Oct. 1st, 2016

Two dreams

Oct. 1st, 2016 08:20 am
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Dream #1:

The students of two universities have a friendly rivalry where they play pranks on each other. One supports Star Trek and the other Supports Star Wars.. A biology student of the one that supports Star Wars has developed a multi-platform-luminescent virus. They secretly pass it into the food at the other university, and soon many of the students there are starting to look translucent and have a faint green glow around them, like a "Force Ghost".

Then the scene changes and that student - who's been expelled - is wandering down a bush fire break. They are wearing clothes like old Ben Kenobi and throwing blobs or something from a tube. Every plant the globs hits starts glowing an intense green! AS ranger is sent to investigate but it seems that the ex student is invisible to them.

Later the student reaches the end of the fire break, and it becomes a gravel track on a large estate. At the other end of the gravel track is a mansion, where the big boss is throwing a party. He looks out and sees buses on either side of the track shining green and is puzzled. He can see briefly, flashes of the student on the gravel track.

Dream #2

The town seems more like a slum, with buildings constructed with sheets of old metal, ruined vehicles, mud brick and branches from the local foliage. And yet it's colourful and vibrant. people are trading and celebrating and performing rituals, and any number of species are there from other planets. The miners from the local radium mines come into town to get drunk. Despite that, there is a sense of being trapped. No one leaves the village because they are also in debt to Mguhlla, who owns the mine and the land the town is built on.

The town is in a valley surrounded by low hills and that is surrounded by a dry arid wasteland that extends for more than a week's travel in every direction. Truck come into the village with supplies but they are automated and owned by Mguhlla. Sometime someone tries to escape, but Mguhlla calls in troops from the First Order who capture the escapee and make an example of them. Mguhlla sends to output of the mine to a First order base on a nearby planet, so they are keen that he succeeds.

Po wasn't born there, and she resents living there, but her parents disappeared when she was young, and old Gdonga the Kellimte looks after her. She scavenges in town and around the mine and everyone knows her. And she wants to escape. The need rises in her every day. She sees CamiCah who lives in the pod house when things get too bad and per talks her down from her plans.

Today she found Quilnee drunk in a gutter who tells her that his brother died in the mines. She takes him to CamiCah who gives him mud coffee to sober up and listens to his sorrow. As Quilnee becomes more and more sober his faces seem to light up. And when CamiCah asks him about that Quilnee tells per that CamiCah that per's house is actually on old hover coach!

Quilnee goes outside and looks all around the pod house and pulls some old metal away. Underneath is a name, "Aleante". He comes racing back in and says "It's a desert coach, of the last models ever made!" Po and CamiCah look confused and astounded. Quilnee asks Po to bring his brother's wife and their child and hurry! She does and as she returns with Holnoo and the baby Holna (it's tenticles waving in the sunlight) she sees that the pod house has grown in size and is HOVERING above the ground!

Holnoo and the baby Holna go inside and Po goes around to the other side. There is a strange flowing silvery harness growing out the side of the house, and Quilnee is sitting in a dip in the middle of the harness. "Want to ride lookout?" he asks Po and he quickly agrees, the excitement rising in her. She jumps on behind him and stands up, braced by strands of silver that envelope her legs.

The Aleante moves backwards and crashes into a shanty house, then forwards to a dead-end alley. Po see Quilnee concentrating, his extra long ears standing up at attention rather than their usual droopy position. Then he looks at her and says "I used to to drive one o' these, but it's been a while!" with a big grin. From her position Po sees Mguhlla making his way through the village towards them, with First Order troops in toe. "QUICK!" she says, "We have to go!" He looks up at her, cracks a grin and the Aleante moves off, slow at first and then picking up speed. Po can hear a couple of screams into the pod, and also a giggle from Holna. There are sounds of shots behind them but the troops miss their mark, and Aleante and its passengers speed off into the wasteland....
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For the last two hours I've been struggling with the story manager of Clip Studio Paint. Have been feeling dizzy and tired, but what the fuck..


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