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Yesterday was another unexpected outing with lots of running around for mixed result.

It started with me breaking my spectactles. Usually I put them in the same spot on the headboard when I go to sleep and I thought I had, but I couldn't find them when I woke up, until somehow broke them in half when I put my hand down on the bed to lift me up! A bit of a mad panic then  because I had one lens, but the other had fallen down a crack between the headboard and the bed base. I was able to retrieve it using a "claw"gadget I'd bought the other month at ALDI for $5 (it's a stick with a claw at the end that you can squeeze to grab things just out of reach).  But, as it was broken in the bridge, it was impossible to fix properly - any sort of tape was too large and didn't hold it for long.

I found my previous specs (always keep your old spectacles for just such occasions) but the presciption is 4-5 years old. I can see about 90-80% of "sharp" through them (depending on how strong the light is) but it's never exactly in focus - good for mid-range stuff but reading a computer screen is tiring and long distance stuff is blurry. So, I decded to go to OPSM at Glendale, where I bought the broken set via "Vision Care" rebate system where you bring in a statement of income and if you're "poor enough" they give you a refund on one or two pairs of spectacles. I walked the dogs, but only down flat bush paths. Wasn't keen to walk them on the streets if I can't see clearly where the traffic is - had breakfast and went out.

When I got to OPSM I discovered they didn't do the rebate system any more and gave me the name of somewhere in Charlestown Square that did. They also said that they couldn't fix the frame and couldn't give me a replacement frame either because they didn't stock that style any more. Hmmm - so now instead of only going to Glendale I'd have to go to Charlestown. Just near OPSM is EB Games so I popped in to browse the games they have on sale - I bought a couple of simulator ones (involving vehicles) for $4 each and got to chatting with the salesperson there. Last week when I bought a Beemo Mug from EB's at Maitland they'd been really pushy about my getting a loyalty card. Didn't want to get one then but I got one yesterday. Anyway I was saying about how I'd decided to get an old style Wii if I could find one second-hand (not a Wii U for $500+) and guess what, they had one for under $50. I bought that and the Fitness game thing which was under $30!

Why buy either? Because I'd tried using a Wii ages ago and enjoyed it, and the idea is that if I can exercise with the Wii, then it's still exercise and I'll be more likely to do it this way. So, I bought both "on spec" but that also meant I had to carry them around with me. I got a large bag at Bunnings for a $and they both fitted perfectly in that (much easier to carry). Then I caught the next bus to Cardiff and waited for a connecting to Charlestown. While I waited I saw a guy driving a servic van abused someone parking in front of them and took a photo of it.  The things you notice when things are not quite as expected!

Got to Charlestown, had a a light lunch and then found the shop. It transpire that they no longer did "Vision Care" and in fact the rebate scheme was run by a different group called Vision Australia and if I phoned a 1300 number I could find out where the local Optometrists were that offered the scheme. Tried that and was put thru to ...someone's voice mail asking for name and number,  A fat lot of good that was calling from a public phone!Gave up on that for the moment and decided to look them up on the net when I got home. I didn't want the trip to be total loss so I went to a printing shop where I'd bought my Canon printer to get a black cartridge. But when I got there I couldn't remember the model number and they no longerhad my purchase on record and couldn't tell.

OK, that was out, so I took the bus to Westfields at Kotara to a computer shop and bought a 4 GB stick of memory for my Media PC. I was going to by an 8 GB stick but DDR3 memory seems so expensive nowadays I went food shopping for stuff I had been able to buy on Sunday and went home. Sounds simpler than it was - had to catch a 334 to Glendale (via a very bumpy ride), it was full of noisy school children  going home. The previous date I'd gone to a luncheon at Morrisette and (expecting to be home all day today) had eaten some Cheese Cake. However  I knew (being lactose intolerant) there'd be consequences and they kicked in on the way home. :(  I was dead tired when I got back lugging the Wii and Fitness Pack and shopping with me.

