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Well, I've been nursing my 16 year old cat Xena for the last six days while she's been dying.


She stopped eating and drinking about last Thursday. I was able to give her a little water but nothing else. The last two days have been the most intense because she's had long periods of inactivity and then wakes up and crawls away a bit. But apart from this morning, no crawling today. Earlier she'd be asleep, and then put her head up a bit, and collapse back. I'd give her gentle pats and press gently on her paws, and she'd gently push back. I've been doing that for the last week, because it was once a game we played when she was a kitten. But she's not pushing back now. I thought that maybe she was still alive because there looked like there was a slight movement in her lower body, but I think that was an optical illusion, wishful thinking. She's gone.

I could have taken her to the vet's last week, but I didn't. Last year Gabby, who was a year younger than Xena had more or less the same symptoms, but she declined a lot quicker than Xena. I waited a couple of days and when I saw she wasn't eating or drinking I look her to the vet. He said she was anemic and wouldn't recover, so I decided to have her put down. As the vet went off to prepare the needle Gabby started talking to me, meowing and looking very frightened. I held her while he injected her and she died quickly in my arms. But I couldn't do that to Xena, take her to a place where she was frightened and put her down. So I made her as comfortable as I could, and allowed her to die quietly in her own time.

And it's been really hard to do that. Tomorrow I know, I will bury her next to Gabby and Pegasus, and later plat a rose bush atop her (like I did Gabby), but I think tonight I'm going to cry a lot and get drunk.
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Back from the vets with the pets and medicines.

Xena had a burst abscess (the same thing gabby had last year) and the vet cleaned it. She's getting antibiotics and soggy jelly meat for the next few days.  I just fed her, and if she's hungry that's a good sign. It seems Bobby's issue is with circulation and his heart problems. He's getting a stronger dose of medicine fore the next few days, which I shall probably have to syringe in via his mouth.

So, all good, as much as can be expected. Many thanks to Kylie, who drove us all there, waited, and drove us all home as well.
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Xena now has an appetite (she meowed for food just now) and is moving about. more.  In fact I met her in the hallway last night looking when I was looking for Bobs. Her right eye still has some pus and is looking a bit glassy. She may have been in a fight a few nights back.

Bobby seems to be having some trouble with his rear right leg, as I've seen him gingerly lifting it off the floor. Last night when I went to sleep I left him asleep in the lounge on a cushion with a towel over him for warmth. But about 2am I woke up and could hear his cries. He was in the lino floored kitchen and was falling over on his right side. I uprighted him and he still fell over. Eventually moved him to the bedroom and propped him up on a couple of pillows.

He was OK then, and seemed to be asleep. This morning I heard him whimpering in the lounge and he was on his right side. Maybe Bobs has a bit of arthritis in that leg, and the cold snap brought it on. I uprighted him and then went to prepare food for the pets. When I came back he'd fallen backwards between a fan and a shopping trolley. However, he had an appetite and ate all his food from that position. Later he was able to upright himself. He's outside just now and I don't hear any whimpering so I think he's doing OK.  

But I still have a dilemma here. Should I take Xena to the vets this morning or should I take Bobby? Xena seems to be healing, but Bobby seems to be doing marginally better as well.

Pet issues

Mar. 20th, 2016 10:30 am
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Two pet scares.

Last night Bobby kept falling down, on his side, and on his back legs. He does this occasionally anyway, but last night it happened a LOT. In particular, he fell back into his own poo, and later in the kitchen, he fell back on his bum due to lack of traction. This morning he had a bit of this but has mostly been able to ramble about. He's been outside and back in (via the front steps) several times. But, I dread the time coming when he can't get back up again.

The second scare was with Xena. She's been in the Studio for the last few weeks, but has been eating less and less, for the last two days. This morning I had a good look at her. The fur on her right side of her head below the the mouth seems matted and pressed down, and the eye on that side has pus. Also, she's barely opening her mouth, other than to eat a little bit and drink water.

Both pets are about 16 years old. Bobby seems in better condition than Xena so she's off to the Vets tomorrow first thing in the morning.
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I was just out on the front lawn reading a comic, with Theo next to me, when the guy across the road comes home from work. He asks me if I have a long haired tortoiseshell cat. i say yes and he says that she'd been living under his house FOR THE LAST MONTH! :P

Well of course Xena turned up earlier this week but now I know where she'd been for the last month. She wasn't dumped, she wasn't kidnapped by Junior psychopaths, or gone off to die. She was under the house across the road!

