involving a bunch of rectangles, the pathfinder, and the ALT key.

At least though I'm starting to make progress again.


Apr. 29th, 2013 09:01 am
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The other thing I really need to do is get serious about the research.Have been distracted ever since I sat down to start this late January.

I keep finding excuses and diversions to avoid  doing it. Had one spurt and then, nothing. Am I afraid of this? Am I bored with it? Neither makes sense. I know what I need to do, so why not do it? Perhaps in the short  term buying new "sexy" software (like Premiere and Animation Studio) is easy to do. Creating those music videos with AVS Video editor was also easy to do. Simpler (because I've done it before) and faster. Research takes time.

Here we go again. This morning I'm NOT going to do a webcomic page /music video/ waste time on the net. In fact being "shaped" (because I exceeded my broadband quota) might be an advantage. I can post to Live Jurnal and Facebnook, yes. But try rigading the average home page of FB with such a slow connection, or have more than one tab open? No, doesn't work that well. And maybe that's a good thing.

Am about to "sort" the Studio. But not as a procrastination, because I need to find some stuff!'

Wish me luck?


Feb. 1st, 2013 10:43 am
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...ah, I don't know. A bit lost today. I was going to do stuff yesterday, but ended up doing other stuff. Need to do masters, but I seem to have that horrible inertia I get before I "really start" and all of a sudden everything flows. It might have something to do with the fact that I've done two out of the three things I needed to do until now: working on Gender Transition for Innocents (rewrote the visual script after the previous one was mistakenly thrown out); working on Real Life Trips; but not getting anywhere on the research paper.

Seeing my supervisor on Monday. Hmmm.

New Page

Nov. 6th, 2012 07:30 pm
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Faffed about a lot today. Was going to write the script to this but just did it instead. Nice to get started again.


Nov. 2nd, 2012 06:44 pm
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I had round two of my confirmation review of my Masters.

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Am getting ready to go print the sample pages and attend my review.

I completed all four sample pages this week, which supports the idea that I can manage 3-4 pages a week. And that was without a written script - they were all in my head! Getting ready and catching the 9:05 bus!


Oct. 25th, 2012 08:37 am
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Didn't make the deadline yesterday.

But - that was an extension of one on the 22nd. I was going to do an "all-nighter" but by 11pm know I wouldn't last, so I got some sleep instead. I WILL finish the lit review and documentation today!
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My Studio PC is playing up again. As usual this happens when I'm working to a deadline! It was built by Kevin a few years back and I suspect it's falling apart. Applications have been freezing and Firefox for the moment has lost it's bookmarks!

Rather than battle this like made, and waste tim trying to fix it - I'll copy the files I need back to the memory stick and move to the RecRoom PC for the duration.

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It seems that I CAN export records from the eJournal databases to Endnote at home. This means I can stay home tomorrow and get the documentation finished.


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