Fed the pets, and went to bed with soup for dinner. Watched some QI and Adventure Time on the TV and then slept until 9pm, and then went back to sleep until now (after midnight). I can watch stuff on the TV that's simple animation or mostly "talkie" (like QI) but it hurts my eyes. Same with the computer screen . Before I had dinner I finally got through and it seems a shop in  Cardiff does the rebate system now and I have a Friday appointment for everything. Not sure what I can properly do at home before then though. We'll see.

not so hot

Jul. 19th, 2012 08:37 am
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Yesterday things were, well not right.

I went out for food shopping but ended up going into town looking for a 2nd hand (or affordable) student chair. The old one I have just doesn't hold my weight that well any more. There was a bit of running about , from office works to a place that sold $200-$400 chairs that certainly WOULD hold my weight, but in the end I got a 2nd hand one from the salvos for $35. Not the most comfortable but certainly the the most sturdy.

Got it back home via a couple of bus trips but felt really ill on the way home. It was a warmish day yesterday and I may have been overdressed and too warm. Have a chicken salad roll for lunch at the chip shop but by the time I got home (at 2pm) I was feeling sick, giddy and tired. I had planned to do more scripting in the afternoon, but when I booted the Studio PC one of the hard drives was mysteriously "off-line" - all the aprtitions were there but listed as "healthy primary partition" by the Windows Management app! Likewise booting to Linux showed that they were online but inaccessible! I realised that I was not up to sorting this out just then, and trying to was likely to bring on a disaster by trying to fix the wrong thing. I shut it down and went to bed.

Woke up about 6pm. Not quite refreshed. The PC had fixed itself after Windows did a CHKDISK on all the missing partitions! Watched a Dr Who repeat and a bit of Fantasia (bought the DVD of it last week) but couldn't keep my eyes open after the 2nd segment. Dozed off until 11:30pm, had a toilet break, and then slept until 6am. Not feeling the greatest this morning, but today it's really very cold here. No danger of falling asleep, and I have Bobby with his jacket on and under a blanket.

But it's a worry when I feel ill for no particular reason. When I got home I had the shakes, felt giddy and my vision was slightly blurry. Better today. Some of the symptoms reminded me of the food poinoning last year - hope it wasn't the chicken roll from the shop - but I felt sick on the bus as well.

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I got what I needed done yesterday, but at a cost.

Mainly I needed to finalise the image for the artwork I'm submitting today and I needed to print it as well. Tht sounds easy but I spent the morning building the tiles for the mosaic. Each one was is a 64 x64 px image with a symbol in the middle and different fore and background colours (like the one at the right). Each symbol has eight variations in fore and background colours. All together I created 185 unique tiles to use. I had exactly the target image I wanted, and I spend the next few hours testing applications that would generate that image from the tiles.

That took a lot longer than I wanted. The program I wanted to use kept bombing out at a critical point, just before generating the image. In the end I had four different versions, and decided to take them all with me to the university to be printed. However, I missed the 3:07pm bus and caught the next one out. Had to transfer to a Toronto bus that got me to the university, but it was already about 5pm by the time I got there. Normally my last 267 bus from the university (which gets me home in one trip) leaves at 6:05pm. I had hoped to be on that, but it wasn't to be. Mysteriously the printing options in Photoshop were all greyed out so I couldn't print them directly. Acrobat, which could have made these into PDF files (which could be printed works for the staff but not for students!

It was late and there was no technical staff in the Huxley library so I went to the Auchmuty Info Commons. There were technical staff there which was just as well since I had the same problems over there as well. However the techs had a work-around: save the Photoshop files as JPGs; open those with Illustrator and adjust the arboard; save as a PDF from Illustrator and print from that. Long process, but it worked! I had all of the mosaics printed by about 7:25pm. However, how was I going to get home? I used the Transport Infoline trip planner and unbelievably there was a connection home.