Ratbag cat. But at least I know she was OK.
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A thunder storm rolled in and I help a loud MEOW! There was Xena, next door meowing at me! I don't know where she's been but I am so pleased to see her. I last saw her on the 20th of January, so she's been missing the last 26 days. So glad she's back.

(16-02-15) Xena, back from the wars by Laura Seabrook, on Flickr

in memoriam

Feb. 1st, 2016 06:12 pm
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in memoriam Xena by Laura Seabrook, on Flickr

This is based on a photo taken long ago, when she looked through the old picket fence at me. Xena disappeared on the 22nd January. Felt the need to draw this today. She's gone, I know it in my heart.


Last photo

Jan. 24th, 2016 09:29 am
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(16-01-11) Xena by Laura Seabrook, on Flickr

The last photo I took of Xena the cat.

A Mastiff I'd been pet-sitting in 2015 broke a hole through the fly-wire screen, and I hadn't got around to replacing it. Xena and the other cats used to peer out through it.

Xena disappeared the morning of the 21st, and has not been seen since. She was 16 years old at that time.


Nov. 5th, 2014 10:32 pm
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Trying to  stay cool just before the storm today

Xena 01
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Maybe I should feel sorry for the thing but it's been eating my food for the last month.

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Woke up at 4am today and when I went to the toilet Gabby was on the washing machine meowing away at me. That was a good sign as she was in the house. On the way back I found some food Bobby hadn't touched and put it on top of the bookcase (where Ebony used to eat) , and then put Gabby there as well. I could hear her crunching away while I watched some carry-on film because I couldn't get back to sleep. Then Gabby came in and sat at the end of the bed. First she peered intently through the internal window to the RecRoom, and then up to where she'd just been. I guess she was looking for Ebony. She looked behind the bedroom door but there was no Sam half asleep there. And then she groomed herself on top of a cabinet.

I took Bobby for a walk and Xena was waiting outside the gate. I took her in near the garden shed and fed her and Gabby (who was already there). Xena didn't run off but I don't see her about just now (looking out the window of teh Studio). . I can however see Gabby on a cushion in her favourite spot. It will take time, but Gabs has already made the first move. I'll continue to bring Xena in near the garden shed for her meals, until she gets the message - there's no over-friendly dog going to appear and try and cuddle her!
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Still sad this morning.

When I was walking Bobby we came to the back gate and Xena was there. She had only come into the backyard twice while Sam had been here. Gabby had stayed mostly on the roof of teh garden shed, or or within running distance of it. Once or twice she'd come near the back door and meowed, but if I went out to check on her Sam was sure to follow, and she speed back to the garden shed roof. In any case, this time I fed them both near the garden shed. Xena finished her breakfast but was gone when I went out to clean up from the wake last night.

But then I also went out and brought Gabby in. She wasn't very keen, and ran off, but came back later me-owing. I gave her some dry food and she stuck around for a while. Of course it's 29°C today inside, so maybe it's cooler in the shade and in a breeze outside. I expect her to come in tonight, or at least come close to teh front door and meow early tomorrow morning. I won't force either cat to come in from now on though, but I will insist on feeding both near the garden shed.

I've moved Ebony's bed from the top of the wardrobe in the RecRoom and put it in the Studio for Bobby to use. If I left it where it was I'd still sort of expect her top be in it. She was safe there. But or the moment I'll leave the cat litter in the RecRoom. The other two cats used it from time to time though I don't know if that was because it was there or because Ebony used it. For the last 2 1/2 weeks no cat has used it, or the one in the spare room, because Sam was in the house. Even so I replaced the liner and fill in it on Monday because it stunk of cat piss!

And in any case since Ebs had been here I always had a bit of an issue with animal poo in that room off and on. I'd go away for a week and discover cat and dog poo in that room when I came back! I suspect that because Ebony was pooing there the other pets thought it a good idea. This changed after my boarders and their dogs left, but I also put a litter tray down because it was cleaner to have what poo was done in the tray. And of course since then I've only been away for a couple of weeks at most.

