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This photo shows my drawing table in the study. Currently occupied with stuff from my last project. On the stool is Gabby, and the chair in front of that is what I use while drawing there, otherwise my dog Bobby sleeps on it. At bottom right is my home-built light box. Stuff is always scattered about as cats and dogs use this as a passage to window seats.

I don't use my drawing table as much as I used to, as I prefer to draw and ink comics in the lounge while watching TV or videos.

11-10-14 Study drawing table

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They're about 7 weeks old now:

General melee

Some affection please

Hey, I want some of that!

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From the Picnic of the 23rd:

Tracey and Scott
Scott & Tracey

Kids at play
Lucien & Charlotte with friend

Charlotte waiting for her dad.

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I liked the composition of this one - about 5pm.


Sunset tonight #1


Sunset tonight #2


Close up


More tree tops. I just loved the colour of the sky.


Nov. 8th, 2009 04:42 pm
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Photos The Schmap Canberra Guide  have used a photo of mine for their Out of Canberra section for Goulburn.

Mystery Tower

Not bad for a photo taken through the window of a moving train while I was feeling sick!

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I came across these the other day:

09-10-09 Bird Swoop   09-10-09 Free Paper


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It took me a week to get organised to upload this. Here's one below, the rest are a Set at Flickr:


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Amy and Rocky 2008: photograph by Sharon AldrickCelebrating GLBTIQ Lives at the University of Newcastle

Historical Exhibition and Photography Competition

The University of Newcastle is hosting an historical exhibition with accompanying photographic competition, celebrating gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and/or queer staff and students (past and present). The opening of this exhibition will also be the launch of the Rainbow Festival 2009.


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Both seen at Swansea, Lake Macquarie yesterday.

Outside a Herbalist shop. Haven't they ever seen Ren & Stimpy?


This one was in the park area in the middle of Pacific Highway.

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surprisedI was filling out a quiz on Facebook about comic artists who inspired me and after entering Steve Ditko, this image came up:

In all of 40 odd years, this would be the only photo of Steve Ditko that I've ever seen!

. . .

WatchmenWow, someone in a comics community sent me a like to THE SECRET ORIGINS of Steve Ditko's Mr. A. Mr A is the forerunner of Rorschach.

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  1. Post ten (10 Only) pictures currently on your hard drive that you think are self-expressive.
  2. NO CAPTIONS - speak with images only and let us interpret your visual language.
  3. They must ALREADY be on your hard drive; no Googling or Flickr! They have to be saved to your folders sometime in the past and be something you've saved because it resonated with you for some reason. They can be of anything or anyone; family, friends, macros, maps, movie stars... anything that expresses you and your life or personality.
  4. Please tag as "Post Your Drive".
  5. You do not have to explain or answer any questions. You may if you want.
  6. This is an ongoing meme; like "Five for Friday". Post a round anytime you feel like it.




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I had an appointment with a new case worker this morning but at the last minute she cancelled. I'd already got ready to go out, and rather than waste the effort I decided to visit Jenn.

On the way I had some photos printed of Bobby for her and Ron. Her favourite was this one:

Bobs is sleeping on the keyboard rest just now. I don't mind at all.

Pet Pics

Feb. 12th, 2009 09:34 pm
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Just went "clucky" today after seeing a dog up the road with a pig, and started taking photos of it and my pets.

09-02-12 Dog and Pig

This dog normally barks at us as i walk my dogs down the street. For the last week it's had a companion - a piglet who comes to it when it barks. I thought this was just so cute! I've also see Bantams and Muscovies in the front yard with it too. 

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It was nice to have a quiet morning today with some of the pets.

Gabby came in for food and company. She hasn't done this since Peggy died.

Ebony wasn't so keen about this - you can just see her head poking out through the door.

Bobby didn't care. He'd rather get in my lap but in front of the computer monitor while I work on the PC is the next best thing.

I'm starting to appreciate my other pets again. I still miss Peggy, but they are all my children still.
Only three days before I fly to Perth, and I know I'm looking forward to it.


Nov. 29th, 2008 11:47 am
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Got my hair done...

...last week, actually.

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Hallie escaped out the back fence somehow in the late afternoon and I went out in pursuit. It developed more into an informal bush walk. It's been a while since I had one - Peggy wasn't up to it with his bad back leg - and I guiltily enjoyed it. Eventually I caught and leashed her, but not until we had a lot of fun in the process. Even so, right in the middle I just sat down and cried, because it reminded so much of the good times I used to have with Pegasus doing just that. Don't need much excuse to cry today.

When Kevin gets back I might see about walking Hallie properly down the bush tracks. Both her and Bobbie seem fit enough for it, and more exercise like this would be good for me too. But Hallie needs to learn discipline. Can't walk a dog that wont come when it's being called, because no matter how careful one can be, accidents can happen and dogs can get loose, and that's when they need to come when called.

Swamp Monkey Hollow - just west of AwabaYou know, Pegasus used to really love bush walks - all the sites and sounds and smells out there. When he was fitter he used to chase roos and wild goats, though he never seemed to catch any.

And those walks were the nearest thing I'd get to a proper meditation. I have really missed them so much!

Pet Picks

Oct. 12th, 2008 08:52 am
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I've had my difficulties with Kevin, but I know he loves my pets. Here he is the other day making Pegasus feel ok...

...and here he is with Bobby after the trip to the vets:

Kevin helped me in the examining room to hold Bobby while he had an injected. I was all over the place, but Kevin was level-headed. Peggy was a bit lethargic this morning, but it's been misty and cold, and we didn't go walkies. He he is with Gabby next to him...

...Gabby's always loved Peggy, and I think she knows he's been a bit sick. Moments after this Bobby and Pegasus had a bout of barking at some unseen outside menace.


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