I walked very quickly to a bus stop in Birmingham Gardens and waited for a 230 which would take me to Wallsend. It was due in at 8:07pm and my last 267 (which only departed from Wallsend, not the uni that time of night) was scheduled to leave at 8:09pm. I waited and the bus came and it was 2 minutes late. I told the bus driver what I was trying to do and we got to Wallsend at 8:10pm. As I was the last passenger and that was the final stop before a trip to the depot, the driver dropped me at the next stop after Wallsend for the 267, just in case. Sure enough, the 230 just left my view when the 267 came along! I was so relived. It was an uneventful trip home the rest of the way (though I chatted like mad with the driver) and I got there without needing a taxi.

Mind you, afterwards (and this morning) my right leg's been hurting something awful. I was beat last night and had an early night. Woke up at 3:45am this morning and after watching som TV went back to sleep. Leg's still hurting. I've planned to take Bobby to teh Aged Care Unit today, because it's in the same complex where I'm dropping off the artwork. I need to cut and paste the bits of that together, and fill in a contract, but I'm going to do it!

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I decided that today would be a good day to take Bobby on the bus to see Ron (one of his previous owners) at the Aged Care Unit at Wallsend. I've taken Bobby there before - it's one bus trip to and back (with the bus stop practically outside the unit). When bus drivers have questioned me I've pointed out that that he's in a carrier unit and is no trouble.

But today it was a new bus driver who radioed the depot, asked if an animal in a carrier was OK and they said NO. That means I can't take Bobby to see Ron via the bus any more. To make matters worse, there was a "chance of showers" today and it only seemed to rain over the bus stop!

I will be investigating whether or not that ruling is correct and appropriate, and the reasons why or why not. I took Bobby to see Jenny when she wass still alive and that involved four bus rides on both private and state buses and there was never any problem, so why now? Just now though I'm going to have to phone Ron and tell him I can't bring Bobby like I have been. We could get there and back by taxi, but that would be roughly between $20 to $30 each way! Can't afford that.


Update: Phone Ron and he said to let it go. I'm going to investigate this a bit further though.

I found this on the Travelling with Pets page:

Pets on Sydney Buses

Customers may also board a bus with a pet such as a dog, cat, bird or other animal. Any such pet must be restrained in a suitable box, basket or other container to be allowed on board as required by the law (NSW Passenger Transport Act and Regulations). The bus driver may refuse to allow a pet on a bus if this poses a risk to the safety of other passengers or the bus. Pets that are not clean, appear vicious, or likely to annoy, threaten or inconvenience other passengers will not be allowed on a bus.

Of course this isn't Sydney and they are not State buses, but - I happen to know that the service has been LEASED by the State government, so maybe it applies anyway.


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Almost the opposite of yesterday, I spend about 4 hours out and about, did everything I wanted to, and got home without feeling totally exhausted. I went to Westfields in Kotara via three buses, and got back via three buses and a short stopover for 10 minutes worth of food shopping. A minor problems was that the private bus company was running on a Holiday (Sunday) timetable, while the public buses were running a regular Saturday timetable. Hard to detect because there is a a only a one minute different in the Saturday and Sunday times of the the bus I caught to leave Barnsley. The big difference though is that only half the private buses run on a Sunday.

CLICK FOR A REVIEWAs it happened that made little difference. I spent a twenty minute layover at Cardiff checking out a shop (and buying a sign, a clock for the study, a dog collar and some screws). At Westfields I bought a replacement 1 Tb drive, an indoor aerial for the Set Top Box in the garden shed (and one that WORKS), a book from Borders (The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book) that had been marked down from $77 to $48 and had an early Indian lunch. Knew exactly what I wanted at Coles in Edgeworth during another 20 minute layover and got it. 

Everything went really well despite changes to plan. Has that sort of "Artist's Date feel" to it, so that's what I'm calling it. The rest of the day will probably be spent drawing comics.


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I was feeling crook yesterday, today, not so much. I was feelling miserable yesterday, today I had fun. It was a better day.