When I have been, next door's have fed my pets, but I suspected because Ebony got fed on the bookcase in the hallway just outside my bedroom that she may have been forgotten (she started eating there to avoid Hallie, my boarder's dog). In any case I left plenty of dry food, which was the only thing she'd eat. I may leave the spot as is with water and dry food for the surviving cats. Gabby used to raid it all the time.

I expect Gabby to look for Ebony as well. In addition to "stalking each other" they had a truce each morning while they sunned themselves outside on whatever chair/sofa I have near the front door. Bobby would often join them. Xena might came back into the house a bit later. Ebony used to sneak out side but always tried to hide when she did. It was charming more than anything else.

Last night Lisa gave me a lift to teh shops and back where I was able to do some food shopping. That was good, but I expect to hear from her soon. She's going to get me a replacement 20m LAN cable, and also she forgot Sam's bed. He seldom used it. Seems Sam preferred a corner or enclosed space, which might come from his using a dog house at home. I had the bed set up behind my coat rack until I found the rack tipped over one morning! But he also slept underneath a small table in the Studio near my computer desk; behind my bedroom door on some blankets; and on the other side of my bed on the lino floor. After Monday night, I let him sleep on my bed. But this time Bobby had stopped "warning him off" every time he tried to get up.

This morning Bobby seemed quite content to be the only dog walked, though I think maybe he missed having a second dog to follow down the bush tracks. I still have plans to get another dog in December (maybe) but it's have to be at most only twice as big as Bobby. Sam was a pup and though he was just "too friendly" rather than aggressive he was way too big for the cats. NMind you, even Bobby steals their food if I let him get away with it, and he's only  about 1 1/2 times their size.

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I slept in a bit and decided to take Bobby for a short bush walk out the back gate. However, Xena decided to come with us. She followed Bobby and me for 20 minutes down the tracks and trails! The only other cat I've had that did that was Rorschach (in the 90s), who followed me and my partner across a busy road into a park where we had breakfast

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Recently I seem to wake up with migraines and headaches.

I had thought that this might have been a seasonal thing until I heard a comment by my mother on a phone conversation last weekend. She said that it was not a good thing to have cats lying on the bed at night, and especially lying on the pillows. This sounded like an "old wife's tale" only it matched up to when Xena was sleeping on one of the pillows at night. I thought back and yes, it matched the times I woke up head-achy! She stopped sleeping there for unexplained reasons and yes, I stopped having that sort of headache.

This morning I woke up with the same sort of headache but here's the thing, Gabby was sleeping on top of the bed last night. Before, when it was cold enough, she would slip under the covers and maybe have a head poking out. No problem with that. But both Gabby and Xena are long-haired cats. Ebony (who sleeps elsewhere) isn't. 

Might be something to this.

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Photo taken this morning after the dog walk:

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Bentley waiting to be picked up.   His old opwners take him home

The cats come out of the shed.

Life goes on. I am more than just a bit sad that it didn't work out, but also greatly relieved. I may also still look for a companion for Bobby, but only a dog that's suitable.


Jun. 15th, 2012 12:48 pm
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120615-Xena and Gabby

Xena and Gabby in the shed hiding from Bentley.

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The week wears on, with Bentley issues.

I could barely walk him with Bobby this morning. He constantly pulls on his least and when we got home my right leg and knee were aching horribly. I could try a choke chain of course. But, I noticed that for the leg of the walk down Charlton St Bobby went as far as he could on the leash AWAY from Bentley.

Last night was OK. I went to the toilet at 3pm and Gabby was llying on top of teh washing machine where I'd left a blanket. Minimal problems with Bentley who followed me down the other end. But just now when I was putting some stuff on the clothes line and had my hands full, Bentley found Gabby near the back of the house and chased her. Gabby did stand her ground, and when I called him and he came she disappeared under the house.

She hasn't had any food today. Not looking good. I took Bentley in the shed while I fed Xena this morning. She was not happy but didn't run off, and I gave him bits of Devon while she ate.

What happens though when I'm NOT HERE?
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Ebony and Gabbys Truce

Ebony and Gabby have a truce on a cold day.

Bobby and Xena at Dinnertime

Bobby and Xena waiting for their dinner.

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