The one thing I needed to do was go and get a blood and urine test. I could have gone to a number of places but I decided to go to the collection office in Kotara because I'd never been there before.

As it happened, I got off to a silly start. I Caught or tried to catch the 9:05 bus out, but just before it came (late) two over-width vehicles were towed through Northville Drive, at low speeds. That meant that I couldn't meet the connecting 363 bus and because of that the also connecting 224 bus later. We got into Glendale 20 minutes late, and I settled getting a 334 to Kotara instead. Only this one does a very tortuous circuit around thre or for suburbs before it even gets to Kotara. I felt bus sick by the time I got off. Nonetheless, I decides to walk to the collection office but also got off one stop later than I expected. It was a brisk walk and I discover a path around a Catholic School near the railway (and the school hospital called "House Hospital", though I don't think he practices there ) .

Anyway, got to the collection office, gave blood and urine, and was on my way. First stop was at Office Works, looking for labels I could stick around LAN cables for troubleshooting, and metal rings for Bobby's collar (easier to put the clip of the lead through) but found neither. However, I started feeling in a flamboyant mood and bough two giant wing clips (perfect for clipping sheets of paper to drawing boards), a bookmark, a small notebook, a document holder and a big hessian shopping bag to put it (and later loot) in - some of the money on the bag goes to a charity of some sort. Then I made my way around to Westfields.

Then I did something I've never done before - I went into centre management and suggested they move the "please use the ramp" signs from where they are to better locations. There's a driveway for cars up into the car park at the front, and when I wait for the bus nearby I always see people walk across the busy driveway rather than up and down the pedestrian ramp that's right next to it. The signage contributes to that, because on one side the sign is on the fencing mid-way up the ramp (so you don't see it unless you're already on the ramp) and on the other side (which i saw on the way out it's at a baby's eye height where few people noticed it.  Next time I'm there I'll see if my suggestion was taken up (which was to put the signs at eye level on posts nearby).

I went to K-Mart looking for rings and labels and came out with a "Fairyland" metal pencil case - just right for uni days - and two 160 gsm acid free A3 sketch pads (much better than the cartridge paper I normally use). Then, wandering down to the food hall I paused to browse in Borders, and came out with a book on Adobe Flash for less than $40 (I intend to learn flash and animate with it)! Had the usual Indian Curry I like there (only this time with a really HOT Beef Vindaloo which cleared my sinuses)and after a short walk through Woolworths (where I bought 3 x hard to find 750ml containers and a small party mix) I caught the bus to Charlestown.

At Charlestown I was just in time to see a session of Rango. At first I found it alternatively frightening and creepy (see another post) but it was a really fun film as well, and walked out  feeling contented and relaxed. Did a bit of spot shopping, buying rubber bands, another acid free sketch pad, low energy lights, sticky labels, and posting tags from a couple of shops. I ended up with all this:


Then it was two connecting buses straight home, where I am now. All through today I read another volume of the Sandman series, and finished reading it on the sofa out the back. And you know what? I think I just had an Artist's Date! I feel much better now and refreshed. My right knee still aches a bit and I've been moderately queasy all day (the Vindaloo actually helped settle that) but I feel GOOD.

It was a better day today.

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Feeling much better today.

Even so, everything is taking longer than expected. Not too fussed. Yesterday I discovered a plastic container full of stuff from last year, including the missing journals I was looking for, numerous souvenirs and magazines, stationary, old bills, and a variety of ephemera. Glad to know where it got to. Anyway, today I thought I'd continue on with yesterday's plan - do a library run to both Charlestown and Civic libraries, and go to Nesca House (part of the uni campus, and has an info commons and library) in the CBD, and do a little study there. Remember, in this case study means reading and re-reading my journals so that I can block them and write scripts for the graphic novels. Been two weeks and I've got nowhere with that yet. But I will.

I also discovered that this is a good location to study late at. I can study until about 7:40pm there, catch a 7:57pm train from Civic Station, then catch a local bus at Cardiff Station, and get home just before 9pm. That might not sound like much but it also means that I can attend gallery openings in that area as well! I won't be staying so late tonight, but it's good to know that I can.

I think staying home yesterday was the right thing to do. Keen to get at it today.

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My first mistake was going out today.

For some reason I wasn't sure if it was a holiday or not. I needed to go out and do a small amount of food shopping. Got ready to go out one the assumption that it was a regular day.  Just as I'm about to race up the street Bella appears sans collar. Both pups were on the chain under the trees, so she must have slipped off. I could try to reattach the collar and chain, but I was already a little late, so I just put her inside down my end.

I raced off to catch the bus and was instead given a lift by someone to Cardiff. Did a little light shopping (went there explicitly to get a dog chain and some coaxial cabling) and then caught a bus back to Glendale Supercentre. Spent a bit of time checking out potential bargains but everything (that I was interested in) was disappointingly much the same as before Xmas. Bought a 30cm box fan in ALDI, and some food in Coles, and waited for the bus - which didn't come.

I waited from 1:03pm until 2:13pm for the bus. A bus came in with "SORRY, NOT IN SERVICE" showing, and then pulled out and changed to my number. A man and his two sons were waiting for a bus and it transpired that this was theirs, but the driver hadn't put the right sign up. When one finally came I complained about the missing bus only to be told that there wasn't one because today's a public holiday with a holiday timetable. D'Oh! Got to Barnsley, traipsed down the street (my feet and right knee are hurting badly) and got home to find that Stripe (with collar) was down my end as well. I can only assume that he whinged too much on the chain by himself.

Am just about to have a cuppa of Peppermint tea and spend most of the rest of the day brain dead. Might just stay home tomorrow  - should have stayed home today.

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It's the first day I'm travelling under the new local bus timetable, and I will have to be alert not to stuff up travel. For example, last week the bus I would have caught from Barnsley shops left at 10:10am. Today it's 10:05am (and no side trip down Garth St - that's now the other bus). Better not be late. Tomorrow this might be in my favour as it'll be easier to get to Cardiff Station in the morning.
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The Hunter Valley buses (which include Sugar Valley, Toronto and Minmi bus routes) are all changing their timetables on the 28th. I was a little disappointed with what we got (they were handing out timetables the other day) but what we lose on the roundabouts we pick up on the swings.

For example, currently the last bus home from Cardiff station on a Sunday leaves at 6pm; that's now 2pm. And there are less buses on a Sunday, but more on Saturday and buses will now run on Easter Friday, Xmas Day and ANZAC day (they didn't before). There are a lot more buses from the university to Wallsend. At the moment the last bus to leave from the uni is 6:05pm; that's the same more or less with the new timetable, but there's now a Minmi Bus that leaves at 6:43pm, and the last bus from Jesmond to home is now 8:15pm instead of 7:15pm. For some reason the Minmi and Cameron Park buses  will be running regularly to their nearest major shopping centre (Wallsend and Glendale) well after 9pm on a weekday, but the ones to Barnsley won't.

Oh well, I almost had a social life back, and overall I do have more options on weekdays and Saturday, though Sunday has been cut to a bare-bones service. For better or worse I still need to get a postie bike and learn how to drive it. That won't be until sometime next year, in my own time.

Swings and roundabouts. That said, I'm glad I'm travelling down to Sydney to catch a plane on a Tuesday and not Sunday!


Nov. 9th, 2010 02:57 am
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I did a "library run" yesterday where I returned a good twenty items I had out from two local library systems. The previous day (Sunday) I never got out from home because I got distracted by the pups - they'd started to jump the front gate and follow me up the road - and missed the buses I needed to catch to get to the Rainbow Visions Picnic. I was going to go shopping on the way back from that, so I really needed to go out Monday.

Didn't get out until just before noon, and caught the bus to Charlestown to return stuff there. The next stop was going to be Wallsend to go to the library, and do a small amount of shopping. Only they'd changed the bus routes and stops at Charlestown. The bus stop I normally went to in order to catch the 100 was now "only for school buses"  and when I went back to the (new) stop I'd got off on the way in, someone directed me to a stop on Pacific Hwy. Seemed reasonable, because I'd also caught 100s there before.

Only - it was entirely the wrong bus stop!

I waited for 50 minutes, spending the time reading a comic discard I'd bought from the library for 50c (A DC story called "The Nail") when the woman sitting next to me started chatting about things. She pointed to a sign right behind me which said that only two buses stopped there now, and made a comment that maybe "she been sent to tell me that". Found the correct bus stop - which was directly opposite the one I'd arrived at - and continued on for the rest of the day's business without further complications.

But you know what - I think she was!

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Been procrastinating of doing another post, partly due to illness. Last Sunday I had an unexpected ARTIST'S DATE.

I was really keen to get out of the house, and caught a morning local bus. But I didn't know exactly where I wanted to go - just not to the nearest shopping centre. I saw another passenger get off and assumed that he was catching a bus that did a "dogleg" there into town, so I got off as well. Then I discovered that there was a 30 minute wait for the next government bus, so I walked down the road to the nearest stop that other buses would come to.

Looking back I saw another private bus (not listed on the govt timetables) pulling up, so I caught it to Charlestown. Once there I checked the local cinema - nothing for an hour so I had a wander about the revamped Charlestown Square. They're still rebuilding this, but quite a number of shops have reopened. It was actually fun to look about and window shop. I came across the biggest Woolworths I've yet seen! And they had what I'd been looking for the last two weeks - cheap ($1.72) wooden broom handles!

Got something to eat, and then went back to the cinema to watch SORCERER'S APPRENTICE. It was a predictable, but enjoyable film (I especially loved the mirror and Persian rug traps). When I came out I bought the broom handles, did a little extra shopping, and went home. Much later I was sick because the popcorn I'd eaten at the film had butter, not margarine on it (lactose intolerant). Even so, it didn't knock the enjoyment of the semi-random trip, with more than one bout of synchronisity in it.

An unexpected Artist's Date, and so much the better. Smile
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There are no buses running in my area today, and rather than walk at least 6 km to Edgeworth only to discover nothing's open, I'm staying home instead. Got the dishes done, but I have a lot of cleaning up and sorting to do down my end of the house. It's wet and cool, so it's a good day for this.

And while we're at it, since my grandfather fought in Flanders in WWI, and my dad fought in New Britain during WWII, here's a song for the day.

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It was odd coming home tonight on the bus. We turned down Garth St and the bus driver stopped. From where I sat it looked like a pram in the middle of the road and a dog tied to it. The bus driver and I got out and when we got close discovered that it was an elderly man fallen face down on the road trying to reach his walker, with his dog tied to that.

We tried to get him up but it wasn't until an oncoming car stopped and the driver helped that we got him up again. He seemed more or less conscious (though he was smoking and he smelled of turps) and insisted on carrying on walking down the street in the road. There wasn't anything else that we could do but it was a bit scary.

Did he get home without falling over again? I don't know.

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To start off, I got to the bus stop I usually catch and found that I'd left my purse at home. I left the trolley at the chip shop, ran home (sort of), got it and ran back (wheezing all the way) only to discover that I'd missed the bus anyway. Sigh. Decided to walk to the next proper bus stop like I did the other day. Then I caught the first bus to come which may have been a mistake.

It seemed that this was a temp bus driver who needed a bit of prompting on where to go, through the masonic retirement village (fair enough) but also through "the loop" in Edgeworth and Cameron Park. There are two buses around 10am from Barnsley. The later one cuts through the south of Edgeworth and then straight down Main Rd to the Glendale shoping centre. The other one (which was the one I caught) goes in a "loop" in the north of Edgeworth and Cameron Park, like the following map:

A long way but it covers the suburbs. However the driver needed a bit of prompting, and I was sitting in the seat nearest to him. Everything was OK until I was daydreaming a bit and he turned left at a roundabout that he was supposed to go straight through. After a few seconds I realised what had happened and said that he was going the wrong way (and the other passengers had noticed this as well). He decided to take a chance and just ignore that part of the route, however one of the other passengers got a phone call from a friend who'd been in that section waiting to catch the bus!

In the end he had to double back and pick up about 3 passengers and then go to Glendale via Main Rd. All in all the route looked like this instead:

We eventually got to Glendale, but about 40 minutes late. I thought it was sort of funny, and all I'd wanted to do was the shopping that I couldn't on Sunday. I noticed though, on the bus back to Barnsley, that there was a different driver.

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I have a tradition of not going anywhere in over Easter. When I break that tradition things don't go well and today was no exception.

Struggling I decided to do a little food shopping at Glendale, which I tend to do anyway on a Sunday. However I fell at the first hurdle when I forgot to adjust for the end of daylight saving and turned up at the bus stop an hour early. Rather than walk home and back, I walked up to the next proper bus stop, and waited there. Not a problem though I wa only wearing thongs (silly of me). Anyway I got to Glendale, and ignoring the clues (few cars parked, and a stream of cars circling the shops) got off the bus only to discover that all a newsagent and the cinema were shut for the day.

Seems the centre was shut FRIDAY and SUNDAY but not Saturday and Monday. Sigh - caught a bus to Cardiff (with a very friendly but obviously inexperienced bus driver) to discover that only the hot bread shop was open. Bought some bread and only just caught the local bus going back. I decided that it wasn't worth trying Coles at Edgeworth, but saw signs that the IGA at West Wallsend was open all weekend. However, if I went there, the bus would have turned around and left for the next run while I was shopping, and there would be a long wait for the next one. My foot was starting to feel sore by now so I just got off at the roundabout, went to the chip shop, and went home.

I ought to know better. I was going to go shopping on Friday but went to the NUAC AGM instead. As it is I can get by by defrosting some sausages from the freezer. I have however run out of pet milk and eggs - two ingredients to feed Hallie with while she's nursing pups. Oh well, it's only a couple of days.

Comedy of errors methinks.

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I'm taking Alprim and Rafen. The first is for a UTI that I think I never got rid of, and the second I was told was a "muscle relaxant" though apparently it's really Ibuprofen. Why do I need a muscle relaxant? To each the problem with the spur, which apparently is growing along a tendon or ligament or some such. Anyway, yesterday after I saw my G.P. I had a very early dinner at Westfields in Kotara, and took one tablet of each afterwards. Felt more than a little odd, like I wasn't quite there. Not necessarily an unpleasant feeling (for once). Anyway, today I took these just after breakfast. Didn't feel anything peculiar right away but I did when I went to the university. Went to a Spectrum meeting followed by a visit to the counsellor and then an intense conversation with a psycho pastry maker about comics on the veranda of Bar on the Hill. During all of which I feel hot flushed, peaky and "emotional". It may be the combination that's doing this to me, and it's brought on with exercise. Or not, as the case might be.

Was on verge of crying over lunch (a late free one at NUSA that was tasty and filling) and at Spectrum. It may have been general frustration, loneliness or the drugs (or all three). I wasn't keen on an idea at the meeting - a "genderfuck ball" where one would wear some clothes of the other gender. Last time I did something like that I was just treated as a man  smiley

You'd think that maybe 10 years after surgery that wouldn't be an issue, but I guess it is. I get very tired of "standing out" in the crowd the wrong way.

One thing that came out in my counselling session was that mostly, I have no social life. The main reason for this is I have no car, and local public transport to mu home stops after 7pm. When I used to have a car I could go to places like "The G" and Necropolis if I wanted. I could drive it to a train station, go down to Sydney, and then come back in the early morning and drive it home. Even with the electric scooter I had for a year that was possible (though for my weight it was under powered). Some folk have suggested that I right a bicycle to social events, but I don't think they've thought that through. Would you want to turn up to an exhibition opening or club dripping with sweat? Bicycles are not practical for getting to social events (unless the event has something to do with bikes). Likewise, while I could get a taxi home, that generally costs about $20+ to go about 12 km, and over $35 to get home from the CBD.

One idea that I keep thinking of is getting either a postie bike, or moped/scooter to run about in.
Probably wouldn't use it to go grocery shopping with, but it would get me to uni, to the CBD and back, and to and fro a train station like my old station wagon did. And then at least, I might have a (possibility of a) social life. Getting out the house a bit more might reduce the frustration of staying at home all the time.
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Needed to get out today - just to get out of the house.

Saw "The Lovely Bones" which brought me to tears.

Got lost on the buses going to Wesfields and had lunch at John Hunter Hospital instead.

Got to Westfields via Charlestown (roundabout route). Bought shoes and tops at Rivers, hand towels at Sam's Club, a Set Top Box at Good Guys (also also records to / plays from USB storage), and a DVD (The Frighteners) at JB's.

Caught bus to Glendale, bought bread, beer and and iced tea, and browsed Whipper Snippers (Line Cutters) at Bunnings.

Got to Barnsley and bought chips at the shop. Am slightly drunk after a beer. Have had mild diarrhoea all day.


Really did need to go out. Cried a lot today as well.

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Got all the grocery shopping down down at Glendale. On weekdays (and Sundays), provided I know what I want, it's possible to catch the bus to Glendale, do all the shopping, and catch the same bus coming back home. In general this gives about 40-50 minutes of shopping, which might not sound like a lot of time, but I find it refreshing to get what I want and then piss off home.  In particular this works well on a Sunday morning where the whole time (including bus travel) is just over 90 minutes.

I still have a lot to do, though it seems like none of what I've done this week is what I was planning to do. What I hope to do today is continue to clean up my place, and back up stuff on my remaining PC. K&M Michelle are still not back. I came home to find a delivery for Kevin sitting on a chair near the front gate. That's the fourth thing delivered while he's been away. Though on the whole I've been enjoying them not being here (PC crashes being a separate issue), it will be good to see them back.

23°C | °F
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Humidity: 83%

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The weather's been more or less forgiving as well today, which makes a big difference. Mpre of the same tomorrow, please.</td>

Odd uni day

Jan. 5th, 2010 09:23 pm
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This morning I kept chatting to people on the bus. My original intention was to go to Wallsend library, do a little shopping, get the hell out of dodge and get home before it became to hot and humid to bear (the rains have finally stopped). But, that didn't exactly happen.

I bumped into Helen on the bus who used to go to university when I was doing my Bachelors. Lots of things happened to her in the meantime, though she now lives one suburb away from me. She mentioned that she'd applied to continue her studies via UAC and got an offer from the uni! It just so happened that today was the first advisory day and she was going in to sort it all out. I offered to come in with her and assist where needed.

Now apparently she was going to meet a friend there as well. The friend didn't show and I took her to the Info Commons where she got the correct information about what she should do. Apparently that was to go to the Great hall at 2pm and talk to people. That was a few hours away and she had to meet up with her friend so I said I'd double back to Wallsend, go to the library, do some shopping and come back - which I did (and bought more than I'd anticipated, you can get a 2 person tent for $7.50 in Coles there!).

We were supposed to meet up at the Great hall at 2pm. I got there a few minutes late, and waited until 3:40pm but she didn't show. I don't know what happened but I caught a series of buses home. Did she get back? I have no idea. While I was at the uni I used the HUB to enrol in Semester 1 and 2 for my Masters this year, so for me it was a productive day.

I'm sure I'll find out eventually how it went down.


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